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Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 2

Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 14, 2006 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Little John and his band of outlaws are proving a difficult problem to overcome for Robin and his men. The Sheriff retaliates against the Robin's defection by threatening the people of Locksley. Robin is given a choice: Surrender or allow the people of Locksley to suffer.

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  • This could be so much better. New Director required?

    So I noticed that in British TV shows side characters tend to just stay around looking stupid as long as the focus of a scene is on the main character. And this really bothers me. I also didn't like the fact that 20 soldiers of the sheriff were not able to deal with 7 mostly untrained outlaws. This was so ridiculous.

    And then the part with the rope Little John had to hold so Robin could have his hero-like entrance near the end of the episode. What was that for anyway? He could have just climbed down like any other person.

    On the other hand I really enjoy the British accent and I'm generally a Robin Hood fan and this show definitely has potential. I hope it will get better within the next couple of episodes.

    + British accent

    + funny sidekick(s)

    + we get to know some of the 'gang'

    + Little John's wife can really sing

    - annoying music (use of soundtrack)

    - too much focus on how 'cool' Robin is and his non-killing policy

    - acting sucks as soon as people are in the background of a scene

    - really bad child actor as Little John IImoreless
  • Mostly good with some bad. There's enough good to make it worth watching though.

    The Good...

    It shows how much Robin cares about the people.

    Amusing. I liked that Marian wanted to help out Robin.

    The "Robin Wood" conversation, now that he lives in the woods.

    The merry men robbing Robin. It's how they lived before. No reason to treat him different.

    John Junior being called "Little John."

    The Bad...

    John's sudden personality changes. He went how many years without seeing his wife? He abandoned her as far as I'm concerned. He didn't even know they had a kid. Then he sees her almost lose her tongue and suddenly he wants to help her. He seems to do the same for Robin. He sees quite clearly that Robin is a good guy, but he still doesn't want to rescue Robin. Then he suddenly does because John Junior says Robin is a good guy.

    Robin's threat to the Sheriff seems kind of silly when he's made a huge point that he won't kill. Sure, he gave a demonstration that he will if needed, that was needlessly fake, but he left the evidence that it was fake. Also, what is there to possibly stop the Sheriff from just hiring someone to do the disfiguring and killing for him? He could even hire someone to do the hiring so that if the killer gets caught, he can't name the Sheriff.moreless
  • It's cool.

    The stage has been set, the sides in the conflict are prepared that this episode did a nice job of displaying. In just a matter of twenty minutes, Robin found his Merry Men in a rather bizarre way; being tied up by same said men, freeing themselves, tying them up, and then getting tied up again. A weird series of sequences, not one I thought was particularly productive nor amusing. Although it tried conveying the nature of the Merry Men before they became Merry Men, the execution felt a bit off there. Which outlines the greatest flaw of the episode; it didn't grab you.

    The episode redeemed itself in the second half being a bit more intense. Such as Robin Hood getting captured, refusing freedom even though it was granted to him, so you had the feeling that he had some grant scheme up his sleeve, although you wouldn't suspect he would be relying on his new Merry Men to rescue him. Although the episode isn't bad, it isn't particularly excelling in any one area. Not bad, but not great either.moreless
  • Good episode!

    This episode of "Robin Hood" was good. It is about Robin and his merry men getting captured by Little John's group. Little John takes them to the sheriff but sees that the sheriff is about to cut his wife's tognue off. Robin saves her and lets the sheriff take him away to Nottinham Castle. Little John then wants to save Robin for saving his wife's life. The group saves Robin and escape unharmed. That is the end of this episode. The all become friends at the end and now Robin Hood's merry men are stronger and ready for battle! The End.moreless
  • Energetic, Entertaining, Adventurous

    I am really enjoying this new show. (New to us Stateside) I love the way the characters play off eachother. Their quarrels are energetic in this episode, and of course that is very entertaining. I enjoy the way that Little John and Robin's men are weary of eachother at the end of this episode, but begin to form an alliance. I think that Robin's character is spot on as far as the acting goes, he can be passionate as well as quirky, witty and fun. I think that the writers show great insight when they allow a few humorous lines to get through when the characters are in a sticky situation. This is such a fun and adventurous drama and I am riveted by it. I look forward to new and exciting episodes.moreless
Clem Tibber

Clem Tibber

Little John jnr.

