Robin Hood

BBC (ended 2009)


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  • Started out strong and just died...

    Honestly, the show was great... but how many times can they break in and out of the castle before it gets old... and honestly, half the reason I watched the show was to see Marian, who was slammin hot... and they just off her in season 2???? WHAT?

    After that the show just kind of got too boring and formulaic for me...

    If you want predictable and methodic week to week storytelling without any real advancement in the story accompanied by new characters who become more annoying with every episode... (yes, I'm referring to the new blond girl they brought in... who was annoying before she became a regular and is even moreso every time she opens her mouth...) then watch the show... otherwise, don't waste your time... this show had its day, and the writers gave it an arrow through the heart when they offed Marian.