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    Hi All,

    I felt that I needed topost the guidline for submitting to Robin Hood, as I have been disappointed by the number of submissions which have had to be rejected since the new season started. These rejections are mainly due to copied episode summaries and recaps which is not only unaccepatble, it's lazy. Do not expect that copied submissions are an easy way of boosting your level or contributing points as I check every single submission for copied summaries.

    While I am glad that there is a good fanbase for the show, I hope that everyone can start following these guidlinewhen submitting as it will make my job a lot easier.

    If you haveany questions, feelfree to PM me



    1. Please DO NOT copy and paste from a website or a TV guide for a summary. I do check and will track it down and will reject it. This is against TOS and you are breaching the copyright for the site or media (yes this includes Papers and Manazines). Episode Quotes are acceptable.
    2. For quotes, please double check the formatting of quotes that the context (the part in brackets) is in brackets. For example, Frank: (While trying to find something on his desk) You've got to be kidding!
    3. Always make sure that quotes are formatted correctly, the bold should cover the name of the character, the colon shoud not be bold and then the text should be regular.
    4. When submitting guest stars please do not add a full stop after Dr, Mrs, Mr etc. as it is not needed.
    5. If you are adding an allusion, trivia or note which refers to another show, you must make the name of that show italic. This is a rule. For example, you can submit "John Howard once did the same thing on Always Greener".
    6. Notes relate to the Production element of the Show, such as where it was filmed, crew etc
    7. Trivia relates to facts about the Cast, the story, goofs,or other miscellanous notes about the show. (PM me if unsure) e.g. The Sherrif says tick tock in this episode, however pendulum clocks were not invented at the time.
    8. Allusions have to be very specific. For instance, it has to be pretty obvious that the character is referring to a song, novel, historical fact tocorrectly allude. Quotes from the episode are acceptable as allusions, but if you are unsure please PM me to discuss.


    1. Firstly, please try and get along. Don't post inflamatory remarks about other users or start flaming another user. The forums are a plce for ALL users to discuss their opinions and everyone has a right to an opnion.
    2. This is a forum rule - no fan-fiction is allowed to be posted in the forums. If you must have an idea or fiction either place it in your blog or on a website designed for fan-fiction.
    3. Always check if there has been another topic posted before you start a new one. Try using the Forum search to locate a previous topic. I will close duplicate topic, please let me know if you see multiple topics.

    If any of these rules are not met your submission will be rejected. If you unsure about something you wish to submit, feel free to PM me first.



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