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  • Rob and Big is probably the best show on MTV right now..

    For those of you that don't already know, the whole idea of "Rob and Big" all started when the DC (skateboarding) Video came out a couple years ago. The story was made up and acted out for the DC Video and ended becoming a hit. The story goes that Rob Dyrdek was tired of being kicked out of skate spots all the time by security guards so he figured he'd get his own security guard to deal with security guards. Enter Christopher "Big Black" Boykins. Big Black made the show after an audition that left the DC crew dumbfounded. In fact, the original "Dyrdek Security" Jacket made for whoever was going to play the security guard was too small for the large man. So Rob would take Big Black to skate spots and have him 'talk' to security guards so that he could skate the spot longer. Included in the film were a list of other tasks that Big Black would do such as wax ledges, push Rob over fences, and supply first aid.

    The show continues the story after Rob and Big's worldwide fame. They live in a nice house in Hollywood with Rob's cousin Drama, Big Black's friend Bam Bam, Meaty the bulldog, and Mini G the mini horse. Each season gets funnier with the characters going through incredible hilarious adventures. The only negatives to the show are that I believe it needs more skateboarding as it was, first and foremost, a show to bring skateboarders to watch MTV. =)