Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 6

The Taxman Cometh

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 11, 2006 on BBC

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  • Outtricking the Sheriff and Robin, with clever twists, and good characters

    I found this episode to be hugely enjoyable - the clever conmen (and one particularly clever conwoman) featured are well written and well played characters which add great fun to the episode. The fact that they manage to fool the Sheriff after fooling Robin for him caused me huge amusment, and their plan was certainly a clever one that I did not see coming which is always much more enjoyable. Marian\'s striving for independance was well developed here and I hoped that maybe she might leave her father and join the outlaws though for some reason she decided that becoming a nun would be better. I was hugely disappointed that she chose to stay with her father, though it is understandable within the show and characters. Her friendship with Robin has redeveloped well, showing the similarities between them - both want to stop the injustice and unfairness they see around them but they choose to go about in opposite ways.

    Certainly this is one of my favourites of the series so far, highly recommended.