Season 1 Episode 4

Family Secrets

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Only nit-pick was that Rob became a little annoying

    After revealing an embarrassing secret about Fernando and Rosa's past at a family gathering, Rob finds himself obsessing over what might be in Maggie's past. However, when he and Hector dig through her things in the attic, he not only betrays her trust but also finds out more than he bargained for. Well, as you can see from the title of my review... Rob was a little annoying in this episode but I didn't take away points since he didn't bug me that much and the episode was overall hilarious. The storyline was decent but the humor is what really made this episode entertaining. There were so many parts that really cracked me up such as Rob telling the story about Fernando getting into bed and thinking that the girl was Rosa when it was Rosa's sister and then Rob tells Maggie "Well, isn't there anything I left out" and then Fernando responds "No, I think you got all of the highlights", Abuelita being in the middle when Fernando and Rosa are arguing, Hector's song at the closing bit of the episode, Rosa and Fernando apologizing to each other and then Fernando confesses to Rosa that sometimes he would raise up the scale by 2 pounds and more confesses coming out in that scene such as when Fernando told Rosa that he got the ear rings from Chuck E. Cheese and many more, Hector's line "Oh my god, he is beautiful" of the picture of Maggie's ex-husband, and many more. So yeah, all of the humor in this episode was so excellent and I laughed hard at so many parts. Like I said, the storyline was just decent but the humor and execution was what made this episode get a perfect score from me though. Overall, a perfect episode of "Rob". 10/10