Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 4

The Angel of Death

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 27, 2007 on BBC

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  • The Angel of Death comes to Nottingham and Robin must find a cure.

    Will's performance really makes this episode, when his father is stabbed to death right in front of him you heart just breaks from him as he tries to cope. When he delivers the poison to the Sheriff and then runs into Djac he is so stoic that you see that he really is out of it and no longer can feel anything else other than the pain and grief over his father's death. I really don't like how quick Robin is to suggesting to kill Will when he say any means necessary because I feel like in the same situation Robin would act in the same way. The scientist Joseph was also a highlight in this episode because of this devotion to god and his near psychotic reaction to all the drama. All in all a good episode all though I wish that Marian would cut Guy some slack because I really don't think that he is a bad man, he's just on the wrong side of the fight.
  • My favorite episode (so far)

    I really, really enjoyed this episode. It's my favorite out of the entire series. It is all due to Harry Loyd's fine acting skills. I never suspected that he was capable of such depth. Some will say his acting was over the top, but that's why it fit so well with the show. It was good to see that Allan is not the only outlaw with a dark side; Will almost killed the Sheriff, and only the shock of Robin (pretending) drinking the poison could knock him back to his senses. I hope that Luke Scarlett stays on, but he probably won't, as recurring characters (besides the stars themselves) are nonexistent, which may be my only complaint. Then again, there are so many principle characters that adding recurring characters might make it too crowded. Anyway, I also enjoyed Joseph the creep, as well as the Sheriff trying to find a new tooth to replace the one he lost in season 1. And, of course, fan-fic writers everywhere are latching on to two pivotal moments: Djaq was the only one who could calm Will down, and Djaq kissing Much (even though it was just on the cheek).