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Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 12, 2012 on CBS

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  • I think the expectations were low enough that this show didn't get the backing it deserved

    I just saw this for the first time, and it is truly hilarious. Cheech, Rob, and the guy who played Hector, were a scream. Rob is not a classic by any means, and it probably couldn't have sustained for a lengthy run, but what a hoot. I was laughing throughout the whole four episodes (that I have seen so far).

    Maybe with a better title and some more character development it could have been a winner.
  • Way better and funnier than George Lopez

    OMG I Love this show all episodes had me LMAO all the way through every episode so far I am going to make it a for sure show to watch as i faithfully watch my soaps. Will be a great thing to look forward to every week. WATCH THIS SHOW YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY THE HUMOR.
  • Funny but not as good as i hoped t would be.

    I thought this will be the next 2.5 men and i loved Robs movies so i got to see this i laughed through the pilot and the best character and funniest character was Hector he just cracks me up gonna watch it for a couple more episodes maybe until episode 4 and if i didnt like it that much until then i will stop and hope that they bring back ROE because it is much better than this show till now.
  • Hilarious start to the new show "Rob" starring Rob Schneider and Cheech Marin

    I haven't seen any promos for this show until the very last minute and it looked hilarious so I decided to watch it. My aunt and I both watched this show together and we couldn't stop laughing. We were both telling my mom about this show afterwards and my mom said that she would like to stick around for the second episode next week but she needs to watch the pilot episode first which she will find online before watching the second episode with my aunt and I next week. This show stars Rob Schneider and Cheech Marin and the pilot episode was just hilarious from start to finish. Some people might find this pilot episode to be offensive because they do say some offensive religious stuff but other than the fact that some of the jokes could be offensive, this show is truly hilarious and it's good to have a show that stars the Mexican-American actors and actresses. I was gonna review this episode last night but I wasn't able to review it because of this website's glitch... don't know if that happened to anyone else. There were so many jokes that cracked me up so hard in this pilot episode that I couldn't even breathe. Just watch this show... by the way, if you didn't watch this show because you thought the show looked bad and you already review it when you haven't even seen it then you are ignorant because you don't give a show like this a chance. Overall, I'll definitely be tuning in to next week's episode of "Rob"... watch this pilot episode.;, it's super funny and it's excellent for all Rob Schneider and Cheech Marin fans to watch. 10/10
  • Pleasantly Surprised

    From the previews, I expected this to be a real stinker; I only watched it because it came on between other shows that I already watch. While I really don't see this show lasting very long, though, this first episode was a lot better than my (admittedly very low) expectations. Still not sure if I'll keep watching it, but there's much worse stuff on the air right now. It actually had a couple of literal LOL moments -- as opposed to mere chuckles or the even more common slight twitch of one corner of the mouth elicited by most new shows alleged to be comedies.
  • I loved It

    I think being the first episode you really can't tell. but I feel it will work
  • Great start

    Chuck Lorre has done it again, this will be the next I love lucy!!
  • Haven't seen it; know it'll bomb

    A promo clip has an unfunny, white, Saturday Night Live, troll of an alum's (or is it alum of a troll's) character say the following upon meeting his Hispanic girlfriend's (?) family, "I feel like I'm at a Julio Iglesias concert."

    Can you just feel the love?

    The attempt to imitate the "George Lopez show" - - which also wasn't very funny, but, at least it was family friendly - - should be cancelled before it even starts, but lesser minds shall prevail, so give it two, possibly three shows, before being pulled.

    P.S. Just wondering how 4 people voted the pilot episode "great" when it hasn't even aired, yet!