Robert Montgomery Presents Your Lucky Strike Theatre - Season 5

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Ten-Minute Alibi
    Ten-Minute Alibi
    Episode 55
    A man could lose his girlfriend to a blackmailer who's making his life miserable. That prompts him to plot a murder.
  • The People You Meet
    The People You Meet
    Episode 54
    In this comedy, the glitches are worked out of a new play in Boston before it goes to Broadway.
  • A Matter of Luck
    A Matter of Luck
    Episode 53
    A singer is given a lucky charm by a girl in his neighborhood and suddenly his career takes off. When he accidentally breaks the trinket, his good luck ends just as abruptly.
  • Personal Story
    Personal Story
    Episode 52
    At the peak of his career, an architect suffers an heart attack. He takes the doctors' advice to slow down to such an extreme, he's barely living his life.
  • Invitation to Murder
    A publisher gets a manuscript full of damning statements about a number of important people. He invites its author and those mentioned in the book to the same party, suggesting to his guests that murdering the author might be a suitable option.
  • About Sara Caine
    About Sara Caine
    Episode 50
    An overbearing young female reporter is determined to better her father, competing against him in the coverage of a news story.
  • Home Town
    Home Town
    Episode 49

    A gullible small town man heads for the big city to make it big. He falls prey to a flashy public relations man who plots a big build-up for his debut.

  • Patricia
    Episode 48
    A young society woman follows her own path and enrolls in a bohemian art school. She immediately falls for an older instructor, but he does not return the affection.
  • It Happened in Paris

    An American couple broadcast a weekly radio show from Paris, enthralling their listeners back home with stories of their extended honeymoon in France. In reality, the man and woman are not married, can't stand each other, and bicker constantly. That's why they're unhappy when the sponsor wants to renew their contracts.

  • Story on 11th Street
    A lonely widower with a seven-year-old son wants to rebuild a happy home for the child.
  • The Expert
    The Expert
    Episode 45
    In this comedy, a noted author and lecturer on the subject of marital bliss can not speak from personal experience. He has a hard time explaining why a strange woman in her pajamas is feeding him breakfast.
  • The Decision
    The Decision
    Episode 44
    A young doctor's true love suffers an incurable, deadly disease.
  • Great Expectations: The Reality (2)
    In the second of this two-part adaptation of Dickens' Great Expectations, Pip gets his own apartment, falls in love and has another encounter with the criminal Magwitch.
  • Great Expectations: The Promise (1)
    In the first of this two-part adaptation of Dickens' Great Expectations, a young man with an inheritance, Pip, suffers through problems that arise due to his friendship with an escaped criminal.
  • The Patriot from Antibes
    A baron and baroness are swindled out of a small fortune by group of impressive con men in a true story from the Paris police files.
  • Once Upon a Time
    Once Upon a Time
    Episode 40

    A bride and groom greeting guests at their wedding encounter loves from their pasts. Each remembers their dating days and thinks about the people they might have married.

  • The Power and the Prize
    When in Europe, an American businessman falls for a refugee from behind the Iron Curtain. He brings the girl back with him and must deal with the prejudices of the people he works with.
  • The Sky Block
    The Sky Block
    Episode 38
    Farmland across the Midwest is turned into desert by someone wielding a destructive "drought machine".
  • Pilgrim's Pride
    Pilgrim's Pride
    Episode 37
    A businessman takes his number one client to the country for meetings, but finds his daughter already there with a house full of party guests.
  • Wages of Fear
    Wages of Fear
    Episode 36
    Four men face danger at every turn driving truckloads of nitroglycerine through jungle country to Guatemala's to oil fields.
  • No Need of Fear
    No Need of Fear
    Episode 35
    A young artist who has lost his vision falls in love with and marries his secretary, a woman of great inner beauty but "plain Jane" looks. When an operation restores the artists' sight, his wife becomes insecure because she can never match the vision of beauty he had of her in his mind.moreless
  • Big Boy
    Big Boy
    Episode 34
    The conflict between generations is played out between an old railroad man and his son over steam powered trains versus the new diesel engine.
  • The Pale Blonde of Sand Street

    A young sailor meets a blonde and give her his lucky coin. With it, she makes a wish for him to disappear from her life. When the wish comes true, she begins to haunt ships looking for the man she really loves.

