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  • Finally a great adventure show for the whole family

    I sat down to watch this show late one night not knowing if I would like it. You see I quit watching TV shows. There just isn't anything on TV that is Family Friendly anymore. Cussing, sex, and rude drama is everywhere even in the commercials. As a mother of a 13 year old boy, this is just not what I want him to see. So I set out to Pre-watch shows so that I know that he can and can not watch.

    I watched the whole series, all three seasons, in two days! I was instantly addicted to the the story plots, actors, and the adventure! This has truly become one of my all time favorites! I aim to buy the series to have for my family to keep at home! I know my son is safe with this show!

    I send a big thank you to all those associated in creating and making this wonderful show. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for not giving in to the hipe and creating this breath taking spectacular show! You proved... beyond a can make a great adventure/drama/romance show while keeping it clean!

  • A Cruel Reminder for Producers...

    to cast actors who use their brains. Clearly, the lead was not thinking right when he decided to leave the show... no one in their right mind would leave a successful show in the middle of it's successful run. seriously? WTF
  • Robin Hood has been identified.

    For those interested in history Robin Hood has been identified thanks to two researchers Rob and David who discovered a pardon for him in the Public Record Office at Kew. Contemporary to Robin was John Gisbourne who was the hated Lord Mayor of York at the time of the Peasants Revolt.

    You can read about it here.

  • i LOVED this show and regardless of what many has said about the ending of the show i still say its better than what it could have been...


    non the less the show was on its way to "death" and i believe its better that they ended it as they did while it was still-kinda-good rather than dragging it more, at least we got a good ending. whether they make a 4th season with archer as the new robin or not, we know that the original one ended in a good way. these days we're truly lucky that the story did end and not just cancel the show all of a sudden with a cliffhanger like half the shows out there.

  • Started out strong and just died...

    Honestly, the show was great... but how many times can they break in and out of the castle before it gets old... and honestly, half the reason I watched the show was to see Marian, who was slammin hot... and they just off her in season 2???? WHAT?

    After that the show just kind of got too boring and formulaic for me...

    If you want predictable and methodic week to week storytelling without any real advancement in the story accompanied by new characters who become more annoying with every episode... (yes, I'm referring to the new blond girl they brought in... who was annoying before she became a regular and is even moreso every time she opens her mouth...) then watch the show... otherwise, don't waste your time... this show had its day, and the writers gave it an arrow through the heart when they offed Marian.
  • It's a great show. Those who like

    It's a great show. Those who like medieval ages it is certainly a must to be watch TV show. Though it did not have a happy-ending but hey this is the close to historical fact and that's whats made the show a great one. Though I doubt the death of Marian in Acre. It made me sad to watch both Marian and Robin sis not met their desire to marry each other in the lifetime. Thanks to the production house for a clean family TV show (unlike thew other shows in 90's like robin hood, Sindbad, Hercules, Xena where showing of the cleavages seems a medieval fashion! ) I request BBC to show more of this kind of tv show with such integrity.
  • Amazing at the beginning

    This was one of toughs shows where it started amazing, I loved it every episode. The characters where really fun and Jonas Armstrongs portrayal of robin hood was really well done abit of a witty action hero. I really enjoyed there very true-full and historic telling of a story as infamous as Robin hood. It was a shame that it got over looked during season 3. I didn't understand how BBC let a show like this slip under the radar like it did. the first 2 seasons where the best I loved the hole crusade references, and the fighting is top notch with the sword fighting.
  • Really worth watching!

    I loved this show during it's series 1 and 2. I enjoyed the group dynamic, loved the Robin/Marian love story, was excited every time someone used his catchphrase and loved to hate the Sheriff of Nottingham. After the series 2 finale, I was surprised to see them make another series (half of the main characters died or left), but was really disappointed with the third series. The new characters - especially Kate - never grew on me. Although I do have to give some credit to Tuck, Him I liked :)
    Overall the series is great and really worth watching!
  • if you know the actual story just watch seasons 1 & 2, don't bother with season 3

    i can understand making some things different but they changed too much. it was so well written, i can't believe they felt that they needed to change things so much. i watched season 3 hoping that the season finale of season 2 was a heat stroke induced hallucination but it wasn't. the third season was not bad until they decided to make everyone related. i can't stand that, it is such a tired cliche. it was so annoying especially because we know the source material. if they were going to go that route they should have just called the show something else, not robin hood.
  • Sir Robin of Locksley comes home from the Crusades to see he has not left the war. Sir Vasey,sheriff of Nottingham has taken charge since Robin has left and turned Nottingham into a vile place. Robin is an outlaw after he saves his people from death.

