Robin Hood

Season 3 Episode 6

Do You Love Me?

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM May 02, 2009 on BBC

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  • Edge of your Seat episode!!!

    Throughout the entire epidose i was biting my nails. It definetly kept me entertained. John and Djaq both got great roles in this episode, especially John as he tries to overcome his own good will in order to obey instructions, im not surprised but i am glad that Robin didnt condemn John for going against his orders
    Will and Allan came to a sort of uneasy truce, but will it last, or was it only for while Nottingham was under seige?
    Marian's role was a bit too stretched out. You can see many charecters torn between what they want and what they should do throughout the entire epi. Guy was torn between Marian and his life, in the end he chose Marian
    Robin was torn between finding the sherrif and saving nottingham or marian, he kinda chose both
    marian was torn between Guy/her life and Robin/nottingham......she kinda chose Guy/nottingham in a bizarro way
  • The watershed episode of season three.

    This episode was absolutely fantastic. Season three had't necessarily been uneven as such so far up to this point, but it had been a bit lacking in spark. It wasn't up to the same standards of season two, which I'd go so far as to say that in terms of pure, constant entertainment value is one of my absolute favourite seasons of television ever made. Robin Hood is still highly entertaining telly, despite the obvious rough edges that needed to be smoothed out after the departures of Marian, Will and Djaq. I loved the season premiere Total Eclipse, with the angst and Robin/Guy fighting, but subsequent episodes felt rather like they were killing time until this one. It was worth the wait.

    It's a bizarre mix of black comedy and drama, but it somehow manages to work. Toby Stephens is absolutely perfect as Prince John, hamming it up wonderfully but also exposing just how cruel and psychopathic he really is. Isabella continues to be a very welcome addition to the cast, who not only has chemistry with Robin, but is also more than capable of holding her own. I still think Gisborne and his hair extensions are one of the best things about the series, managing to be complex, dark and brooding, but also strangely likeable no matter what he does. But maybe that's just me? His epic battle with the Sheriff was absolutely gripping to watch, and the outcome completely unexpected.

    I suppose if I've got any complaints it's that the Outlaws were spectacularly short-changed. They had about as much impact on this episode as a margarine hammer, which could well be considered a problem, but it's not when the "villains" are so compelling to watch.

    Still, this episode was something of a game-changer and the series wouldn't be the same again.