Robert Montgomery Presents Your Lucky Strike Theatre - Season 3

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Nostradamus Berry
    Nostradamus Berry
    Episode 41
    In this comedy, a man has the ability to predict various events--some important, some trivial. Once a reporter catches wind of his talent, his the publicity turns his life into a circus.
  • Stand-In Bride
    Stand-In Bride
    Episode 40

    The assistant to a gown designer delivers a dress to the governor who's planning a secret wedding. When word of theirnuptials is leaked to the press, the woman has an idea for distracting the reports: after the ceremony, she'll don the gown, the governor's aide will wear a tux, and the two will act as decoys.

  • Summer Story
    Summer Story
    Episode 39
    A travel agency employee's dream vacation, living it up in a swanky hotel, happens when a co-worker wins such a trip and gives it to her. Her trouble at the hotel begins when she starts hanging out with a playboy.
  • Mr. Dobie Takes a Powder

    Reliable and dependable Mr. Dobie does something totally out of character: he takes his first unauthorized day off from the department store. His rigid, predictable life is suddenly full of new adventures including a run-in with police and a bar fight.

  • Advice to the Lovelorn
    A newspaper publisher who has no time for love hires a psychology professor to write the "Advice to the Lovelorn" column in his paper. Before it's over, he's fallen in love with the columnist.
  • The Catbird Seat
    The Catbird Seat
    Episode 37
    Erwin Martin has for thirty years been an exemplary employee as head of the filing department at an advertising agency. His orderly world could be disrupted when the company brings in an efficiency expert. Martin uses his quiet, mild manner to circumvent the flashy "expert" and leave her powerless over him.moreless
  • King of the Castle
    King of the Castle
    Episode 35
    In this comedy/drama, the last in a long line of Scottish lords goes to great measures to avoid the family curse.
  • Til Next We Meet
    Til Next We Meet
    Episode 34
    A wealthy but unhappy woman meets a hard-boiled newspaper reporter and sets out to prove that she has as much love within her as she has money.
  • Of Lena Geyer
    Of Lena Geyer
    Episode 33
    Real-life soprano diva Mimi Benzell plays the role of an opera star whose romance comes to a bitter end, leaving her to vow never to again mix love and work. Benzell performs "La Traviata", "Mmme. Butterfly" and "Tannhauser".
  • Penny
    Episode 32
    in this adaptation based on comic strip characters by Emily Kimbrough, an understanding father deals with the trials and tribulations of having a 15-year-old daughter.
  • Candles for Therese
    Candles for Therese
    Episode 31
    Following World War II, American painter Richard Clyde travels to a French village that was occupied by the Germans. His reason is to find the traitor who caused his brother to be murdered by the Nazis. Richard finds the residents battered and distrustful, of himself and each other.
  • The Ringmaster
    The Ringmaster
    Episode 30

    Peter Hammond's acting career ended after an accident put him in a wheelchair. Now, he and his wife, Ann, are inn-keepers in the British countryside. Their one-time stage manager arrives and finds his old compatriot a changed man. Bitter and angry, Peter takes out his revenge on everyone around him, manipulating and destroying their lives while taking great delight in orchestrating their unhappiness.

  • The Longest Night
    The Longest Night
    Episode 29
    An ambitious pianist, hurt by the lack of love from her mother, chooses her music career over the man who loves her. She returns years later as a successful performer to find her former love is now married and running for the governor's office.
  • Lila, My Love
    Lila, My Love
    Episode 28
    A reporter for a Paris newspaper encounters an American woman with great ambitions.
  • The Lonely
    The Lonely
    Episode 27
    An American pilot falls for a young British woman during World War II.
  • The Truth About Blayds
    Lying on his death bed, famous poet Oliver Blayds reveals startling secrets from earlier in life.
  • And Never Come Back
    And Never Come Back
    Episode 25
    Two ex-wives of the same man are aboard a train heading to Los Angeles. The goal of both is to reunite with their former husband. Only one of the women makes it to their L.A. destination.
  • Operation Hitchhike
    Operation Hitchhike
    Episode 24
    In this tale of World War II espionage, German soldiers disguised as GI's cross American lines to sabotage ammunition dumps. Three of the men, while hitch-hiking, are given a lift by a Red Cross worker. When a storm comes up, the woman's forced to take refuge with them in a farmhouse.moreless
  • O Evening Star
    O Evening Star
    Episode 23
    It's the 1920s and Amy Bellaire is already becoming a has-been. She split with the man who made her famous and is now she's broke and attending an auction of her expensive personal belongings.
  • See No Evil
    See No Evil
    Episode 22
    Excitement finally comes into the boring life of a man when he witnesses a murder. Being the lead witness for the state, even more intrigue arrives in the form of a letter threatening him and his family with violence.
  • Claire Ambler
    Claire Ambler
    Episode 21
    A flapper during the 1920s has her faith in her father completely shattered, leading her on a path of destructive revenge.
  • The Wall
    The Wall
    Episode 20
    Lording over a decaying New England manor, a woman is visited by her brother and his new wife and her devious ex-sister-in-law. A murder soon follows.
  • Guardian of the Clock

    In this comedy/drama, a maintenance man plays a little joke and changes the time on the skyscraper's outside clock. Because of his little prank, several people's lives are unexpectedly changed that evening.

