Robin Hood

Season 3 Episode 4

The Sins Of The Father

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Apr 18, 2009 on BBC

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  • i found this to be another snooze of an episode i'm afraid

    yup, this one was really snoozy. i thought i was going to like robin hood. i started watching it this season and have watched all episodes of season three. at first i thought i'd found a new show to watch but now i find that it is getting repetitive already. the whole kate being not a fan and finding fault with all that robin et co do is getting old. the tale of rufus and his son was pretty dull. i mean, the big twist at the end was just not that interesting, and i didn't feel drawn into the son's struggle for identity. the fighting seemed silly. e.g., there was an instance where robin pulled a bow on someone indoors at really close range, in a way that wouldn't really allow for the arrow to fly anywhere if he did shoot it, seemed really dumb. And then the scene at the end where robin lets the arrow go way into the sky and then it comes back down - - - ho hum . really silly
  • A Tax Collector named Rufus is sent to replace Guy of Gisbourne and things get interesting for Robin.

    Bottom Line: Great Episode

    After Rufus, the new Tax Collector comes to help the Sheriff, Robin tries to run him out of town. The plan was to kidnap Rufus, and scare him into leaving. Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan. In fact Kate and Allen are captured by Rufus instead. Now Robin and his men must stage a rescue before anything happens to Kate and Allen. In an interesting twist we learn that Rufus has ulterior motives for taking this new position. It seems that he is out for revenge. Robin finds himself in the middle of a fight to save his companions, prevent Rufus from taking his revenge, all while not being captured by the Sheriff's men.
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