Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 12

The Return Of The King

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 23, 2006 on BBC
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The news of King Richard's return to England reaches Robin and the gang - and it means one thing; Marian's marriage to Gisborne is looming closer. Marian attempts to steal Gisborne's money and distribute it to the villagers, Robin tries to find out more about Gisborne's crimes. But then tragedy strikes for the Nightwatchman at Locksley Manor...moreless

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  • Creative, Poignant, Pivotal

    This is by far one of my all time favorites of this series.I thought that the writers did a fantastic job on the culminating effects of the affection and the strain on Robin and Marion's relationship. The scene with Robin declaring his love for Marion was poignant and effective. In addition, I thought the action of the episode also showed the strain on all sides. Poor Gisbon is nearly peeing his pants he wants to marry Marion so badly. At times I do feel a little pity for Gisbon, it's obvious he's doing the Sheriff's bidding, but is it out of necessity or is it out of want? I think that's the question, and it'll be interesting to see where his character goes in the future. Obviously, this episode is pivotal in the storyline, since it's going to be the point at which Marion and Robin are able to start building a life together or not. All in all I think the writers have done a wonderful job in putting a creative new spin on an age old story. I am looking forward to the Finale, as well as the Gang's future adventures.moreless
  • The end draws near and the writers throw a stunning twist in the face of tradition.

    "King Richard is Returning!"

    Four words that mark the end of most incarnations of Robin Hood. But, rest easy, because there's still plenty going on.

    With the king's return, Guy sets a date for his marriage to Marian while she conspires to steel his wealth in one final fling as the Night Watchman. Robin learns the identity of the physician who covered for Guy while he tried to assassinate the king in the holy land. And Allan and Will, conflicted that the king will return Robin to nobility, wonder if they should set off on their own.

    Great stuff, all beautifully interwoven, that wraps up with a shock of an ending that, while it goes against centuries of tradition, offers brilliant potential for future storylines.moreless
  • Woohoo!

    This episode really made me appreciate this series! It was exciting and adventerous and romantic and sad! A perfect episode. Jonas Armstrong played his part perfectly, putting much (no pun intended) emotion into his part as possible, especially when Marian died. Lucy Griffiths was excellent as the Night Watchman and died quite nicely. Richard Armitage put all of his anger and such into a nicely formed Guy of Gisborne.
  • The acting was superb as always!

    The acting was superb as always. Jonas had me tearing up near the end :( What I love most about this show is its perfect balance of humor, drama, adventure and romance. This episode had all of that and more! The last scene was a tear jerker, Jonas did a great job. When he gently touched her face and finally declared his love for Marian I really believed that he lost the love of his life. The rest of the cast did a fantastic job as well, they work so well together…what a talented ensemble. This episode is definitely one of my favorites from the first season.moreless
  • Much: (as he prepares food) You think Marian will want anything to eat? What is it girls eat? Djaq: Special girl’s food.

    This episode was my favourite from this season. The older I get, the more sentimental I become. Anyway...

    I really think that Robin and Marian had good chemistry onscreen and I absolutely loved the final sequence when he thinks she is dead and tells her that he loved her. The scene was wonderfully performed. But again, I usually get moved by scenes like this. Not to the point of crying my eyes out but, still, it was a great episode. And when the physician tells Robin that Marian is dead, he had this horrible grin that I would have punched him right in the face. Robin should have done it for me. I do get my revenge in the next episode when Sir Guy decides he has no use for him and kills him. Oh,well...moreless
Anjali Jay

Anjali Jay

Djaq (Episodes 5+)

Gordon Kennedy

Gordon Kennedy

Little John

Harry Lloyd

Harry Lloyd

Will Scarlett

Joe Armstrong

Joe Armstrong


Jonas Armstrong

Jonas Armstrong

Robin Hood

Keith Allen

Keith Allen

Vasney, Sheriff of Nottingham

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Will mentions to Robin that, now King Richard is returning, Gisborne and Marian will get married. She agreed to marry him at the end of Brothers In Arms.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • (After successfully reviving Marian)
      Djaq: Allah be praised!
      Little John: (bellowing) ALLAH BE PRAISED!

    • Pitts: (to Robin) What did you think? That Gisborne did not tell me that, one day, somebody might come asking about his alibi? That we did not have a plan in place for just this occasion? The charade is over. (pause) Oh, your friend is dead.

    • Much: I thought that if I survived the Holy Land, then I would die by the fire in Locksley, not in some… forest, in some poxy, poxy CAVE!

    • Djaq: (as she prepares to do surgery on Marian) My father treated the wounded in the battlefield. He said, 'never lie to a wounded man'.
      Marian: Or was it, 'never lie to a dying man'?.
      Djaq: He said that too.

    • Marian: I should go home. My father will be worried.
      Robin: All in good time.
      Marian: I am a nuisance.
      Robin: Yes, you are.
      Marian: You're supposed to say no!
      Robin: And you should be at home doing your embroidery.

