Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 6

For England...!

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 10, 2007 on BBC

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  • The black knights?

    Reading the description of what happened in this episode you'd think that it would be action filled and interesting, but instead it was just boring and annoying. Two things I liked in this episode were Will making the instrument/weapons and then later when Gisborne had his moral crisis over what to do with Marian. Then to what I didn't like which was everything else. All the characters were really flat in this episode. Marian was bothersome as always and the Sheriff was just there and had no character in this episode. Alan is just becoming pointless and the rest of the supporting cast just filled up space. Robin was also being really annoying and his plan was awful and I was overjoyed when it did not work. The betrayal was obvious and the plans made in this episode were poorly thought out.
    The humor and light-heartedness of this series that I normally love were sorely lacking and all the action was just pointless.
  • Worst episode so far. The basic plot idea had a lot of potential, but it was poorly executed and horribly written.

    The basic plot idea had a lot of potential, but it was poorly executed and horribly written. I couldn't stop laughing about how ridiculous it was that Will JUST HAPPENED to have thought they might want to get into the party and had a full set of instrument-weapons ready right when they needed them. The entire plot with Marian and Winchester was stupid and pointless. They really should have just left Marian out of this episode. The fight scene between Allan and Robin was entertaining, but in a way that a similar fight would be entertaining on a family game show where it belongs. Overall, the only really substantial plot development was Allan "being Sir Guy's man" and changing outfits.
  • Seriously - nothing happened!

    I admit, there was action, a plot, and lots of dialog, but at the end of the episode, we ended up exactly where we started. I don't like the turn of events with Allan - it seems like the writers are determined to make him irredeemable. It doesn't seem like him. He might have a chip on his shoulder about Robin, but now he's bent on betraying the entire gang. And I'm getting a little tired of Robin's failed self-sacrifices. I think the episodes I like best involve the other merry men on a deeper level, but when they just focus on Robin, it gets tiresome. Plus, the writers need to make up their mind about Gisborne and Marian. I'm tired of the dancing around his feelings for her. Oh, and the plot point of Winchester wanting revenge against Edward was such sham - it was convenient for this episode and we'll never hear about it again.
  • It had a little bit of Everything and still didn't do my head in!!!

    A good episode.
    The depth of Robin's feelings for marian are are Guy's.......
    Allan of Dale takes another embolding step into the dark side...and realizes it's setbacks and hasnt yet decided yet where he stands with the sherrif and guy
    he seemed truly bad when him and robin fought each other but then when he confronted john in the battle he looked a little if he truly doesnt know which side he wants to be on and whether its all worth it in the end
    I sure hope he joins Robin hoods gang again!!!
    Djaq got to come out more which was nice....and Much, will and little john made me laugh with the whole weapon/musical instrument thing!
    This episode was a good filler of romance, action and humour....exactly why i love it!!!