Robin Hood

Season 3 Episode 13

Something Worth Fighting For - Part Two

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Jun 27, 2009 on BBC

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    Why do you play with people's Feelings???

    Yes we know the truth Finallyll!but people wanna see Love and stay with each others...

    Robin belongs to Marian and their love was kiss kate It's It's an insult to love and you mocked their love!!!

    I think when Marian dided you was damaged The series!When Marian died My Feelings died unfortunately

    All the movies have the Good End but This was miserable!I still feel the pain in my heart in the beginning I loved this series but now it's the pain!i hope someday to forget that...

  • The end.. or is it just the beginning?

    Well, I guess that is it, right?

    I think the series finale was a fitting end to a great show. Of course, it had to be rushed due to Armstrong's leaving the show and the adaptations needed when Marian was killed and the Tuck character being added to fill in for Will and/or the saracen girl (sry, forgot the name now).

    Alan's death was sad. Everyone thought he was a traitor and in the end, the old Sheriff finished him off.

    On the other hand, Guy sacrificed himself to save Robin. He apologized and died freely and proudly.

    I liked Robin getting together with Marian. I imagined he would. It makes sense. His true love.

    Guy, Robin and Alan's deaths wouldn't be worth if Isabella and the Sheriff hadn't been blasted in the big explosion in the end.

    Anyways, not showing them already together with King Richard was a good call, otherwise it wouldn't give this sensation of work not yet done. The series ends but their work isn't done. They move on, they fight for England and the legend of Robin Hood stays alive and strong. Oh yeah.

    Cheers friends. It's been a good run.
  • WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! truly amazing episode

    I am emotionally crippled by this episode! I haven't cried as much at a T.V programme in a long time! The emotion came from knowing the characters from day 1, (being the avid watcher I am!) I have watched these characters develop and i felt like I was going through everything with them.

    what a wonderful climax to a the best series yet..please let there be more as after this explosive end we want to see Archer take up Robins mantle and carry on the quest for peace and order in England...Clive Standen and David harewood are fantastic actors and are Shaw to lead this show in to a prime time smash of a drama.In my opinion the best of the gang are still alive and now they have an exciting loose cannon of a leader to make for an unmissable 4th series. we are Robin Hood!
  • the end or no?

    this episode is phenomenal. The story line is amazing and it was nice to see Lady Marian again. even for the little bit. If they do come back for another season it will be very different with all the people gone. I want to see more, but on the other hand it might be a better ending for the series than what could come next. I do not know. But I know i will watch it once if it continues.

    If it continues I guess it would be more in line against Prince John. I would assume that Archer would take over the gang. I would like to know who else would join the gang. I suppose only time will tell.
  • I am at a loss as to if it will go to a season 4...allan,Guy and Robin all dead it was a amazing episode i just hope for a season 4 :)

    I am at a loss as to if it will go to a season 4...allan,Guy and Robin all dead it was a amazing episode i just hope for a season 4 :) If there is a a season 4 will there be a new robin hood leader to fill the roll and duties...anyways the CG with the castle look alittle fake but it was still a excelent scene...with isabella and the sheriff dead the town in ruins what will happen next? posion blade with a cut to the troat terminated robin hood what will become of his gang outlaws now tune in to the $th season maybe :)
  • this is a hard episode for me to score

    this is a very hard episode for me to score. I have always loved the way this series plays with the legend of Robin hood, bringing it around to a 21st century audience i think it works great. But when you start throwing the rule book completley out of the window, it starts becoming less Robin hood to me.

    i don't know how much of this is growing up inside sherwood forest in nottinghamshire, surrounded everyday by the real robin hood legend but this ending just didnt feel right to me. one other thing that didnt feel right (throughout the entire series) was Kate, can sombody who knows the legend better than me tell me where she she fits fits into all this!! because she certainly dint fit into the story.

    what did save the episode though was that they bought back the sherrif and marian, which of course caused explosions. and the great cast, who by now are used to working with each other, pull it off fantasticlly.

    the series finished at a perfect time, when i will be remembered as good, not once good. even if for me personally the way it finished could have been handled better.
  • An unforgettable episode. We see the return of Vaisey, the original sheriff of Nottingham and with him he brings the death of a number of dearly loved characters.

    This was an incredible episode. I cried many times while watching it. The fight scenes were great and the bond between Robin, Guy and Archer was perfect, even if it was short-lived.

    Of all the death scenes, I must confess that Guy's was my favourite. Alan's didn't really get the treatment it deserved, although Much's parting words "To Alan, our loyal friend" had me sobbing. The fact that the gang realises Alan's true loyalty and their betrayal of him only after he is dead was well written, even if it is heart-wrenching for us fans. But back to my original point, Guy's death scene was perfect. I was quite surprised to find myself crying at his death. Although I had accepted that he'd 'turned a leaf' so to speak, I still hadn't quite gotten to the point where I saw the character as a 'good-guy'. But his final moments, fighting alongside Robin and Archer, and his final words in Robin's arms were incredibly well written and superbly acted. The small smile on Guy's face when he said that he died proud and free was one of the most memorable moments in the series as far as I'm concerned. I must however confess myself slightly disappointed with Robin's death. The 'poisoned blade' storyline just wasn't enough for me. I suppose in a way it makes sense, as it allows Robin to say his goodbyes to his loved ones but it just wasn't the right kind of end for a hero. In fact, I thought that a death similar to Guy's would have been appropriate. I did however, like the fact that he died in Sherwood forest, in the sunset. And the scene where he is 'reunited' with Marian was extremely well filmed and acted (great to see Lucy Griffiths again too!). A scene like that where the two soulmates meet after death would have been very easy to get wrong. It could have been overdone and cheesy, but it wasn't. It was just the right balance to make it emotionally touching, without making viewers cringe. Overall, this has to be one of my favourite episodes. An incredibly sad one, which I probably wont watch often once it's on dvd because it'll keep making me cry, but definitely a great way to end the season.

    As for a season 4, I have my doubts about whether it will actually happen. The episode we've just seen would be a great way to end the series - the villains are dead and Robin's reunited with Marian and will be with her 'happily ever after'. Exactly the way that the story of Robin Hood should end, although, traditionally, Robin and Marian 'live' happily ever after.

    That being said, if season 4 is made, I will still watch it. I doubt it will be as good as the first 3 seasons, in the same way that overall, season 3 wasn't as good as the first 2. But I'll still watch it. With Archer, Much, John and Tuck in it, they could just pull it off.