Guest Star

John Wark

John Wark

Chief Sheriff's Man

Guest Star

Sean Murray (II)

Sean Murray (II)

Dan Scarlett

Guest Star

Michael Elwyn

Michael Elwyn

Sir Edward

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When the Sheriff is threatening Robin that time is ticking away, he makes a "tick-tock" sound. Pendulum clocks were not invented until the mid 1600's so it would be impossible for someone in the mid eleventh century to recognise the sound with it's meaning.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • (Sheriff wakes up and sees his potential attacker is Robin.)
      Sheriff: Why can it never be a beautiful woman?

    • (Alice is singing to Little John)

      Alice: Have you ever kissed a boy called John? For if you've never kissed a boy called John, you don't know what you've missed.

      (Little John outside the window sighs)

    • Robin: (After Robin proves to the Sheriff that he can kill) You overestimate my conscience. Now do precisely as I say, were going to the tower.

    • Much: (Robin asks Roy for help) Why him when you love me?

    • Roy: Are you deaf, we don't go to Nottingham.
      John Little: We go to Nottingham.

    • Will Scarlett: If Robin dies then the people of Locksley will be just like you.
      Outlaw: What do you mean like us?
      Will Scarlett: They will have nothing to left to live for, they'll be dead men.

    • Much: Forgive me, but he is most impressive.
      Marian: He was caught after one day, does that impress you?
      Much: He gave himself up to save tongues.

    • Much: Let's go.
      Robin: Godspeed.
      Much: What?
      Robin: You have served me well my friend and I have lead you to this, apologies.
      Much: No.
      Robin: Go, I will find a way through this.
      Much: The Sheriff will hang you.
      Robin: If he does, at least I will not die a dead man.

    • Guard 1: Robin, He'll never be the master of anywhere now.
      Guard 2: Master of Sherwood.
      Guard 1: Robin of the wood.
      Guard 2: I like that Robin of the wood.

    • Much: (As Robin and his boys have the outlaws surrounded) This is our forest too, I think you'll find.

    • Robin: (to the Sheriff of Nottingham) Yesterday in Locksley, you revealed your true colours. Today, I reveal mine. You were right, I have lost my taste for bloodshed. But if you ever callously or needlessly hurt anyone as a way of getting to me, if you cut out a tongue or brand an arm or even so much as pluck the hair of an innocent person to get to me, in the name of King Richard, so help me, I will kill you.

    • Much: Master, no. You cannot go back in there. If you go back in and die, then I will die. Of grief. So you must come now, if only to save me.
      Robin: See, that is why I love you.

    • (Marian visits Robin in his cell)
      Marian: You are an utter fool!
      Robin: You said that already.
      Marian: Oh, you listened? I also told you confronting the Sheriff wouldn't work. You didn't listen to that!
      Robin: I did not have much choice.
      Marian: Oh, everything's a choice. Everything we do. Grow up.
      Robin: I prevented unjust hangings. I protected people from my village.
      Marian: That will make your death romantic.
      Robin: It would make it honourable!
      Marian: Honourable? And what about the people you were so honourably protecting? Who will protect them when you're dead? Oh! What is it with men and glory? Glory above sense and above reason?
      Robin: It is principle.
      Marian: Principle is making a difference and you can't do that if you're dead. You could have stayed here in the first place instead of following your King to the Holy Land if you'd cared so much about your precious people. But you didn't. You chose war. You chose glory.
      Robin: What is this about?
      Marian: It is about you saying that you care about the people of Locksley when the truth is you ran off to battle thousands of miles away.

