Rob & Big

Season 3 Episode 12

Meaty's Birthday

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Mar 25, 2008 on MTV - Music Television



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    • Big Black: I feel like my car's been super-sized.

    • Drama: I'm helping YOU right now!
      Rob: Dude, you're not helping me, this is what you do!
      Drama: Generate power? I don't know any assistants that generate power!
      Rob: You should feel lucky that you work for someone that, A: cares about the environment, B: is willing to give you an opportunity to give back by giving energy to California, which is already in an energy crisis!
      Big Black: You're helping out society right now.

    • Rob: Was that not so inappropriate?
      Big Black: I just didn't know what to say!
      Rob: I can not imagine I could feel so awkward planning a party for my dog. We got a robot with a boner!

    • Rob: What do you get your dog for a super sweet fourteen? We'll get him, like, a crazy, like, his own section of the house. Like a Meaty Zone.
      Big Black: Give him something he can dry hump a little bit. A little blow up bulldog.

    • Rob: Just to hook him up, I might make him a birthday cake out of horse doo-doo, because that seems to be his favorite.

    • Rob: Like Super Sweet Sixteen. You ever seen that show?
      Big Black: I watch it.
      Rob: I want to do that for the dog.

    • Big Black: Where I'm from a dog is lucky to get a steak for his birthday, man.

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