Rob & Big

Season 1 Episode 8

Do Work

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Dec 21, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

In the eighth episode (season finale), Big sets out to prove to Rob that he has his back. The episode starts off with Rob telling Big how in his dream he was shot multiple times while Big took no action to stop the attack and protect him. Big tries to convince Rob that he in fact is on top of his security duties, with a trip to advanced evasive driving school where Big shows Rob his driving skills. Next Big takes Rob to the karate dojo to show Rob his hand to hand combat skills. After some intense sparring Rob is convinced that Big does in fact "know his karate". A trip to the paintball center is up next so Big can show Rob his shooting ability. The first time out Rob and Big are defeated by the two "Hot" paintball girls with the end result being a huge welt on Rob's butt. The second time out Rob and Big work as a team to defeat the girls and Rob is convinced that Big has his back. The episode ends with Rob and Big arriving at home where Big has a gut feeling that something isn't right. Rob follows as Big enters the house with the paint ball gun and shoots Rob's cousin Drama as he cleans the pool.