Season 1 Episode 8

Dad Comes To Visit

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • Rob's father George (Fred Willard) comes to visit and makes a huge good impression on Maggie's family

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Rob". The 1st season of "Rob" has been a success and the lowest I've given an episode was a 9.5 so that shows a lot on how good the show is doing. Sadly, it's already the Season 1 finale of "Rob". I'm sad because if this show isn't renewed for a second season then this episode could possibly be a SERIES FINALE which I hope it isn't because I enjoy watching comedy shows like this. Please let this show be renewed for a second season. Anyways, this episode was hilarious and it was an excellent way to end Season 1. Only nit-pick about this episode was Rob's father not paying any attention to him and he pays WAY more attention to Maggie's family. I didn't really bug that much so that's why I didn't take away any points and it was just a nit-pick. Other than that nit-pick, it was hilarious. The subplot with Hector learning how to make tamales was truly the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in this show though and my aunt and I couldn't stop laughing. Another thing that made me laugh hard was when Hector told George "Thanks for making Rob". Fred Willard also did a terrific job guest starring in this episode as Rob's father named George. George and Rob actually interacting with each other like father and son was also pretty nice as well. The closing bit of the episode with Rosa and Abuelita throwing away Hector's tamales but Abuelita making the tamales to make it seem like Hector made them was very funny. Overall, a perfect and hilarious Season 1 finale of "Rob"... please let there be a Season 2. 10/10