    • Guy of Gisborne: I would be pleased if you would come and visit me at Locksley now that it's mine.
      Marian: I do not know.
      Guy of Gisborne: I have ambitions which are greater of course, you know that. But for now, to have land once more in the Gisborne name… my father would be proud.
      Marian: I am very glad for you.
      Guy of Gisborne: Some of my men, I know this for a fact, used to laugh at my title. 'Guy of Gisborne' when there was no Gisborne.
      Marian: And Locksley is your Gisborne?
      Guy of Gisborne: Yes, actually. I am intent on changing its name.
      Marian: Does changing a name really make a difference?
      Guy of Gisborne: When a woman marries, she changes her name. It makes a difference.
      Marian: And what of Robin?
      Guy of Gisborne: What of Robin?
      Marian: He will contest your acquisition of his lands, surely.
      Guy of Gisborne: He will die.
      Marian: If he's found guilty.
      Guy of Gisborne: There's no need for a trial. He will hang in the morning.
      Marian: There must be a trial, it is the law!
      Guy of Gisborne: Yeah, but he is an outlaw. You see, in these straightened times, the Sheriff has made special provision. Outlaws are classed as enemies of war. Thus we can hold them without trial…
      Marian: No.
      Guy of Gisborne: …and we can execute them without trial.
      Marian: No! It cannot be.
      Guy of Gisborne: We're at war.
      Marian: Yes, in the Holy Land. That does not mean we dispense with justice here.

    • Robin: I do not know why Englishmen travel two thousand miles to fight evil when the real cancer is right here.

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: You're a renowned marksman with a bow. You saw me about to excise a tongue or two. You could have shot me. Why didn't you?
      Robin: You had men everywhere. I had only a few. We were outnumbered.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes, well, that may be true. But… you gave yourself up.
      Robin: I care about those people, my people, more than I care about myself. You would not understand.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: That's not the point. Do you want to know what the point is?
      Robin: No.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: The point is you care more about my life than you do about your own.
      Robin: No.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Then why didn't you kill me? Surely you must have known that I would see you executed. Have you lost your nerve? Have you lost your taste for blood? Robin of Locksley, honoured for his service in the King's private guard. How many men did you kill in the Holy Land, I wonder? Yet here were are, in Locksley, people that you love very much in trouble and you have the chance to shoot me, but you don't take it.
      Robin: I would kill you in an instant.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Well, maybe, if that was the only way to prevent bloodshed. But… it wasn't the only way, was it? You didn't have to kill me because you could sacrifice yourself. And that is what you did.
      Robin: You think of me what you will. If I am to hang tomorrow, it makes no difference.

    • Robin: That was a cruel game to play.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Game? You don't understand. You do not play games with me. You made a mistake in Nottingham, trying to be the peasants' hero.
      Robin: Well, why don't you be the peasants' hero and show me how it's done?
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Shall we have a meeting in the morning to discuss it? A clue: no. In the morning, you shall hang.

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: It is unfortunate. A man goes to war, his spirit can be damaged, his vision blurred, his understanding of law and order. This is what has happened to Robin. I have heard that there are camps in the Holy Land where men are taught to hate their own land, to return home to wreak havoc and destruction. Maybe this is what has happened to Robin? We don't know. But what we do know is, that by his actions in Nottingham, your former master, he did not- as some of the romantics amongst you might believe- strike a blow for freedom. Make no mistake about it, he perverted the course of justice. And in so doing, he attacked the very fabric of our state. Hm? The state that we all work for, the state that we all pay our taxes for. He would rob us of that. Of our taxes, of our hard work.

    • Robin: (to Little John and his tied-up men) You're not Englishmen. You're not the England we fought for. Men who think it is a boast to be dead? What do you think you're doing, robbing him when the Sheriff over there is robbing us all twenty times over! Skulking in the woods, whilst he steals spirits and livelihoods!

    • Much: (to Little John and his tied-up men) You are revolting. You know that? My master and I fought for five years in the Holy Land. For what? So that people like you could run amuck with your lawlessness and your disgusting camp!

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: I have come to visit Robin of Locksley but find him not at home. Perhaps one of you would like to inform me of his whereabouts? He and I need to have a little chat. A conversation. Nobody knows? (to Guy of Gisborne) Nobody knows. Then… there is a reward. Shall we say twenty pounds? And then all of a sudden, somebody does know.

  • NOTES (3)


    • After Robin Hood makes the statement that the real cancer was there in England, the sheriff makes a statement about he hears a dead man talking. This is close to the modern day phrase of Dead Man Walking when a man is on death row and is being led to his execution.