Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 5

Ducking And Diving

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on BBC

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  • Robin learns he has a traitor

    Matilda really ruined this episode for me, I thought the actress playing her needed to tone it down. She was too loud, too obnoxious and instead of being crazy and insightful she was just loud and annoying. Robin's request of her was also a tad bit unreasonable because he expects everyone to just forget their family and do everything for the good of England (like Will in the last episode).
    Ignoring that part of the story I really liked the rest of the episode. When Robin learns he has a spy in the group, Much's reaction is classic and his need to defend Robin so fiercely is hilarious. Also he is no where smart enough to be the spy. When Alan tries to 'confess' to Djac you see that he is really remorseful over his actions, but it isn't enough for Robin. I really like how Alan points out that Robin gets all the glory and the girl because it is true, Alan will never be a hero like Robin is. Finally I loved Guy and Marian in this episode, they have such chemistry together and it was nice to see him being nice as Marian uses him yet again, when will he ever learn.
  • They know there's a spy in the camp.

    This is by far one of my favorite episodes. After all what is not to love. Allan, betrayals, confrontations and fights. I have to say the fights in this one are the most intense simply because the gang is fighting eachother, the only fight that is bigger than this is in episode 6. but that's all good, who doesn't like a little Allan Robin action. And the best part, it have one of those rare Allan and Will scenes that I personally just love, they Robin and Much are by far the reason I watch this show, and I think many people agree with me on this point.
  • Allan's treachery is discovered amid another plot to kill the king

    This episode was excellent. I can't decide if it's my new favorite, or if it's tied with The Angel of Death. The plotline with Henry of Lewes and Matilda was all right, but it was the plotline surrounding the gang and the spy that carried the episode. I really enjoyed Joe Armstrong in this episode. Like Will in the last one, we're finally getting to see the gang members' acting chops. His reason for acting as spy (that when the king returns, he'll have nothing) was delivered very well. I'm glad that we're still allowed to sympathize with Allan, though not excuse his actions. Of course, there were more ship moments, which everyone is going crazy over. Next week's episode looks very exciting, and I'm anxious to learn Allan's fate.
  • Such a good episode!!!

    Robin figures out that he has a spy in his midst (finally), and after carefully trying to figure out who it is, he sets a trap for any of the gang and learns its allan!!!! he told allan to never come back! awww im gunna miss him! i really hope he is able to come back or win robins forgiveness. Matilda was really funny, I couldn't stop laughing at whatever she said throughout the entire episode. The episode also gave a little insight into the Djaq- Will- Allan triangle...which is nice because you hardly ever see that and after what Will did to djaq last episode i was worried they dropped the plot entirely,