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MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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  • Two men, their dog, and a mini-horse - what more could you ask for? A net gun, perhaps?

    "Rob and Big" is one of the few shows on MTV that doesn't revolve around huge parties or drinking, or drinking at huge parties. Rob is a spazzy skateboarder and keeps the entertainment coming, but the best thing about this show is his love for his friends, especially his best friend/bodyguard Big Black and his younger cousin, Drama. Rob is up for anything, and often his friends are his victims - Rob manages to hit everyone who comes to the house with a net gun, including those who live there.

    Big Black goes along with Rob's schemes, often adding his own touch, like in the second season episode "Time Travel", Big dresses up in seventies gear, complete with afro, to fit in better if they do travel back in time. When their plan doesn't work, Rob mopes for a minutes, but Big cheers him up by smashing the time travel machine, once again proving why they are best friends.