  • For These Services
    For These Services
    Episode 32
    Two generations of doctors, a father and son, are at odds over how to practice medicine.
  • My Little Girl
    My Little Girl
    Episode 31
    A reporter father thinks he's done a good job of raising his child. Unfortunately, he starts to have doubts about her integrity.
  • Pink Hippopotamus
    Pink Hippopotamus
    Episode 30
    A blockade runner, himself an escapee from behind the Iron Curtain, deals in the transport of human cargo in and out of that region. His current mission is to reunite a young boy and his parents.
  • The Quality of Mercy
    A couple innocently leave their baby home alone for a night out in the Big Apple. Authorities learn of this, take the child and place it in a children's home. Confused and frightened, the parents become violent, however the nun who heads the home bestows mercy upon the couple.
  • The Paradise Cafe
    The Paradise Cafe
    Episode 28
    A honky-tonk piano player with big plans is surrounded by a diverse group of dreamers in this character study set in a bistro.
  • Such a Busy Day Tomorrow
    A senior citizen who's successfully raised a family feels he has nothing remaining to contribute to their lives. He meets a group of people at an senior center and fears he'll never be as happy again as they seem to be.
  • Land of Happiness
    Land of Happiness
    Episode 26
    In 1895, a sophisticated woman of Copenhagen accompanies her husband, a pastor to his new parish. It's located on the rustic and isolated Faero Islands of the North Atlantic.
  • Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
    The adventures of the young Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough are dramatized from the bestseller of the same title. The girls board a luxury ship bound for Europe and are flirted with by a couple of Yankees, but much prefer the company of two sophisticated society men.
  • Mr. Whittle and the Morning Star
    After much study, a history professor has decided that the end of the world is here.
  • The 17th of June
    The 17th of June
    Episode 23
    Based on a true story, a man performs heroic acts against Communists in East Berlin during an uprising on June 17th of last summer.
  • Richard Said No
    Richard Said No
    Episode 22
    A ad-man for a perfume company meets a female counterpart at a party when his jealous wife is away.
  • Machinal
    Episode 21
    Giving in to the advice of her calculating mother, Helen marries her highly successful but thoroughly revolting boss. Since his very touch repulses her, she ends up in an affair with a young man who eventually betrays her. The climax to her sad life is being sentenced to the electric chair.moreless
  • A Case of Identity
    A Case of Identity
    Episode 20
    This episode dramatizes a true story from 1953 involving a man who was sentenced for a crime he didn't commit. While taking the subway home from the Stork Club, a musician is detained by police for a robbing a loan office. One of the clerks identifies him as the criminal and he's eventually sentenced to jail. It is only through the determination of his lawyer that he is finally freed.moreless
  • The Steady Man
    The Steady Man
    Episode 19
    A couple whose child died at birth face a problem adopting a child. The husband, proud of the fact that he can account for every penny they spend, is horrified by the expense and the long wait involved. It's up to the patient wife to talk her husband into dealing with the adoption process.moreless
  • The Greatest Man in the World
    A publicity-loving mechanic causes a sensation when he flies solo around the world. A newspaper reporter is assigned the job of uncovering this unknown person's secretive past.
  • What About Christmas?

    Individuals throughout an American city end up touching one another in unexpected ways during the holiday season. Among the unrelated people are a lonely old man and his cat, a movie actor hoping to make it home for Christmas, a businessman, and a scientist who chooses to work in his lab on Christmas Eve.

