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  • The adventures of a skateboarder, his bodyguard, and a menagerie of colorful characters.

    "Rob and Big" is the only reality show I have ever been able to stomach. Seriously.

    I'll admit, Rob Dyrdek is a genuinely funny person. He's able to make people laugh without being offensive (at least most of the time). Furthermore, Rob doesn't really care about what people think of him; he just does whatever he thinks sounds cool to him. Getting a mini-horse, teaching his bulldog how to skate, creating an alter-ego named Bobby Light; there doesn't seem to be anything Rob won't do.

    Also, underneath it all, Rob does seem to care about the other people around him; he dotes on Meaty and Mini-Horse, he was willing to give Drama a second chance as his assistant (but not before teaching Drama a lesson his way), and he seemed genuinely concerned about Big Black's health in one occasion.

    Big Black is also able to balance out Rob as the voice of reason. He clearly sees the absurdity of most of Rob's plans, but is at least willing to go along with them (if not only to say "I told you so" on the occasion when Rob's plan backfires).

    Basically, I thought "Rob and Big" was a good show. Rob's new show is okay, too, but it's just not the same without Big Black.
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