    Yet another great show from the people at BBC. This is a great renewal of the legend of Robin Hood. It follows the story line of the legend and captures it in a modern twist. It is the perfect amount of everything: humor, drama, romance and lots of real live action and many twists... This show is perfect for a family. It is a show that everyone can sit down in front of and just simply enjoy. The characters and their personalities will definitely catch your attention, and you will fall in love with one or the other. The actors portray there characters perfectly. This show is a growing favorite around the world. Though, it comes to no surprise to me...
  • Great show with a great cast! Follows the adventures of Robin Hod and his Merry Men!

    Following the adventures of Robin Hood and his merry men. What a breath of fresh air! This show has excellent writing, great acting and exciting action! I just discovered this show and I love it! Its becoming one of my favorite shows. Jonas armstrong makes a great Robin Hood! Its very rare that shows like this come around that are actually good. The production is awesome the characters are very well developed I hope this show is on for a long time! The BBC is developing shows that are better then anything we have over here on network tv! Robin Hood is back!
  • One of the best shows I have seen!

    This series is taking Robin Hood to a whole new level of awsome!! I haven't seen any other robin hood movies or series but I know the story and this series tells it so wonderfully! You must watch this. every time I watch this show I just can't take my eyes off the tv, there is never a dull momment! It is so good that I wish that we didn't have to wait a week in between episodes. Can you feel the excitement of the show!? I can discribe this show as, amazing, fabulous, entertaining, and extremly interesting,a great twist to an old story!!
  • One of my favourite shows...I actually only watched it for one person....but then i found out it was good even with that certain person!

    So..its a modern take on Robin Hood,trying to update it but keep it stuck too its original roots.This show always kept me on my toes and I never got bored of it.The deaths in the series (not giving any away) were all a shock to me except one..which i saw coming a mile off! but besides that I think this show was the best on BBC and its a shame it ended.OKay so they had some sentences that really didn't fit the timeline "What are you Locksley..Lord of the dance?" yeah sure...but it doesn't matter! the acting's good,the script funny as well as exciting and overall a really good show. (Guys good too!)
  • Series 3 the best yet! a tremendous action adventure show with all the trimmings of a classic

    I am emotionally crippled by the Series 3 finale! I haven't cried as much at a T.V programme in a long time! The emotion came from knowing the characters from day 1, (being the avid watcher I am!) I have watched these characters develop (especially Much) and you feel you're going through everything with them.
    The story lines for Series 3 have been absolutely phenomenal compared to the last series! As much as it kills me to say it, Series 2 was not as great as it could have been, but series 3 has raised the bar! An utter triumph!
    I wasn't too keen on the Irish storyline from episode two it did not really develop or go anywhere or the silly love story with Kate and all the boys in the gang in episode 9 - (a bit silly) but the last 4 episodes were breathtaking.The introduction of Archer was the best thing about this series.That gorgeous hunk is precisely what RH was missing (a bit of Errol Flinn) The actor who plays Archer is electric and I'm sure is going to be a huge he the real deal and a fab actor and a great addition to the gang..If not there new leader!!!!!! both my daughters and i think he is very hunky and my son thinks he is "so much cooler than robin"
  • Fantastic

    This is one of my favourite shows and i don't even really know why. I don't mean this in a bad way just that i don't know what it is about it that i love. The storylines are good and the characters are great. The actors are also amazing, especially Jonas Armstrong who makes a great Robin Hood. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing him and if they did it wouldn't be the same. Maybe that's what i like lol. Keith Allen is also a very good Sheriff. I think all the characters interact in a believable way and characters added halfway through series seem to fit in straight away. Basically, i don't know what i'd do if this wasn't on for me to watch on a Saturday night (everyone knows there's never anything on on a Saturday lol)
  • the legend returns, w/a modern attitude. robin of locksley returns home from the crusades to find the sheriff of nottingham has been persecuting the good citizens of england. the legend of robin hood is born!

