Robin Hood

Season 3 Episode 11

The Enemy of My Enemy

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Jun 13, 2009 on BBC

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  • Best episode so far

    It was with mild trepidation that I watched tonight's episode of Robin Hood "The Enemy of My Enemy"... the introduction of half-brother to both Gisbourne and Robin Hood, Archer could have fallen either side of the sword! But my fear was abated within in seconds of catching a glimpse of this new handsome hero. He is old-fashioned Hollywood style gorgeous, like Prince Charming in carnate, he could steal from me any day! I thought we might be seriously in trouble with the loss of Jonas Armstrong to pastures new, but this new guy, Clive Standen, seriously made my heart swoon. Not since the likes of Colin Firth in that now famous coming out of the water scene, have my hormones rejoiced in such a heated song and dance. Hooray!!, a gorgeous actor who is talented in every sense of the word. Congrats to the BBC and Tiger Aspect for bringing Clive/Archer into our radar... can't believe they waited this long to show us this fine gem. Tut tut!
  • Archer, the lost brother

    Well, well, here's Archer, Gisborne and Hood's half-brother. The guy is a real piece of work. Real ladies man and has no problem in betraying people who just saved him life.

    I didn't like the guy. We are used to Robin's generosity and selfless actions and Gisborne's being outcast and finally coming to terms with his past actions and turning a good guy for a change.

    If you think about, you couldn't expect much from a guy who was given away and grew up in poverty. That's Archer.

    Anyways, it was nice to see Robin and Guy's interaction. It was kinda funny, actually. Kinda got used to the hostility and seing them chatting like that was interesting.

    Hey, next are the final two episodes.

    It's coming to an end.. oh well..

  • One of the best of this season

    OMG this ep was so good! Robin and Guy working together is the funniest and best scenario ever! It was a pretty classic scene when RObin got Guy thrown in gaol too! I kinda liked the Archer guy, except I think he should look younger, more like Will or something, as he was born when Robin and Guy were like 10 and up. Apart from that, the chemistry between the three guys was excellent! I think that there was kind of a cheap shot at the end when Guy "saved" John, it was good development with John and throughout the episode, but I think they could've done that a bit better.

    So if I could give this a 9.9 then I would, but I'm rounding up! 10 for this week, but what will next episode bring? Gotta love RH!