Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 9

Lardner's Ring

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 01, 2007 on BBC

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  • This is why I love Much.

    Thank you Much for realizing getting honey is not a two man job, it's just not and never will be, finally someone has realized Djaq and Will are always together. This is why I appreciate Much he notices the little things. But back to business, why can't love prevail if it's not something it's something else, just as Robin and Marian seem to be sailing into the sunset a hurricane comes and washes that sentiment away; though I have to admit when I hear that marriage plan I was kind of thinking not going to happen, the marriage plan was like a really long shopping list with your favorite treat at the bottom and the store's closing in ten minutes. Exactly when did they want to get married? Did they actually think they could clear that list in a few days? Sorry Robby not this time better luck tomorrow.
  • All that for a pigeon.

    This episode was a nice rebound after the last three episodes which have been really average and tedious. There were some actual funny moments in this episode which is a nice return to the comedy that drew me into this show. Much's speech about euphemisms was really funny and it is nice to see them actually begin to do something with the whole Djac/Will story line. The guest star who played the fool was also really funny and he played his part well. Instead of being annoying like many of the guest stars have recently been he was good and added some dimension to the show. Now to the plot, I do think that Robin's plan to go get the pigeon and taking Marion (when one of the other outlaws would of been so much better of an idea) was stupid but it lead to a dramatic conclusion, so I am willing to let it go. I also like how this episode was Guy's birthday and everything ended up going very wrong for him. I really like how Marion ends up going back with him at the end even though he really needs to stop falling for her act, but as time goes on it seems like Marion does have some conflicting feelings for Guy even though she thinks she belongs with Robin. Also the intro scene where the guy uses his fake leg as a pulley was so ridiculous, but in a good way.
  • Robin and Marian meet a "dead end" A little more is implied about the relationship between Djaq and Will The gang have a new hope and a new character is introduced?

    Overall, this episode was really a great turning point for all of the charecters
    the writers opened up a bit more about the relationship between Djaq and Will, so for all you die hard WILL/DJAQ fans out there, this might be your lucky break as they may have just set down the stones to a new storyline between them
    Robin and Marian find themselves trapped up a tree, Marian has to talk Robin into using her as a hostage as their only hope of getting free, which was, overall effective, and was great for seeing more of the Gisbone/marian relationship and what lengths he will go to get her new character is introduced, hopefully he will be permanent cuz he was really funny and endearing and its becuz of him that our hero is still alive
    Finally there is more in this episode than just Marian and Robin
    you get to see plenty of scenes w/o them and just thegang
    it was quite refreshing :)
    and now we have hope that the king might return and end the sheriffs plot, but does that mean that this is the last season?