    great incarnation of the robin hood story! robin and his gang fight side by side against the evil sheriff of nottingham and his lackey sir gus of gisboune. marion secretly assists robin from the inside and is also maquerading as the "night watchman". others in robins gang are much, robin's servant, john little, will scarlett, allan-a-dale and djaq. the sheriff is plotting to assassinate king richard and take conrol of england alongside richard's evil brother. robin and the gang do everything in their power to prevent the sheriff's plan from happpening. along the eay one of the gang "sells his soul to the devil" and informs on them to the sir guy and the sheriff. he's cast out and officially works for the sheriff. eventually he realizes the mistake he made and makes amends, but trust is not so easily regained. in my opinion, the best character in the series happens to be sir guy, yeah hes a villan, but a complicated character. he's also in love with marion and will do anything to marry her. his love is real, not some ploy to trap robin, we see how his heart breaks when marion rejects him. richard armitage does an amazing job with the character! makes you almost want to root for the bad guy. his obsession with marion culminates at the end of s2 when at marion's final rejection and profession of her true love for robin, guy stabs marion, killing her. s3 will begin shortly and from what i hear, it's a vengeful robin that we'll see. the love of his life is gone forever and stand back cause it's not gonna be pretty. some new characters to fill the void of departing ones. i have high hopes.
  • Pure entertainment.

    Sure, this show is a little on the cheesy side. But I love it anyway. Which is why I classify it as a guilty pleasure. The storylines aren't excellent, but the intent is always fun. The interplay between the characters is a joy to watch, and really, isn't that what its all about. This show is mainly gauged towards a younger crowd, with the modern-day refrences thrown in for the adults. Personally, I think we could do without those. I believe that entertainment should be used to get us out of our head space, and relax for an hour or so. So, if you want to have a little fun with some misfits in a forest, leave your worries at the door and sit down with Robin and his gang in this new modern take on Robin Hood. Its all good clean fun!
  • I waited too long to watch this and I am sad, hopeful, lightened, disturbed, torn, loving, and so much more for this beloved series.

    As I said, I had to wait a good long time to watch this episode. I waited and waited and I thought, though I knew what was to come, if I postponed it- it might have never happened. I was so horribly wrong. It's late and I shouldn't have watched it but I did. And it has changed me. I am usually a staunch Guy and Marian shipper. I always see hope for this pairing- unconvential though it may be. After this episode, no way.

    Well, for the most part no way, some clever people have found ways around what Guy did. As of this moment I cannot. To me what he did was unredeemable. To me his 'love' was nothing more than confused and misguided sadistic lust. Ewwww! (*Although Richard Armitage turned in a bloody good performance! Give the man an EMMY!) The love between Marian and Robin, especially on Mar's part, was classic! I mean Shakespeare tragedy-Baz Lurhman classic! I just...yeah, no words. I loved the way you knew it was going to end but you kept hoping and you were crying (C'mon lads admit you were cry'n just as much as the girls...) and wow! Anyway...

    I loved Sam Troughton, Gordon Kennedy (*As always...), Harry Llyod (*Uh...WOW!), Anjali Jay, Joe Armstrong (*Did he get cuter?), and of course: Lucy Griffiths, Jonas Armstrong, and Keith Allen (*This guy would have been a wonderful Buffy villian.). Oh, and yes, loved Carter. With this Series done, I do hope I can wait till Series 4. Till then, today is not a good day to die.
  • Taking some pointers from the likes of Hercules and Xena, I continue to be amazed every time I see it.

    Who hasn't been fascinated at one time or another by the story of Robin Hood? I grew up watching anything and everything I could that had to do with Robin Hood. For me, the movies were the only way to see the stories of Robin Hood. That is until now. BBCA have brought another great TV series to American cable television. I saw the season finale from the first season on accident but was instantly attracted to the story, the characters and thought the actors did an excellent job portraying Robin Hood and his merry men (and women). Now, during its second season, I watch the current episode and then I can't wait for the next. I hope this series will be around for a while and if the quality is any indication then it will be.
  • This is one of my favourite shows and i can't wait until the new season in October! And Jonas Armstrong being so hunky is just an added bonus!! :P

    This show is a great combination of interesting characters, brilliant action scenes, breathtaking romance and funny one-liners (particularly from the Sheriff!) The first season was absolutely captivating and i found myself not being able to wait for Saturday nights!

    Usually with shows like this the first season will be amazing, and it was, and then the second season is not as good, but that didn't happen with Robin Hood. The second season was just as action-packed and wonderful as the first and i was really pleased with it (except for the ending which is the only reason that i haven't given this show 10/10 :( )

    The BBC have put a modern spin on the whole tale of Robin Hood, sometimes very successfully e.g. the fiesty, independent and extremely capeable Marian (a great female role-model) and the sadistic and sarcastic but absolutely hilarious Sheriff of Nottingham.

