Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 7

Show Me The Money

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 17, 2007 on BBC

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  • Money, love and death

    So this has been one of the better episodes of the season but it is still not that great. This second season has just shown an utter lack of creativity. I feel like the story lines just keep happening again and again and how many times is Marion going to use Guy to distract Robin in order for him to escape or whatever. She clearly has no heart and what she is doing to Guy is just unfair and makes her character very one dimensional. Also, I really don't understand why they even have the outlaws who are such great characters just stand there and do nothing. They are practically objects in every episode. I did enjoy the part where Robin escapes and then when Marion's father died, but this episode lacked excitement. And really who are these incompetent guard at the castle, how many times how the outlaws came in that they can't recognize them?
  • Everything has a price

    By far the most awesome episode yet! Allan's loyalties become questionable to both Robin and Guy. The Pact of Nottingham has been retrieved. Marian and Robin finally admit how they feel (in words). Sir Edward frees himself to steal the pact and then dies!!! Marian goes to live with Robin in the forest! Oh and did i mention that Marian saved Allan's life....from Robin! Now Allan owes her one. There is also a nice side note with the Knight of York trying to free his love from a paid marriage. Overall the deepest and most pivotal episode yet. The only question is now where is it going to go because a lot of ties have been tied off. Will marian stay with robin in the forest? Who will Allan finally side with? Will Sir Edward's death be in vain? Can't wait to find out!
  • Deepest episode yet!

    Marian was torn between her father and robing for a long time because she didnt want to get her father in trouble...or worse. So when he sacrificed himself for england it was really a tearjerker!!!
    Allan is still torn between being a good guy or a bad guy because while being good is the noble thing to do, being on the bad side has benefits
    Djaq finally shows a little more for Allan (woot woot, im on team allan/Djaq rather than will/Djaq, cuz i personally fancy will and dont wanna see him in a tango just yet)
    Robin bares all of his feelings, by trying to kill Allan just to protect Marian and finally coming to terms with Edward
    Overall, this episode was, by far, one of the best ones i've seen yet!!!
  • Allan becomes a spy in the camp for Guy of Gisbourne. Robin and Marian are a couple and the "gang" have a new camp. The sherif also has a sister and has set up the black knights who want to kill the king.

    I did enjoy this episode but I thought the listen and the kissing was a little much but i can see it comes from a romantic place. I thought that marian's fight scene with guy and his men was really good. The black knights were a nice idea to have the whole second story to kill the king to go along with the other one episode story lines.
    Overall I thought that this episode was good, I really enjoyed watching it and I think its gonna be a good season and I do kinda like the new opening title even though it is a bit corny
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