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MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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  • Rob and Big is about two guys who live in the same house together. Rob is a skate boarder and Big is his " security gaurd". They get along extremly well and is just a funny show. I loved every episode and the producer is brillant.

    I would have to rate this show with a number 10 because it has so many sides of how to look at life. It shows me to be fun and live life while I can. Never take thigs for granet. It showed me how close of a friendship is impotant and showed me ways to improve my friendship. The show also made my parents laugh and is great to learn new tricks from Rob. The show should never go off the air and thats what I think. The show is made for tennagers and most parents might not let their child wathc it but its a really good show and nothing can go against it.