Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 8

Get Carter!

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 24, 2007 on BBC

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  • Someone comes after Robin.

    So, I feel like this episode had some good moments, but it was also really repetitive. Marion was really annoying and her 'grieving' was just stupid, she did have a point about not wanting to just blindly follow Robin, but her being reckless didn't help. I liked the part where she kissed Gisbon because they are good together. I know she is 'destined' to be with Robin, but they are a very annoying couple. I also don't like how the outlaws are never given any lines of importance, I swear Djac didn't say a word the whole episode. Carter's character was actually really good, but Robin's cheap psychology he employed on him was mundane. I wanted to like this episode but it was just really bland and really how many times can they use the whole not really dead thing?
  • A classic Robin Hood, I feel the series is finnaly getting back on the track of the first season!!

    Lovely episode.
    A spy/assasin infiltrates Robin's gang under false pretenses, but reveals his true side and him and robin battle it out and then, in the end, decide to both go after the sheriff together.
    The bickering between Marian and Robin is back, but personally i felt that Marian was quite annoying throughout the entire episode because she was constantly pulling stupid stunts and acting thick-headed.
    but the scene between her and Little John was quite nice, you finnaly get to see a bit more of john, which hasnt been the case this season.
    And theres a little bit more abour allan and his uncertainty to which side he likes better, i still cant quite tll if he will be returning to Robins gang or not.
    Overall, it was a clever episode, but i feel as though its only goal was to fill in space, but whith such short season, i dont think it should be very hard to come up with more pivots in the series.
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