Season 1 Episode 3

The Pillow

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • Rob doesn't like the yellow pillow that Maggie bought for the living room sofa

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Rob". It was a tad better than last week's episode "Second Wedding" and all of the humor in this episode are just fantastic. I don't know why some people judge this show so much.... maybe it's because some people are prejudice of Mexicans being in television shows, or don't understand what the grandma is saying since she is only speaking in Spanish, or something. You know how some people are now-a-days. Also, you can't just despise a show just after watching one episode... watch at least one or two more episodes before you can actually decide that you hate the show. Anyways, IN MY OPINION..... the storyline to this episode was well done and I just loved most of the humor thrown at me. The parts that really made me laugh very hard was the Grandma saying in SPANISH "the house looks ugly" (I don't understand a lot of Spanish but I actually understood that part), Rob trying to get rid of the yellow pillow, Rob saying "That yellow pillow looks like SpongeBob being crashed out" (I probably wasn't even close to that but I know that he did say something about SpongeBob because of that yellow pillow), Hector in the background of the carwash when Fernando and Rosa were arguing about Hector working at the carwash (my aunt and I were cracking up), Maggie putting things out of place to annoy Rob, and many many many more. I am really enjoy this show so far. It's really good to have a show that actually stars Mexican-American actors/actresses and I haven't seen a show like that on television since "George Lopez" (sitcom) which is really good. Overall, a hilarious episode of "Rob".... It also proves why I look forward to Thursday Nights and that reason is because it has a NEW "The Big Bang Theory" and then it has a NEW "Rob. 10/10
  • Yellow Pillow

    Oh my god, I couldn't stand this. I decided to watch this, Big Bang was over and there was nothing else on to watch, so I gave it a shot. I was EXTREMELY disappointed. The grandma didn't say one word of english, and there weren't any captions, which would be fine if I could speak spanish.

    Rob was a winy self involved douche bag, who is so OCD he can't stand a new PILLOW that he didn't buy. He's so controlling that its not even funny, it's just hard to watch. Plus, we're suppose to believe that Rob got an attractive girl like that!? He's mid-aged, balding, with little-to-no personality!

    The bottom line is this show is your average, boring, recycled relationship sitcom, and they are trying to convince us that just because the people are of Latin decent, it makes it some how different and original. The only thing different about it is how bad it is. Sorry but no more Rob for me!
  • Its the latino version of Tyler Perry's crappy TBS shows

    The whole thing just basicly sucks! The jokes aren't that funny, neither is the cast. I doubt it will be back. RIP Rob.