Robert Montgomery Presents Your Lucky Strike Theatre - Season 7

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Mr. Parker's Rhubarb
    An accountant who's a rabid baseball fan is chosen to umpire the game between his office and their biggest competitor. When he makes a close call against his company's team, he finds himself a shunned outcast.
  • The Company Wife
    The Company Wife
    Episode 49
    After accepting a new executive job, a man and his wife move to a suburb where many of his new co-workers currently live. The neighborhood wives are convinced the "new guy" is there to take the job currently held by one of their husbands. But which husband?
  • Maybe Tomorrow
    Maybe Tomorrow
    Episode 48
    Bernice has spent her whole life working in her father's store and being dominated by her beautiful mother. When she finally finds love, in the form of a salesman, her mother disapproves. Bernice is forced to choose between the man of her dreams and her controlling mother.
  • Southern Exposure
    Southern Exposure
    Episode 47
    In this comedy set in Mississippi, an aging Southern belle grudgingly opens her mansion to tacky Yankee tourists during the annual azalea festival. Needing the money to keep the bank from foreclosing on her home, she also takes in a boarder, a young man who's written a popular but critical book about the Natchez way of life.moreless
  • Catch a Falling Star
    Ken Reed, once a big name actor in Hollywood, refuses to accept that he's no longer the star he thinks he is. Even though he hasn't had a film role in two years, he continues to live lavishly, even refusing a supporting part on Broadway because it's beneath him. He is given one last chance at career redemption, and it hinges on a successful test for television.moreless
  • Day of Grace
    Day of Grace
    Episode 45
    A meek editor at a religious publishing house believes that only a large sum of money could give him the life he wants and the nerve to propose to the woman he loves. Upon discovering the next day's newspaper at his doorstep, he becomes bold and agressive trying to capitalize on the stock market and race track results the magic newspaper contains.moreless
  • A Matter of Conscience
    A husband and wife have begun to drift apart after nine years of marriage. The husband spends more and more time at his law office, convincing his spouse that he's having an affair. She confronts him with her belief.
  • Dream No More
    Dream No More
    Episode 43
    A college professor is obsessed with getting a piece of property owned by the mother of one of his students. He tries to charm the the property from her, before attempting to destroy the woman. The mother gets the last word, but pays a big price for it.
  • An Elephant for Peanuts
    A young boy nicknamed Peanuts desperately wants an elephant for a pet. He steals a purchase order from his father's work and buys a baby pachyderm that he hides in their garage.
  • The Solider Room
    The Solider Room
    Episode 41
    An unhappy wife is forbidden to even have friends by her psychotic husband, a man who retired early to play with his toy soldier collection. When she falls in love with a man who comes by their home, she see the chance to leave this unhappy life behind. She's torn, however, because she knows her husband would be lost without her.moreless
  • Storm Over Swan Lake

    A teacher's opposition to dismissal by a tyrannical school superintendent throws a small town into turmoil.

  • Honored Guest
    Honored Guest
    Episode 39
    A teacher who has moved to American can only find work in this country as a janitor. When a jet plane crashes into the school where he works, he springs into action, saving many children's lives.
  • Who
    Episode 38
    In this unusual drama, seven actors portray the same character as he's seen through the eyes of different people. The "Standard Who" is how the man sees himself, along with the "Ineffectual Who", the "Solid Who", the "Slob Who", the "Satyr Who", the "Nasty Who" and the "Godlike Who".
  • All Expenses Paid
    All Expenses Paid
    Episode 37

    A naive salesclerk is named "Miss Courtesy" by her store and is awarded an all-expenses paid trip to Nassau. While vacationing at the exotic locale, she falls under the spell of a suave and sophisticated man of the world.

  • The Right Thing
    The Right Thing
    Episode 36
    Following the death of a girl in a car accident, Bob Slater is upset that he was somehow negligent in his driving that day.
  • Jack Be Nimble
    Jack Be Nimble
    Episode 35
    A bigamist has two different wives in two different cities that he travels between for business. Neither knows about the other, until one fateful day. Unable to justify his behavior to either woman, he commits a crime he never thought he would have.
  • Don't Do Me Any Favors
    A singer discovers that success can carry a high price when he gets swept up by fast-talking con men. As he rises to the top, he finds the people around him are more interested in a piece of his income than in his welfare. Johnny Desmond sings "Please Don't Forget Me, Dear".moreless
  • The Baobab Tree
    The Baobab Tree
    Episode 33
    A South African plantation is home to a baobab tree, a large native plant which is said to kill all other life near it. The action centers on a woman who flirts shamelessly and the price she pays for her actions.
  • Portrait of a Man
    Portrait of a Man
    Episode 32
    The life of the genius Albert Einstein is highlighted in this biography. His early years in Prague, when he proposed his famed Theory of Relativity, are presented. The show then focuses on his later life when he lived modestly among the people of Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Pistolero
    Episode 31

    A gas station owner in a small prairie town decides to expose the local political boss as the evil that he is. The angry strongman responds by hiring a hit man to kill the troublemaker.

  • Death Insurance
    Death Insurance
    Episode 30
    An auto mechanic unhappy with his lot in life plans to kill his wife and collect on the insurance policy he just took out on her. When the "accident" he arranged for her fizzles, he cancels the policy. As luck would have it, his wife becomes seriously injured in a real accident. Now he's fighting to keep her alive because her recently deceased father left her a small fortune that goes to charity if she dies.moreless
  • The Long Way Home
    The Long Way Home
    Episode 29
    A commuter suffers a heart attack in Grand Central Station as he's heading home to Connecticut.
  • The Secret
    The Secret
    Episode 28

    A lumberjack actively guards a mysterious black box in his possession. This piques the curiosity of the others in the logging camp. Everyone has a theory about its contents, ranging from love letters to evidence of a murder.