  • No Visible Means
    No Visible Means
    Episode 16
    Tom, a smooth talking gigolo, makes the rounds through the speakeasys of 1920s New York. He's loved by Veronia, a woman with a lot of money, but he loses interest when he meets Iris. She presents herself as a person of society on the verge of big film career. Wedding plans quickly follow, until their lies catch up with both of them.moreless
  • Really the Blues
    Really the Blues
    Episode 15
    Jackie Cooper stars in this biography of jazz great Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow. An unruly youth, his parents put him in a reform school where he first encountered jazz. He eventually became a talented clarinetist and fronted his own combo during the 1920s, but when music trends moved towards big bands, he suffered a rapid decline in fortunes. Mezz endured much mental suffering during this period before being reintroduced to the public by friends like musician Gene Krupa.moreless
  • The Soprano and the Piccolo Player
    An overweight piccolo player's accompaniment to a soprano's aria is so well-received that the two are suddenly in demand as a duo. As their fame and popularity grows, so does the piccolo player's love for his beautiful partner. As he's trying to muster up the courage to ask her to marry him, he learns that she has become engaged to another. Heartbroken, he disappears, never to be seen or heard from again.moreless
  • Harvest
    Episode 13
    A young man in love with a sophisticated woman from the city is torn between his desires and those of his family. His parents wish him and his brother to stay and work on their small Minnesota wheat farm while both want to escape the tough life and move to the city. It's up to the mother to keep the family together in spirit dyring their Thanksgiving holiday reunion.moreless
  • The Deep Six
    The Deep Six
    Episode 12
    After far to many months at sea, tensions build among the men and officers of the cruiser U.S.S. Atlantis during World War II. Lt. Alec Austen is already irritated by the constant meddling of his executive and gunnery officers. After months of tedium and threatened danger, the ship encounters a Japanese force in the Aleutians and is thrust into a furious battle for survival.moreless
  • Weekend Pass
    Weekend Pass
    Episode 11
    A solider on a three-day weekend pass is determined to paint the town. With $200 and his fiance, he hits the nightspots in New York City. His girlfriend, though, soon tires of the party life and becomes irritated by his refusal to name a wedding date. After she storms off, he decides to connect with another girl, unaware of what adventures she has in store for him.moreless
  • No Picnic at Mt. Kenya

    Based on a true story from World War II, Felice Benuzzi was one of 10,000 prisoners of war held at the Kenya camp. Benuzzi and two others manage to escape by successfully scaling down the 17,000-foot high Mt. Kenya.

  • Cakes and Ale
    Cakes and Ale
    Episode 9
    Upon the death of a famed writer, two colleagues competing to write his biography visit his country estate. While there, they meet a charming local barmaid, Rosie, with quite a story to tell: she had married an unsuccessful middle-aged writer and was a major influence that guided him to being a better man and noted author.moreless
  • The Sunday Punch
    The Sunday Punch
    Episode 8
    A one-time big name fighter, Tony Marino, is on his way down the boxing ladder but he still can throw his powerful "Sunday punch". Tony's manager tries to bribe him to take a dive in a fight with up-and-comer Kid Walker. Tony is infuriated and almost wins the fight, though he suffers a dangerous head injury that could have lasting repercussions.moreless
  • A Criminal Assignment

    Wanting to catch other criminals, the British secret service gains the release of a counterfeiter who's dropped into France. He is to produce bills that contain a tiny flaw to be used to pay off the suspected double-dealers. With the plan a success, the ex-con is free to go. Following the war, the counterfeiter disappears and authorities find two perfect plates. Clearly, he couldn't resist the temptation to print a little for himself.

  • Breakdown
    Episode 6

    Scientist Philip Armstrong returns to England to conduct tests on a top secret government weapon. Dr. Allen, whom he doesn't know, is assigned to work with him. The doctor confides that he's in love with a woman he's just recently met. It turns out that the woman turns out to be Armstrong's wife. With the stress of his work and his marriage in shambles, the scientist is on the verge of a crack-up.

  • The Big Money
    The Big Money
    Episode 5
    A World War I hero operates on the belief that money--and lots of it--buys happiness. He jumps into the airplane business, believing it will offer big bucks, but soon fails. He plunges into the stock market and meets a woman, but she soon leaves him because of his iffy finances. His single minded goal of money continues to negatively influence his career choices and his relationships.moreless
  • September Time
    September Time
    Episode 4
    Marion Shaw, a premiere concert vocalist, takes a forced summer rest in Cape Cod to give her strained voice a chance to recover. The truth slowly becomes obvious to both Marion and her voice coach that her singing career has reached its finish. The burden of losing her career is lightened by a handsome man she meets in the resort town.moreless
  • The Lost and the Found

    Dr. Robert Collis works to rehabilitate children, both physically and spiritually, who were held at Belsen, the notorious Nazi prison camp. He invests special efforts to win over Eva, who guards her younger brother so tightly that they can't treat his tuberculosis. This is based on actual events.

  • Private Purkey's Private Peace
    A soldier and his buddies find themselves in Europe at the end of the war. Believing their opinions are as important as those of Army brass and politicians, they formulate their own peace plan and are determined to share it. They work their way into the Paris peace talks and Private Purkey makes sure the world hears his ideas.moreless
  • First Vice President
    A hard-driving, domineering business executive is determined to become the company's next president. He invites the retiring chairman and his wife to his Long Island home to wine and dine his way into the position. The man's family members, who are fed up with his tyrannical control over them, finally stage a revolt at the dinner party.moreless