Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 3

Child Hood

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 20, 2007 on BBC

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  • Robin Hood meets his child counterpart and the kid is good. Some children see Gisbourne in the woods testing out his new invicable armour and 3 out of the 4 are caught the last one bumps into Robin hood and tells him his problems and Robin decides

    The episode was good and funny the last two episodes have been quite dark and so this gave the viewers a bit of light relief with the children beating up grown adults and acting like Robin Hood. The ending was also good with Marian almost reveiling her true colours buy trying to save Robin by pretending to tryand save Gisbourne as a friend which most belived but it may not be too long until she does something to help Robin which cannot be explained away by the need to still be friends with Guy.There is also the threat of punishment as the Sherif is angry at Marian allowing Robin to have the black diamonds which were unsed to make the unbeatable armour which was destroyed in the end when Robin set it alight (so it wasn't sooo unbeatable after all)