  • The Briefcase
    The Briefcase
    Episode 27
    A young couple's marriage is on the rocks because of the husband's failure to get ahead at work. He encounters obstacles from an underhanded office worker in the grocery business.
  • Son of Adam
    Son of Adam
    Episode 26
    A judge's campaign for the governorship has his son feeling that he can never live up to his father's achievements. At least that's the case until the judge makes a serious mistake.
  • End of Morning
    End of Morning
    Episode 25
    A school bus driver steers his vehicle into the path of an on-coming train and four children are killed. As a man who once believed he had all of life's answers finds himself struggling to make sense of anything.
  • An Excuse for Shanks
    A shy, young man in a small town has been disliked by people his whole life. He makes his first real friend, the wife of the local pool hall owner, and falls madly in love with her. Shanks unwittingly becomes a factor is his own downfall.
  • The Man Who Vanished
    A middle-aged man decides that the joys of youth were preferable to the success he now enjoys in business. The more he retreats into the dreams of his carefree youth, he physically begins to fade away before the eyes of his friends and associates.
  • Good Friday, 1865
    Good Friday, 1865
    Episode 22

    A young teenaged boy gets a bit part in a play so he can meet his idol, Abraham Lincoln. Instead, he ends up witnessing the assassination of the President at the Ford Theater.

  • Mr. Tutt Baits the Hook
    The eccentric lawyer of Saturday Evening Post fame, Ephriam Tutt, puts his unconventional methods to use to help a young man charged with murder.
  • Aftermath
    Episode 20
    A lawyer who finds himself at a murder scene quickly leaves town, fearing that the crime will be pinned on him. He returns five years later with a shocking revelation.
  • The Tyrant
    The Tyrant
    Episode 19
    A small town newspaper editor takes a stand against a powerful local citizen who acts with dictatorial rule.
  • The End of the Tether
    An elderly mariner is making his final voyage as the captain of an unseaworthy boat owned by shady characters. Determined to retire with his dignity, the captain takes the ragged ship out to sea with the intention of wrecking the wreck.
  • Three Men from Tomorrow
    Three individual one-act stories are told in this episode. Each involves young men facing moral or ethical decisions which will have profound effects on their futures. Act one profiles a high school student who's planning to elope with his girlfriend; Act two looks at a young man who's asked to deal drugs; Act three is the story of a college fraternity president who's supposed to expel one of the brothers.moreless
  • The Second Day of Christmas
    This is the story of the young Hans Christian Anderson's love for singer Jenny Lind and her refusal to give up her singing career.
  • Quality Town
    Quality Town
    Episode 15
    A man who climbed the ladder from wildcatter to oil tycoon spoils his daughter with the material things he never had.
  • See the Man
    See the Man
    Episode 14

    A young mechanic hides a shameful secret-- he's unable to read, having left school early because of poverty. He believe his illiteracy stands in the way of him achieving success.

  • Lucifer
    Episode 13
    A publishing manager who has caused a great deal of unhappiness throughout his career gets his turn in the hot seat.
  • End of the Rainbow
    End of the Rainbow
    Episode 12
    The heads of two immigrant families feud constantly, even though they are are neighbors and work at the same factory. It's almost inevitable that two of their youngsters would fall in love.
  • Isobel
    Episode 11
    The successful writer of detective stories is the last person to see a young girl alive. The girl, Isobel, also shares the name of the heroine in one of the author's novels.
  • Cry Silence
    Cry Silence
    Episode 10
    When a farmer's young wife dies in an "accident", the local police have doubts about how accidental her death was.
  • The World to Nothing
    Being an incredible actor is not enough as a performer feels nothing but loneliness even though he has a wife and daughter.
  • In a Foreign City
    In a Foreign City
    Episode 8
    The truth eventually catches up with a sad man when is life is revealed to have been nothing but lies.
  • Man Lost
    Man Lost
    Episode 7
    A Navy man loses his will to live following the death of his wife. He witnesses an A-bomb test in the Pacific and then goes "on leave" in Hawaii, where he makes positive discoveries about himself.
  • Tomorrow is Forever
    A woman gives birth to a son following the death of her soldier husband during World War I. She eventually remarries but war invades her life again when her son wants to serve during World War II. To complicate matters, her supposedly dead first husband, still badly injured from his his service, reappears.moreless
  • Paper Town
    Paper Town
    Episode 5

    A family is at odds when the father, successful in the lumber business, insists his son take over the company. The son, married and expecting a child soon, wants to finish law school instead.

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Episode 4

    Authorities hope that their release a low-level war criminal will lead them to a Nazi Germany leader who "disappeared" after World War II. Following the released man, they're led to a small Connecticut town and a respected professor.o

  • Along Came Jones
    Along Came Jones
    Episode 3
    A soft-spoken cowboy shows up in a small western town looking for work. The locals mistakenly assume he's a murderous troublemaker, causing great tension when he starts dating the real killer's girlfriend.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Monroe
    On his own while his wife's away in Europe, henpecked Mr. Monroe decides he'll be the suave and adventurous man of his imagination. In his fantasies, he captures a diamond smuggler and a dangerous escaped convict.
  • Woman in the Window
    In the season premiere, a reserved college professor is fascinated by the portrait of a woman that hangs near his men's club. While admiring the picture one day, he happens to meet its gorgeous blonde subject. This leads to an invite to her apartment, some champagne, and a murder.