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MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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  • People let me tell ya bout my best friend!

    Ok first things first, this show is hilarious. Really that is all I'd tell friends of mine if they'd never seen the show, then I'd tell them to go watch it. Although seeing as I need 100 words for this review I will go into detail. I think the best way to sum up the relationship between Rob & Big is that it is very similar to the relationship between J.D. & Turk on Scrubs(if you don't watch Scrubs or this show they are best friends to the point where it seems kinda gay but in a totally manly way). Every thing these two do somehow turns into comedy gold. From when they tried time travel to when they got a mini horse which they call mini horse. My favorite Rob & Big moment has to be when Rob was skating at a school or something and a security guard comes up and tells them to leave, so Rob tells him to let him have one more shot at a trick and if he nails it Big is gonna put his belly on him. So of course Rob sticks the trick and Big pulls him shirt up and puts his belly on the guy while saying "Imma put my belly on ya" man that was hilarious. So that's really all I've got to say about Rob & Big, if you haven't seen it go watch it, and for those who have seen it... Do work son.
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