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  • i just dont see the point to this show.

    to me this show is pretty pointless. dont get me wrong, i love dc shoes, and i think rob can be pretty hilarious sometimes, but i just dont see any significance in this show. all they do is go to random skate parks and get chased around by cops and security guards. their lives arent even that exiting. skate, party, skate, sleep, then repeat it all. yawn. like the only good thing about this show is how sweet rod and big;s relationship can be soemtimes. they are like opposites. and they are still best friends, so i gues in a way it can be touching. sometimes.
  • It's maybe a good show.

    What had MTV done is a pretty good idea.Well,I don't like this show.It's better than all of those stupid VH1 shows.It's a pretty good show of all of those episodes of this show.I mean,it's better than all of those other stupid MTV shows and all of those other shows that are very bad and very terrible.It's kind of good,but the theme is a bad one.I would say it's good.I have to grade this show and I grade this show a C because it wasen't that terrible,It's just that is not really perfect,but it's better than some of the other MTV shows.
  • People let me tell ya bout my best friend!

    His a warm hearted fella who will love me to the end. Hmm? Oh, sorry! I was just singing the catchy Rob and Big theme song! This show is great! I kinda look like Rob, except 15. This show revolves around a pro skater, Rob Dyrdek. He has a body guard, who is also his best friends, Christoper "Black" Boyken. They just have fun! That's the whole point of this hit reality show.
    It just chronicles their life.
    Now, they do havesome roomates. Chris's cousin, Bam-Bam, and Rob's cousin Dhrama. As for pets, well, they hae their skatebording pit bull, Meaty, and a mini horse.....named Mini Horse.

    Hey, we all have shows we don't want friends to know we watch. This show is mine.
    I really do like this show
  • Funny and story of two friends and their crazy adventures.

    This buddy show follows a professional skateboarder and his roommate and bodyguard as they, um, do things. Sometimes they just mill around. Other times, they actually go outside, and see what trouble they can get into. From testing video games, to throwing birthday parties, to buying a miniature horse, to taking cross-country trips for promotional events, it's like a travel show from another planet. Even doing things they're supposed to do, like attending skateboard meets, quickly gets out of hand. Rob Dyrdek and Christopher Boykin are real people, and it's good to know that they didn't try to change them for the purposes of the show. It's a funny show, and you never know what's going to happen next.
  • The adventures of a skateboarder, his bodyguard, and a menagerie of colorful characters.

    "Rob and Big" is the only reality show I have ever been able to stomach. Seriously.

    I'll admit, Rob Dyrdek is a genuinely funny person. He's able to make people laugh without being offensive (at least most of the time). Furthermore, Rob doesn't really care about what people think of him; he just does whatever he thinks sounds cool to him. Getting a mini-horse, teaching his bulldog how to skate, creating an alter-ego named Bobby Light; there doesn't seem to be anything Rob won't do.

    Also, underneath it all, Rob does seem to care about the other people around him; he dotes on Meaty and Mini-Horse, he was willing to give Drama a second chance as his assistant (but not before teaching Drama a lesson his way), and he seemed genuinely concerned about Big Black's health in one occasion.

    Big Black is also able to balance out Rob as the voice of reason. He clearly sees the absurdity of most of Rob's plans, but is at least willing to go along with them (if not only to say "I told you so" on the occasion when Rob's plan backfires).

    Basically, I thought "Rob and Big" was a good show. Rob's new show is okay, too, but it's just not the same without Big Black.
  • One of the best moments...

    One of my favorite scenes is when they get revenge on the Spiderman that threw his soda at the truck. They pull up on little mini-scooters in front of the Chinese Mann theater where Spiderman is perched on a light post and they blast him with the net gun.. Spidermans reaction of getting caught in the net while they speed away on there mopeds is priceless!! I so want one of those net guns!

    Arg.. the word count so far is only at 80 so I'm rambling on here to get the 100 word minimum cleared. And... and... it's 100!
  • People let me tell ya bout my best friend!

    Ok first things first, this show is hilarious. Really that is all I'd tell friends of mine if they'd never seen the show, then I'd tell them to go watch it. Although seeing as I need 100 words for this review I will go into detail. I think the best way to sum up the relationship between Rob & Big is that it is very similar to the relationship between J.D. & Turk on Scrubs(if you don't watch Scrubs or this show they are best friends to the point where it seems kinda gay but in a totally manly way). Every thing these two do somehow turns into comedy gold. From when they tried time travel to when they got a mini horse which they call mini horse. My favorite Rob & Big moment has to be when Rob was skating at a school or something and a security guard comes up and tells them to leave, so Rob tells him to let him have one more shot at a trick and if he nails it Big is gonna put his belly on him. So of course Rob sticks the trick and Big pulls him shirt up and puts his belly on the guy while saying "Imma put my belly on ya" man that was hilarious. So that's really all I've got to say about Rob & Big, if you haven't seen it go watch it, and for those who have seen it... Do work son.
  • Rob and Big is probably the best show on MTV right now..

