Robbery Homicide Division

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

At a mini-mall, one cop is killed and his female trainee is seriously wounded when several rounds are fired at their parked vehicle. The trainee is able to get off a shot of her own, hitting one of the shooters in the leg while he's trying to leave the scene. She calls for help and gives the license plate of the Honda Civic she saw him and another assailant speed off in, then requests her fiancé be notified. In the turmoil, the trainee transposed two of the numbers on the plate, so there are two different Honda Civics in question. After arriving on scene, Cole has Robbins coordinate SWAT and SIS to stake out the homes where the two cars are registered, then gets hassled by the officers' angry sergeant, Wike, who's upset by the loss of one of his best and by the invasion of another division on his turf. Cole instructs Lu and Robbins to join SWAT and SIS at the two locations until search warrants can be secured. Barstow questions witnesses and learns that an Asian male was seen fleeing the area. Though they get the warrants, there are no Honda Civics outside either residence and no one appears to be home, so Cole has everyone remain outside to continue surveillance. An Asian male matching the description and bleeding from the leg is apprehended. Since he doesn't speak English, Cole calls in a translator. The kid's alibi -- that he cut his leg while playing an arcade game and ran from the scene because someone was shooting -- checks out. He describes the shooters as two male Mexicans in their early 20's. After being hassled by Wike's squad, Cole informs the sarge of his plans, so Wike can get his irate cops out of RHD's way. A media chopper discovers said plans and forces Robbins and Lu to bust in ahead of schedule, else the suspects might think the chopper is them and bail. But the two raids don't turn up the shooters. The getaway car, registered to a Kiki Posada and matching one of the two plates, is later found abandoned. Cole scopes out a market nearby, and hears from one of its clerks that Kiki was a regular customer, and his buddy, Juan Tiant, recently came in. Juan and Kiki break into the home of a Chinese family in search of money, find nothing, and get into an argument. Kiki didn't want to shoot at cops, but a paranoid Juan, who's violated parole, mistakenly thought they were on to him. Juan orders Kiki to swipe the family's car and go feed his bird. En route, he decides to screw Juan over, and ends up injured in a car accident as a result. Wike scratches Cole's back when they both arrive at the accident scene, but Kiki won't talk. Cole delivers the stolen car Kiki crashed to the house it's registered to, then honks the horn, tricking Juan into thinking his friend returned. The SWAT team corner him, but when he won't put down his gun and cooperate, they shoot him dead. Barstow finally gets hold of the fiancé after hours of trying, and takes him to the hospital, where he learns his bride-to-be pulled through.
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