    • Much: (about Marian) Now, does she want an egg or does she want some bacon? She can't have both; I don't care who she is.
      Djaq: Pray to your God. And to mine. She is going to die.

    • Much: (as he prepares food) You think Marian will want anything to eat? What is it girls eat?
      Djaq: Special girl's food.

    • Robin: Well, the bad news is, you've been stabbed. But the good news is, you don't have to marry the man that stabbed you.
      Marian: And what will happen?
      Robin: When the King comes to Nottingham, I'll make an entrance. He will let me speak, he trusts me. I will present the evidence, the physican will corroborate it and… and Gisborne will be done for.
      Marian: And will he hang?
      Robin: Yes. (Marian looks uneasy) Marian, this is a man who would force you to marry him. A man who tried to kill the King. A man who stabbed you.
      Marian: Even so, I will never support hanging. (Robin looks uneasy) What? No, tell me.
      Robin: I think you feel for him.
      Marian: He's a human being.
      Robin: Hardly. You are stirred by him.
      Marian: Stirred? (laughs)
      Robin: He said it. And he was right, wasn't he?
      Marian: Grow up.
      Robin: Well, this morning, when you thought you had to marry him, you were happily resigned to your fate. His 'qualities' and his 'genuine feelings'.
      Marian: I was trying to be brave.
      Robin: But why? This whole Night Watchman thing, it's…
      Marian: What 'whole Night Watchman thing'? I am only doing what you do but with more intelligence.
      Robin: You would have thought you would have learned by now! Every time you go out, you get arrested or stabbed or betrothed. You should stay at home and do your embroidery.

    • (Allan and Will are left with the bag that Marian stole from Gisborne)
      Allan A Dale: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Will Scarlett: No.
      Allan A Dale: Well, if you're not thinking it, how do you know what it is?
      Will Scarlett: I don't think like you do.
      Allan A Dale: I'm not being funny, maybe you should. What, you think Robin's going to need us when he's a lord again? Yeah? It's alright for them, isn't it? Much with his lodge. What are we going to have?
      Will Scarlett: This should go to the poor.
      Allan A Dale: That's us now! Look, we were outlaws, right? We had a job. We've got nothing now. We are the poor. You know what this is?
      Will Scarlett: What?
      Allan A Dale: Severance pay.

    • Robin: What do you think you're doing? This Night Watchman business will be the death of you
      Marian: These are my last days as the Night Watchman. I will not be able to do it when I am at Locksley.
      Robin: You do not have to go back to Locksley. I told you, you do not have to marry him.
      Marian: I have no choice.
      Robin: No! I was coming to tell you. I have the proof I need. The physician. The physician will talk. I found him and he agreed to give evidence. He did not treat Gisborne. Gisborne was not there. He was in the Holy Land.
      Marian: And he will say this in public? (Robin nods) Really? Thank you. I do not know how to thank you.
      Robin: We'll think of something.

    • Robin: You are the physician who treated Guy of Gisborne at Locksley a year ago.
      Pitts: You're Robin.
      Robin: What was the trick?
      Pitts: There was no trick.
      Robin: I see. So tell me, what illness did he have?
      Pitts: Difficult to say. Fever, contagion, the humours out of balance.
      Robin: Do not lie. My humours are out of balance.
      Pitts: He was very ill. He is lucky to be alive.
      Robin: I do not have time for this. You tell me the truth.
      Pitts: You're a peace lover I have heard. You will not harm me.
      (Pitts turns round and sees Little John; he backs away and Robin throws a knife at Pitts' head)
      Robin: You think you do Gisborne an innocent favour. You do not. This is a matter of treason. Admit your part now and, when King Richard returns, I will speak for you.

    • Much: I was thinking… we spend our lives skulking, hiding in shadows. I've grown used to it. Be strange when it's over.
      Will Scarlett: Hard to imagine.
      Much: Well, soon it will be real. When Gisborne is exposed, Robin will be restored. Then I will have my lodge. My Bonchurch.
      Will Scarlett: Allan, what will you do?
      Allan A Dale: Me? Well, live in my lodge. Yeah, you know, servants and that. What about you?
      Will Scarlett: Carpentry, I suppose. Wood.

    • Sir Edward: I must leave for Merton. Will you be alright?
      Marian: You have some scheme?
      Sir Edward: The Sheriff has a scheme. I think he intends to kill the King in Nottingham. He cannot risk losing the shire. I must act. Merton is loyal to me and to the King. He will help.
      Marian: And my marriage… I must go through with it. A man must protect his King. A man must fight for his King.
      Sir Edward: If I could protect you and the King, I would.
      Marian: I know. Anyway, I have a plan of my own.
      Sir Edward: What? The Night Watchman?
      Marian: One final fling, something to make me feel… more comfortable in my marriage,
      Sir Edward: You are my world. You know that.
      Marian: I am marrying a man I do not love. There are worse things in heaven and earth. And I am glad and proud that you are my father. My wonderful, honourable father.

