Rob & Big

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 19, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Not the best episode, but entertaining nonetheless..

    Alright so in the first five minutes I had a problem with the episode. We are introduced to the free ice-cream man who travels around handing out free ice-cream to kids. But then Big Black suggests that he and Rob get into the guys truck to hand out more ice-cream. They Basically stole the guy's money!! They just hopped on the truck and handed out all the dude's ice-cream to adults, NOT EVEN KIDS!! The dude was on a deserted street handing ice-cream to people who didn't know it was free and these guys just go crazy handing it out to drivers in cars and yell out "Free Ice Cream!!" So dumb!

    Okay, so then Rob decides to bag up all his extra clothes and shoes from his sponsors to hand out to homeless people on the street. The first couple go okay, and it looks like they're doing a good thing but then they go into the worst neighborhood in LA and are literally attacked by bums!!! You can't just go into a homeless neighborhood and hand out only 15 bags to 15 people. The hobos that don't get anything are left out, not to mention fights will probably break out! So i think that was a bad idea. also, the clothes probably wouldnt fit on half of those people..

    So in between the charitable events we see the story of Big Zeus wanting to go off a ramp at Rick Thorne's house. It's basically a background story, completely irrelevant.. Just a filler to make the episode half an hour long. So after taking some really hard falls, Big Zeus launches off a ramp into a foam pit.. Not the best jump but props on landing that..

    So then Big Black suggests they go to a retirement home to spend time with the elderly. It was pretty sad to see all those old people man.. They all seemed so depressed (except for that lady that was singing lol).. So then they race these horses by rolling dice and moving the horse that number of places.

    The episode concludes with Rob giving Bam Bam, Big Black, and Big Zeus big BMX bikes. Good scene for exiting but another filler..

    Overall I didnt enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed previous ones but I think the next one will be better..