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Why did BBC kill Robin Hood? (I will never understand it)

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    [1]Oct 25, 2011
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    Robin Hood was brilliant. The fact BBC canceled this gem of a series remains an evil mystery to me. I cherish my DVDs and have recently been re-watching the series chronologically. Just finishing the second season today, I was again struck by how amazing this series truly was and still is. The writing was top notch, the cast extremely strong, the premise a perfect combination for a great long term storyline. Unlike a lot of series aimed at family viewing, RH was never dumbed down or resorted to foolery for the sake of laughs. I often see RH compared to other shows or said to be 'not as good as', and frankly I disagree. RH stood out in it's own light, it was better crafted than any other BBC program. It's not even a decade old and already it is a classic.

    When BBC canceled RH they claimed it "had reached it's natural conclusion", anyone who actually watched the series would know this was not the case. The last 3 episodes of this series were a setup so it could continue. Finished as the plot arc of Robin/Guy/Marian, and Alan had died, but there was still plenty left worth telling. One more season would have saw Archer take up Robin's bow as Sherwood's new 'Hood'. The series could have gone on, and I even suspect it would have if aired directly in the U.S. It's a shame to see a great series like RH get shelved while other less blessed creative works go on and on. Why did BBC kill Robin Hood? (I will never understand it).

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    [2]Nov 30, 2011
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    I know bummer!!! Like it wasn't over you guys. Archer was awesome. Why are tv folks such morons?

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