    • (The Outlaws have discovered that King Richard is coming back to Nottingham)
      Much: Oh, this is a good day! After all, we have bread and the King is coming!
      Allan A Dale: Will you just shut up?
      Much: No! This is what we've been waiting for! The Sheriff will be ousted, and Gisborne, then Robin can go home, I can go home, Little John…
      Allan A Dale: Little John's an outlaw! We all are!
      Much: Robin will pardon you, obviously!

    • (Will Scarlett runs into the cave, breathless)
      Robin: Will? What's the matter?
      Will Scarlett: The King is coming.

    • Much: (entering the cave) Bats! I hate bats. Bats are rats. Rats with wings.
      Djaq: No, they are intelligent. Bats make noises you cannot hear.
      Allan A Dale: What's the point of that? Noises you can't hear?
      Much: But if there was a noise nobody could hear…
      Allan A Dale: Shut up!
      Much: And then if you were the only person in the world who could hear it, because I am that person. I see sense where others see nonsense, just like the bat. Take it back; I like the bat. The bat is my friend. The bat understands me.

    • Much: I hate the cave!
      Allan A Dale: It's going to rain again and it's dry in there.
      Much: It's dark and it's… you know, horrible.
      Robin: We voted, Much.
      Allan A Dale: And you lost, five-one.
      Much: Yeah, well, I should have two votes because I really don't like the cave. In fact, I should have three, because I really really don't like the cave.

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: (talking about his birds) It is poetry, though, isn't it? Caged bird. A creature that would fly free absolutely under my control. It's good; I like it. Now… talking of caged prettiness… when will you marry Marian?
      Guy of Gisborne: In due course.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, come along, don't be coy. That's not the arrangement, is it?
      Guy of Gisborne: No. We will marry when the King returns.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Ah! When the King comes. I might have news for you, though.

    • Robin Hood: I would prefer it if you did not visit my house. Not until it is mine again.
      Marian: Guy wanted to show me my future fortune as Lady Gisborne.
      Robin Hood: And what? Showed you some trinkets? Made you agree to go along with the wedding?
      Marian: You know I have no choice. I promised to marry him when the King returns.
      Robin Hood: Under duress!
      Marian: Yes, under duress! Proving my loyalty to save my life and my father's.
      Robin Hood: A promise made under duress is no promise at all!
      Marian: And what? You think I should just back out and Guy will smile and release me? If he knew I betrayed him, if he knew I was the Nightwatchman, he would lash out - and not just at me. At my father.
      Robin Hood: Why do you always do this?
      Marian: What?
      Robin Hood: You use your father as an excuse for doing nothing!
      Marian: Because my father needs me!
      Robin Hood: And YOU need HIM! Because without him, you would have to make a choice!
      Marian: Very well then, I am making a choice! I am choosing to marry Gisborne! Is that what you want me to say?
      Robin Hood: I will deal with this. I will expose him as the liar and the traitor he is. Then you will not have to marry him.
      Marian: Robin, please do not make this more difficult than it already is!
      Robin Hood: But you do not love him!
      Marian: He has qualities!
      Robin Hood: What qualities?
      Marian: I believe his feelings for me are genuine, he has wealth and security...
      Robin Hood: What do you mean, wealth? You're supposed to be the Nightwatchman. You should steal from Gisborne and give to the poor! Not acquire wealth yourself!
      Marian: Do not tell me what I should be doing, please!

    • Marian: We have never once spoken the truth to each other. For instance, I call you a fool when I mean you are a hero. I criticise your actions and then I mimic them myself as the Nightwatchman. I chastise Robin Hood...
      Robin: Shh...
      Marian: I will not be shushed, these might be my last words!
      Robin: No, they will not be, they cannot be. Because we should be together! I should never have left you! I should have never gone to war, it was a mistake! And you were right... I wanted glory. But believe me, the battlefield is the last place you will find it.
      Marian: But you would always regret it as if you hadn't gone.
      Robin Hood: But not as much as I regret going. Not as much as I regret losing you. Marian...I should not have gone.
      Marian: Robin, I...
      (Djaq walks in, cutting their conversation off)
      Djaq: I love love me...we all love each other.

    • (Guy sees Marians blood on his hand after stabbing her)
      Guy: Gotcha.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Pitts claims that, when Gisborne was ill, his humours were "out of balance". In traditional medicine practiced in the Middle Ages, the body was ruled by four 'humours', four special fluids- blood, black bile, yellow bile and phlegm- that corresponded with the basic elements of nature and were seen to permeate the body and influence the health. An imbalance in the humours (also known as dyscrasia) was believed to be the direct cause of all disease.

    • The title of the episode, The Return Of The King, appears to be taken from the third and final part of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy epic The Lord Of The Rings.