Season 1 Episode 5

Rob Learns Spanish

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 09, 2012 on CBS

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  • After worrying that Maggie's family is talking about him (since Rob doesn't understand Spanish), Hector teaches Rob how to speak Spanish

    Worried that his wife's family is talking about him, Rob decides to learn Spanish. Hector helps while Maggie wonders what her husband is up to. Meanwhile, Fernando pretends that he is going on a diet. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Rob". Both of the storylines were well written and they have many hilarious moments to get a very good laugh at. Hector teaching Rob how to speak Spanish was just so freakin' hilarious especially when he smacks Rob's hand with a stick and takes out another stick when Rob confiscated the first stick. Fernando pretending to go on a diet and working out whenever

    Rosa is around was pure hilarious as well such as when he used to water to make it look like that he was sweating. Rob turning out to see his old Spanish teacher was very funny. It was hilarious when Fernando decided to teach Rob how to speak Spanish and he does it by making Rob watch hours and hours of Spanish soap operas. Rob understanding whatever Maggie's family is saying and Rob speaking (almost) every Spanish word is funny as well. Yep, between the new Big Bang Theory and new Rob on Thursday night.... this new Rob episode was the best of the night. Overall, an excellent episode of "Rob". 10/10