    However the modernisation was sometimes not very successful, e.g. the too modern costumes and the incorrect weapons but who really cares about that stuff? I know i don't because this show has a lot to offer. It is a great family show and i just can't get enough of it. Season three will hopefully also be worth watching! Roll on October :D
  • Robin Hood in a new setting.

    I don't know why BBC America always sucks me in with shows that are just good enough for me to love. The first time I watched the show I really didn't like the hokey action scenes, the corny lines and the horribly anachronistic clothing and the Sheriff who is more laughable than evil, but the show really grew on me after I watched more episodes. I really liked the addition of Djac's character who brought an interesting perspective on the addition of the Crusades to the storyline. I think a lot of the strength of this show comes from the supporting characters. I love Guy and think he deserves a chance because he really isn't that bad and I think him and Marian have really nice chemistry together that her and Robin lack. I don't like how in the second season she is content just to sit in Robin's back pocket. I love Big John, Much, Will and Alan and I love all the episodes that develop their characters and back stories. I hope they finally explore the relationship between Will and Djac more with the progression of the second season (I'm only halfway through).
    The overall effect of this show is a little corny, but it is really good and they incorporate modern problems into the past really well.
  • I love, love, love this show!!

    This was one of my favorite shows from the first eppisode I watched of it. I was looking for a show to watch for the summer and I saw that this was going to be playing, and I gave it a try. Trust me, it was worth it! I would tell anyone that likes tv at all to watch it. It's got drama, and it's got some lines that include comedy. So it really is just a great combination. I just love it, I can't really put my finger on exactly why either, usually I'm not into shows like this but this one I can't get enough of!
  • A nice find.

    I stumbled across this series while looking through the "BBC America on Demand" menu. The last two episodes of season two were available as a lead-in to the start of season three. I watched both episodes and now I'm hooked. I like the look and feel of the series, the music, and the chemistry among the characters. The writing is very well done and the actors are all wonderful. The sheriff is ruthless but so funny it's almost hard to hate him. Robin is smart and heroic, with a streak of arrogance to keep him human. Marion, stubborn and devoted to her father (and, of course, Robin), fights with the best of them. Great series.
  • Didn't expect for it to be entertaining.

    When I first saw this on air, I thought it would be another corny old fashion TV Show. Well, it didn't quite turn out to be so. Robin Hood wasn't as cheesy or clumsy like the previous shows and films. It was dramatic, fun and supsensful. I was a little surprised that the show was a bit violent and that's when I realized that it wasn't some kid show. I didn't know if Robin Hood had special effects or if they were so d*mn good that I didn't notice them. After seeing the episode I first saw (I don't know which one), I started to watch from the beginning of Season One. The first few were pretty boring but as it went on, it started to However I ended up stopping because of Prison Break and LOST. I wouldn't mind keep watching but I had to have some time to do my usual work and free time so I ended up giving up Robin Hood.

    All together, Robin Hood is cool but it wasn't good enough for me to continue to watch.

    That was my review for "Robin Hood".
  • This is a new spin on an old tale; written for women by women.

    This show has really improved this second season. It has found its footing in an old tale, decided which story it wants to relate. Robin Hood has a great cast: wonderfully rich villains, anti-heroes, strong heroines, and delightful protagonists. There are a lot of things going for this series; it is funny, charming, with genuine heart to it.

    The writing has improved and so has the characterisation over the past season. It is a show that is only getting better with time. Even though I disagree with some of its plot-decisions, the writers and producers have still always made each episode a delight to watch.

    Despite all this, it is still a show that I'd only recommend to a certain segment of my friends. It is really a show written for women. Yes there are action sequences (it is Robin Hood afterall) but its main focus has always been on the characters. I love this show and I know others who'd love it as well but it isn't for everyone.
  • Who doesn't love robin hood?

    It took me some time to get used to... It's a totally new take on a old tale. Everybody knows Robin Hood, his merry-men and lady Marian. There are a lot of movies, shows and of course the disney version. But in this one it is the same and totally diffrent. Everybody is there but the merry-men are called outlaws en Marian has a lot more action then we are used to see.

