Rob & Big

Season 1 Episode 5

Happy Birthday

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 30, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • wow. its Rob's Birthday, they get tattoos, Meaty has a problem with his trap door, and more!!

    Wow. It's Rob's birthday, and BB wakes him up with the smell of Meaty, there dog's, butt in Rob's face! Rob thinks something's wrong and smells it again. they decide to wash down the crack, or as Rob calls it, the Trap Door, by shob=ving a hose about 2 inches away from his butt. a pile of skin comes out of Meaty's Trap door, Rob grabs it and throws it at Drama, his Cosin. The big part of this is where they get tattoos, and go to a wing joint called "Big Wangs," and in Rob's words, they "look like there in a boyband" wearin all white. Big Black gets a 33 gallon trash bag over him, and starts the competition. Big black loses, but the winner gets Drama, Bam Bam, Rob and Big a beer. while he's gone, Bam Bam takes the trophy, and for the rest of that night, every drink comes out of that trophy. Finally, when they get home, Rob find a wedding cake with him on it. they all get in a cake fight, and big Black throws him in the pool, which ends this great episode