Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 2

The Booby And The Beast

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 13, 2007 on BBC

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  • What's up with Djaq?

    It's kind of hard for me to watch Djaq use her womanly wiles because for the whole of season one she was very intent on being one of the guys. So many times she asked to be treated equally, did the writers forget how we even met Djaq, now it seems as if she's growing out her hair and forgetting everything she wanted. What next will she leave the forest to go live in a house (like any normal woman)? It was kinda funny to see how Will and Allen were looking at her but still I like cross-dressing, tough as nails, one of the guys Djaq and I hope this season she doesn't turn into someone else.
  • Can you spell "anachronism"?

    Well, this is entertaining enough, but it does abandon any vague connection with reality. The film-makers have obviously taken the television series VEGAS as their template for this episode. Even some of the dialogue feels as though it's been lifted from the scripts for that show! Not to mention the clothing style for the two leading ladies.

    But there are lots of nice bits. The guest star does nicely as eccentric German nobleman for example and there some fun to be had in all the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE style scenes in the vaults, trying to bypass the various traps. But when Robin discovers a particularly sneaky deception in one vault, I had to bite my tongue not to cry "It's a hologram!"
  • Robin and the gang try and get into the Strong room with all its tricks and traps

    This episode was good if a little weird the gambling room looked liked a themed casino. The Prince was clever as he only pretended to be a booby that was his game plan to appear dumb but I just didnt trust him that much and Marian seemed to trust him very quickly and took him to see Robin and showed the realtionship she has with him. I did like the blind guy pretending to know things about Robin by feeling his face and then reveling that Much told him things about Marian. Also I know Marian is very pretty but why is everyone in love with her the rate she is going the Sherif will be in love with her in 2 weeks. But overall i did like the episode especially Robins german accent
  • Oceans 11 meets the (kind of) Middle Ages

    This episode was very cute, and it confirmed what I've suspected for a while: Robin Hood is turning out to be a British counterpart of Xena and Hercules, but with less camp. That is, though the show is set during a certain time, the writers take a lot of liberty with historical accuracy. Marian's ridiculous dress and strong room's defense mechanisms are proof. Still, it was a fun episode, despite the Count's bogus German accent. It was also fun to see Djaq in a dress, and all of the men's different reactions. The robbing of the strong room was taken from Ocean's 11, but still interesting to watch. I've come to expect nothing serious from this show, especially now in the second season. First, a pit of poisonous snakes; now molten lead and poison-tipped arrows. But who cares? On with the camp!
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