  • Happy Birthday, George
    During WWII, an American soldier celebrates three of his birthdays, each with a different woman: one is British, one an American and one is Belgian. As the episode closes, the soldier is surrounded by his children who are awaiting the arrival of their mother. Which of those three women did he eventually marry?moreless
  • Those in Favor
    Those in Favor
    Episode 17
    This Cold War political drama concerns a U.N. meeting in Paris and the relationship between the U.S. and Soviet delegates.
  • Sheppey
    Episode 16
    Sheppey is an English barber who wins big playing the Irish sweepstakes and decides to spread his wealth among the poor and sick. Along the way, he meets an impoverished shopgirl in a local pub.
  • The Moonstone
    The Moonstone
    Episode 15

    When a valuable gem is stolen from a Buddhist temple, the priests place a curse on the object. The gem's original owner ends up dead and the rock disappears.

  • Rise Up and Walk
    Rise Up and Walk
    Episode 14
    Turnley Walker, at six feet and 200 pounds, is struck with polio at age 30. This true drama is based on his book which chronicles his courage as he battles the dread disease.
  • Eva? Caroline?
    Eva? Caroline?
    Episode 13

    Police in Detroit have charged Eva Lang with committing a murder from several years earlier. She claims that she is, in reality, is Caroline, the wife of a Baltimore lawyer. Even though she produces 28 witnesses to validate her claim, the lawyer says his wife is deceased.

  • The Tender Man
    The Tender Man
    Episode 12
    A farm boy from the country moves to the big city to make his mark. When he ends up broke and hungry, he proves an easy target for the Communist party.
  • Cashel Bryon's Profession
    Set in 1867 London, boxer Cashel Byron woos cultured aristocrat Lydia Carew. He attempts to keep his sorted profession, illegal at the time, a secret.
  • The Farmer's Hotel
    The Farmer's Hotel
    Episode 10
    While their car is being repaired, man and woman stop by The Farmer's Hotel to use their phone. It happens to be the hotel's opening night and they're joined by the business' manager and staff, an intoxicated truck driver, a doctor and three vaudevillians. Everyone's having a delightful time until an argument erupts.moreless
  • Class of '67
    Class of '67
    Episode 9
    This unusual episode, produced with the network's News and Special Events Department, opens in the maternity wing of a New York Hospital. An overview of the world into which a brand new baby has been born into will be presented, featuring film clips of national and world events with live "pick-ups" from around the Big Apple.moreless
  • A Christmas Gift
    A Christmas Gift
    Episode 8
    This holiday love story set in war torn Sognac, France involves a French underground fighter, an American lieutenant, and a lovely, young maiden.
  • Top Secret
    Top Secret
    Episode 7
    A foreign service agent brings along his young adult daughter on a mission, traveling to a country on the verge of a revolution.
  • The Kimballs
    The Kimballs
    Episode 6
    Steve LaFarge visits the small town of his childhood and meets the current residents of the house in which he played. He falls in love with the daughter, Ann Kimball, but is given the cold shoulder by her aloof father. Old man Kimball has been bitter ever since the murder of his wife 15 years earlier. Steve is shocked by the realization that he may have been involved in the woman's death.moreless
  • An Inspector Calls
    An Inspector Calls
    Episode 5
    A suspicious inspector investigates the murder of a young woman who was part of a most respectable middle-class British family. He uncovers bizarre motivations among the family members before he's revealed to be an impostor.
  • I Wouldn't Want to Be in Your Shoes
    Unusual circumstances befall a hapless man who's missing a pair of shoes, leading to his involvement in a murder.
  • To Walk the Night
    To Walk the Night
    Episode 3

    College friends Bark and Jerry discover their old friend Professor LeNormand dead in his observatory, burned to death from the inside out. Most shocking, the confirmed bachelor had just married an enigmatic woman who seems oddly unfazed by his death. Within days, Jerry is engaged to marry the mysterious widow, leading Bark to believe she was somehow involved in the professor's death.

  • I Am Still Alive
    I Am Still Alive
    Episode 2
    In this comedy of mistaken identity, a blonde knocks a driver unconscious when she rear-ends his car with hers. She can't find any identification on him; the only clue is a script that indicates he's a spy.
  • Bubbles
    Episode 1
    A young girl is nervous about the return of her mother from a mental institution, so her father buys her a kitten to calm her. Unfortunately, when the mother arrives, the daughter pays more attention to Bubbles than to her.