    For those of you that don't already know, the whole idea of "Rob and Big" all started when the DC (skateboarding) Video came out a couple years ago. The story was made up and acted out for the DC Video and ended becoming a hit. The story goes that Rob Dyrdek was tired of being kicked out of skate spots all the time by security guards so he figured he'd get his own security guard to deal with security guards. Enter Christopher "Big Black" Boykins. Big Black made the show after an audition that left the DC crew dumbfounded. In fact, the original "Dyrdek Security" Jacket made for whoever was going to play the security guard was too small for the large man. So Rob would take Big Black to skate spots and have him 'talk' to security guards so that he could skate the spot longer. Included in the film were a list of other tasks that Big Black would do such as wax ledges, push Rob over fences, and supply first aid.

    The show continues the story after Rob and Big's worldwide fame. They live in a nice house in Hollywood with Rob's cousin Drama, Big Black's friend Bam Bam, Meaty the bulldog, and Mini G the mini horse. Each season gets funnier with the characters going through incredible hilarious adventures. The only negatives to the show are that I believe it needs more skateboarding as it was, first and foremost, a show to bring skateboarders to watch MTV. =)
  • I loove this show!!!

    I love Rob and Big so much. It is one of my favorite TV shows. It is a very funny show and I love watching the new episodes each week! The second season has been pretty good so far. I did not think the second season was going to be as good as the first, but so far it is. It was really very funny when they bought their mini horse, Mini, in the first episode of the second season. I also liked the episode where they bought their dog, Meaty, in the first season. This is a really great show and it is probably my favorite show to watch on MTV. I really love this show!!!!!!
  • A really funny and hilarious show.

    Awesome skateboarding,funny every episode,and more and more dumb but cool stuff.Big black and Rob are soooo funny.Watch them for 2 seconds and you already know that it's awesome.They do some crazy crud that you would not even think of.Better and better all the time.BB is really tight and Rob is exactly the same.I don't know whats going to end up happening in the new season cus I haven't seen it yet but from what I've heard and from the looks of the commercial it already looks cool.(like always)For anyone who have not watched it or not even heard about it then watch it. It is a great show.
  • great show

    this show is great and soo funny it's about a pro skater rob and his bodyguard big
    and they just chill hang out, skate you know.......

    the shows great and all but i yhink it will be better if they had some more girls in the show.... no they should get some girlfriends just like them it will be twice as funny

    in the show thay have a dog and a horse robs assiant is his cousin drama rob & big kinda mess around with him to me they kind of treat him badly but that's just what i think of the show you guys have different opinions that fine
  • Even though im a girl i love this show.....

    This show is really weird in a way and gets so crazy but its really crazy. its really entertaining! well the other shows on mtv are mostly drama, not all but it gets pretty boring but this show is super funny and the crazy things they do! what i like about mtv reality shows that they are really unscripted and people act as they are and no one tells them what to say or anything. i love the small bulldog meaty!
  • Skateboarding Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher Boykin, are the oddcouple for the new millenium.

    Rob and Big go on sometimes silly but always funny little adventures each episode. They live in a house togother in hollywood with Rob's cousin Drama. The show is obviously produced and setup but it still makes for good television. It's a mix of skating, hip-hop, and fun. Their bulldog meaty is a very cool skateboarding dog, and last season they even brought in a mini-horse.

    I would like to see more of an inside and honest look at the people in the show. The situations they get into are funny, but obviously setup with at least 25% of the dialogue somewhat rigged. If they started to shoot straight from the hip more, instead of these very produced episodes, I think the show would be even better.
  • The adventures of a Skater, a Body Guard, and a Cool Dog.

    This show was one of my most Very Loved Shows, but it was cancelled too early due to Big becoming a father. Congrats to him, but, let me tell you more about the show.

    The Show, was Perfect in every way. The Plots for the episodes were creative, and they had one of the most coolest dogs anyone could ever ask for. I was Sad when I heard this GREAT show was going to get Cancelled. But, Thanks to MTV and MTV2, they still air reruns of the show.
    That is my review, thanks for reading and I'll see you later.

    - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • People let me tell ya about my best friend!