    Personally I like it.. I like how they portray Robin he's a little cocky sometimes, but he still has the heart of gold we are used to see. And his sidekick I just find amusing. I know some people will disagree with me, but I like the character Much even tough you don't see it, he's very important to Robin and the story that's been told. As for the outlaws, not only are they better to look at they ar all amazing actors with good storylines. You have (not so)Little John, with a wife and a son he had to leave behind when he fled in to the forest, Will whom Robin saves from hanging with Alan, who later turns on Robin for money (another great storyline) and djaq who comes in as a slave and stays behind to fight for peace and is amazing with medicine....
    And (of course) the sheriff, he's as evil as can be. He only cares for money and power. He will kill everyone, for no reason at all. But he's just one of those characters you love to hate. I personally love that he's says all the time: A It's so funny. And then you have Guy of Gisborne. He's the character you first completly hate, and then you get to see a little bit of un actual human being in him. And then he crushes that for you by killing someone or betraying someone and you hate him all over again. As for Marian, I think it's nice that she has more character than she normally does, but I don't really like lucy griffiths, and the storyline guy-marian I never liked...

    The show itselfs has amazing episodes, and the last one 'We are Robin Hood'. It's just one of those episodes in which you want to know the end, en wish it was over. And when it's over you only want to see more ...

    Personaly I don't know how they are going to portray season 3, with the death of Marian en the staying behind of Djaq and Will. I quess I will have to wait and see, until then I'm glad I got it on DVD so at least I can enjoy this two seasons of amazing acting, crazy storylines and loveable characters.....
  • A new spin on an old tale. Awesome. (review contains Season Two spoilers)

    I only started watching Robin Hood in the last six or so episodes of Season Two on the BBC, but loved what I saw. I went out and bought Season One of Robin Hood and I'm currently watching three episodes a night XD
    Everything about this show is fantastic, from the scripts and the acting, to the scenery and costumes. I have no idea what's going through Guy's head most of the time though: "I love I'll run her through with a sword". Yeah, smooth move. I really hope that Marian isn't dead (and, judging that she has apparently been brought back for Season Three, she may not be) because she is an excellent character. She is female, yet powerful.
    The Sheriff is the funniest character in my opinion. His sadistic sense of humour has me laughing most episodes, mainly because his sense of humour is so obscure.
    I'm interested in watching some more of Season One so that I can see what happens between Marian and Guy. I take it that something goes wrong because I've seen a clip of him burning down her house :P
  • Absolutely awful abandon all hope

    I cant quite describe how much i hate this show.
    the modern haircuts.
    the modern political comment transposed to the time of the crusades.
    the refusal of robin to kill anyone thus making it safe for kids and ensuring that regular villians will return week in week out.
    The acting is truly pathetic(aside from kieth allen)
    the young hip and trendy over gelled cast dont suspend my disbelief for one second.They simply look like modern 10th rate drama students playing in the forest.
    Before the first series was broadcast there was a newspaper story that the master tapes had been stolen while filming in europe.
    Its is a shame that the tapes were found as this is a weak minded ,simple fool of a tv show
  • Every episode is full of action, adventure and drama. The cast makes this show work!

    The best Robin Hood show there has been. It's better than all the movies and other series, unbeatable. The cast are amazing and make this show work. The cast attractive a very wide range of audiance. It has action, adventure, drama, romance, humour everything a show needs. One of the best shows on Television at the moment. When series 3 comes out i don't know whether it will be as good without Marian. Even so it will still be amazing.

    The series covers a wide variety of different tasks for the outlaws to overcome. While doing this it stays very much along the lines of how Robin Hood is portrayed. ( as a heroic man who gives to the poor ) Following these lines.

    I hope you all agree with me. I personally think it is the best program on television, but the ratings don't appear to agree.
  • We are Robin Hood! Wow what an episode. God I loved all the sad parts. And Robin returning to the Holy Land, really nice for a serie finaly. It looks like Will, Djak, Marion and Carter won't be there for serie 3, what a shame.

    I am Angry!!! Wow could they let Marion die. This is the stor of Robin Hood and his love for her. It's like killing Robin in Robin of Sherwood. I was really really angry about that. I kind of love the triangle between her, Robin and Guy. A part from that disapointing part I rather thought this was one of the best episodes yet and I can't wait to see next serie. Wow. finally we got to see who was King Richard and Robin returning to the Holy Land was really nice. I loved the whole wedding parts. My eyes were like a river when she died. I certainly hope Marion isn't really dead. And Gisbourne... well ... if she is dead I hope Robin will make an exception in his no-killing thing and kill him or at least make him pay for it all. Carter shouldn't have died, this was a terrible waste. He could have been a merry man for a while but noooo, he had to go and get himself stupidly killed. The end was a bit fast but enjoyable. we didn't really see Marion get buried did we. And I also heard that she might have signed for another serie, is this true?
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