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  • Rob Schneider can't act

    I had high hopes for this show. I mean it had Cheech from Cheech and Chong! So it has to be good right? Cheech can make you forget about the horrible writing, and below average acting of the res of the cast, he can't make up for Rob Schneider's horrible acting.

    There's a reason this show was cancelled after one season
  • great great show

    i really enjoyed the show ! it's very funny i lmao !!

  • THIS show ROCKs love it. its a must see. its like my family wedding but funnier

    I never miss a episiode. The best new show of the year....
  • Rob is your TV to make you laugh

    I have always loved Rob Schneider's movies, he has this unique way of making you laugh unexpectedly. His comedies has some situations where you would never expect!

    Having a sitcom is definitely a great thing for us, comedy lovers, we have to see Rob every week making us laugh.

    In this comedy, he married a Mexican sweet hot woman and as we all know Mexicans love their families and the first episode was funny because they expected a great man for their daughter and they found.. well.. Rob!
  • Rob Schneider plays a man trying to make his spur-of-the-moment marriage work while constantly battling his in-law's.

    I love Rob Schneider and Cheech Marin, I really do. So by the previews, I was looking forward to this show, and I did watch the first few episodes. I do have to admit, a lot of the "humor" is cheesy and sometimes not funny at all. But the sitcom does have its moments with a good supporting cast and it has become enjoyable at least. And let's just say this: it's improved vastly since the series premiere. I'm just hoping that they get to some episodes where Rob's not always battling his wife, Maggie's parents. The age differences between the two couples are sort of scary, though. But other than that, I think Rob Schneider can make this show work.
  • Not Funny

    The writing is simply horrible. Clich plots with un-clever turnouts and repetitive so called "jokes". With funnier shows like Mr. Sunshine and Mad Love cancelled, if there's any justice in this world, Rob will be cancelled by the end of the season as well.
  • Pleasantly Surprised

    I have to say, in all honesty, I was a little skeptical about a show who's titular character would be played by Deuce Bigalow. But I honestly have to say, it's not a bad show. It helps that the supporting cast are all well suited to their roles. Schneider actually does a good job and it's refreshing that the humour isn't slapstick comedy. Parts of it are witty though I feel that the actors are still not fully into their roles. I think as the show progresses and as the scripts develop, the rapport between the characters will also start to mature. I'm actually looking forward to the next few episodes to see if they improve or not.
  • Cheap humor

    Rob Schneider is not funny this show is a discrace to telivison it seems like it's mocking sitcoms with its bad plot and "miss" humor,if they keep it up this show won't even finish their season
  • Why??

    Cheech and Rob are sooo much funnier than you are scripting them on this show. Why such DULL humor from both of them??? They are BOTH soooo much funnier than this crap!!!! Great concept though.

  • not bad schneider

    this show is hilarious. i love that rob kind of took on a his real life situation. and i love it more that cheech is on this show... what a perfect pick up. this show gets my 2 thumbs up keep up the good laughs.