    Oh this show is just so funny i love it. I cant help but laugh at the random crap they do. I think its funny that his body gaurd became his best friend! I loved when they got the puppy but i dont really like the pony because that thig is evil! I love how he spends his money on the most random stuff that he dosent really need and just acts on a whim. I like when big black trys to skate board and when they do really dumb stuff like i cant even when they paint portrits and all of that but this show is all around funny!
  • Rob the skater and his body gaurd are histarical and one of the only good things on MTV.

    Rob and Big follows the famous skater, Rob Dyrdek around in his every day life as a celebrity with his body gaurd, who is his best friend, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. Rob and Big go thru meny adventures together weather it be a skateing compotition, press event, or just a day doing nothing. Also living with them is there dog, Meaty who is a white bull dog who had lots of charecter and energy. Rob even taught him to skate! Then in the second season they also got a pony which they named Mini Horse. The two animals seem to find a lot of trouble some how though. In my opinoin, MTV isn't that great any more with out all the music and all these new reality shows. I only like a few shows on MTV but this is my favorite of them all.
  • Skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his body guard Chirstopher "Big Black" Boykin.

    Rob and Big is one of the best shows that MTV has came up. This show is so funny and each show they deliver something amazing, that will always keep you interested. YOu have got to love this odd pair. I love when Rob and Big just randomly break out in song, thats the best moments on there. Also I loved when they made the "Bobby Light" video and when Big Black became black lavender. Plus it does keep to Rob's skateboarding roots and always shows something to do with that, and the trouble that Rob gets in with the law. I'm so glad that MTV put this on tv and I can't wait for more seasons.
  • Best show ever!!!!

    Rob and Big one of the funniest shows ever.Outstandingly Funny!!!You will laugh out loud when you see the show it is awsome!They also have the cutest pets.A mini horse and a cute bulldog named Meaty.This show is better than any other show on MTV. I recomend this show to everyone.Espeacialy people who like whatching men be men. Rob and Big are what makes this show so outstanding.There crazy adventures include stripping, getting a mini horse, of course skating and many more. Rob Dyrdek and Big Black have a lot of adventures to come.What will they do next!?I love Rob And Big!!
  • funniest show everrrrr

    this is possibly the funniest show on tv right now. it follows pro skateboarder rob dyrdek and his bodyguard big black. they create hilarious experiences such as buying a mini horse, stripping, and trying to go back in time. during the first season, i was kinda iffy about the show but this season has me at a constant laughter. i usually do not watch reruns but i will watch this show 50 times if i could. i recommend this show to anyone who has a sense of humor or wants to watch two single guys being... well, guys. i love mini horse :)
  • Rob and Big is about two guys who live in the same house together. Rob is a skate boarder and Big is his " security gaurd". They get along extremly well and is just a funny show. I loved every episode and the producer is brillant.

    I would have to rate this show with a number 10 because it has so many sides of how to look at life. It shows me to be fun and live life while I can. Never take thigs for granet. It showed me how close of a friendship is impotant and showed me ways to improve my friendship. The show also made my parents laugh and is great to learn new tricks from Rob. The show should never go off the air and thats what I think. The show is made for tennagers and most parents might not let their child wathc it but its a really good show and nothing can go against it.
  • any one know if roband big is going to come out on dvd

    I thought that rob and big was awesome. I think its one of the funniest shows i have ever watched DO WORK!!!!! I dont understand how or why they just stopped with only a fex episodes. I think that it was well put together and that meaty is teh coolist dog ever. It\'s official. I wish that they would air another season or pick up where they left off. If anyone knows why they stoppped making it let me know. I think that Rob and Bib Black make a great team and they are hillarious and out of control. The one episode that sticks out in my mind is where they are avoiding the police and trying to catch them \"ridin Dirty\" Classic
  • what a great show!

    I love this show because it's funny, entertaining, crazy, silly, ingeious, random, and creative,all at the same time!It's on mtv and mtv2 all the time,but I never get tired of it.It's so cool! Rob is always either getting into trouble,or doing something crazy.My favorite episode is the one on Rob's birthday, because they do alot of cool things.Rob goes to a spot outside a building,in a parking lot and skates around,then a security guard came out and tried to stop him,but Rob always got away from him.That was the funniest part of this episode.Next,they go to a tatoo parlor,and Rob has "relentless" tatooed on his arm,and Big Black has his double "b" logo tatooed on his arm.Then, Big Black goes to a chicken wing eating contest and almost wins.But while the guy who won went to wash his hands,one of Big's friends stole the winner's trophy.That was funny.Then they all went to a club and partied for a couple of hours,then went back to the house wher Big Black had bought Rob a "birthday cake" which was really a wedding cake with an action figure, or something like that,that looked like Rob on it.Then Big pushed Rob's face into the cake,and then Rob and Big started a "cake fight".Then Big pushed Rob into a swimming pool.This was a really funny episode.
  • Good Show Funny,And enjoyable

    A show about a skateboarder That needs a bodyguard to help with the security problem and they go and skate buy things take care of their dog and get into trouble and basicly its more bout their life then skateboarding athough it is funny it sometimes gets a little boring so you might want to try to get through the first few episodes to get into the show But it is funny and family sutible for everyone to enjoy So go on watch mtv and find a better show then rob and big the reason i give it a 7.7 is its all classics you can find but it is kind of funny watching a fat guy skateboard
  • This is a show about Best Friends.

    I'd have to admit this is nothing I've seen before.It's amazing to me that people really act this dumb .Have you ever heard of a a person buying a minature horse for a pet(then they didn't even give the horse a proper name).Don't get me wrong the show is extremely amusing ,but it can only go so far. It's like a show that thrives on being absolutely ridiculous,and yet it still draws me into watching it.Rob and Big is a very comical show derived from nothing ,and has become something.Watch it,you might like it,you might not.
  • Gotta give these guys credit

    This show makes me belly laugh every time I watch it and there is not very many shows that can do that. How can you not appreciate two real world buddies going through the hi-jinx that we all wished we had the money to do. Can you really find a way to not get a good out loud laugh when a couple of chuckle heads go out and buy a mini horse so that their bull dog can have some one to play with. When you put all these different aspects in one room and shake it like a game of boggle you get funny.
  • One of the best reality shows!

    Rob and Big may be the best reality show of all time because it is actualy intertaining and you can watch the same episode more than once without getting sick of it

    With the show revolved around funny and intertaining people and some how Rob D. still has funny thing to do(Rob Dyreks fantasy factory) this show deserves a 9.5/10
  • Two men, their dog, and a mini-horse - what more could you ask for? A net gun, perhaps?

    "Rob and Big" is one of the few shows on MTV that doesn't revolve around huge parties or drinking, or drinking at huge parties. Rob is a spazzy skateboarder and keeps the entertainment coming, but the best thing about this show is his love for his friends, especially his best friend/bodyguard Big Black and his younger cousin, Drama. Rob is up for anything, and often his friends are his victims - Rob manages to hit everyone who comes to the house with a net gun, including those who live there.

    Big Black goes along with Rob's schemes, often adding his own touch, like in the second season episode "Time Travel", Big dresses up in seventies gear, complete with afro, to fit in better if they do travel back in time. When their plan doesn't work, Rob mopes for a minutes, but Big cheers him up by smashing the time travel machine, once again proving why they are best friends.
  • 10/10 all round best show ever

    Rob and big is the funniest show ever ive only watched a few episodes it but the first 5 minutes i saw of one episode i thought to my self "this is funny as hell" and This is my favourite reality TV show Rob and big are funny as hell meaty (their dog) is cool as I love the show and I would reccomend it to everyone. anyway in closing i would like to say anyone would love this show if u like comedy and skating so yea watch it and if you dont like it dont watch it but if you do i reccommend to keep watcing it and try to watch as many episodes as possible
  • Rob & Big are the Odd Couple for the 21st Century!

    This show, as simple as the concept sounds - reality show about the every day life of a bagillionaire - is actually really fresh and fun. They turn everyday events into uproaring fun. I think they will do for roommates what Friends did for coffee houses. Whether it's shaving Big's back, watching him swim in nothing but a jock strap, Big constantly has this laid back attitude about anything outrageous he does. And Rob so desparately wants to get his street cred with Big, so he acts gangsta (hence the "Ridin' Dirty" performance in the car) and just teases the heck out of Big. Together, they make a great team that could only be destroyed by bad cholesterol.
  • I love watching Rob & Big. The are like little kids's so cute!

    When Rob & Big first came on I was a little skeptical but I watched the whole season and laughed my ass of every week. My friend and I would watch that show religiously every Thursday. We are dorks,I know! I like the show because it is just two guys being guys that do some off the wall things. Big just looks a \"big\" teddy bear that I want to hug and Rob is a cutie. The best episode was when Rob and Big were on their to a promo or something and they are being pulled over except Big doesn\'t pull over he just keeps driving. I love it when Big would say \"It\'s tuff in the streets!\" I just can\'t wait until the next season....
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