Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 6

The Taxman Cometh

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 11, 2006 on BBC

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  • In the world of taxmen and nuns...

    When Robin and the gang encounter a tax collector, Flaxton, they think that Christmas has come early. Meanwhile, Gisborne meets a nun who has just collapsed after being attacked by “outlaws in the forest”. Oh yeah?
    While Robin devises a plan to steal the money from the vault in the chapel, Gisborne and the Sheriff nurse the nun. Elsewhere, when Marian is told what to do by her father (dont go out as the night watchman she finally snaps and is sick of what men tell her to do in her life. She decides to join a nunnery, much to Gisbornes disappointment.
    The gang gain access to the vault but they find out its all a trap when they find themselves locked in. Will Scarlett uses his skills to get his way out and when the gang escape, they find out that the nun and Flaxton are impostors. The outlaws, in the end, hijack Flaxtons cart and steal the money from them.
    Overall, it was a good episode - a few niggles, such as Marian doing weird tai-chi like moves (what on earth?) but it was good. Marian had touching scenes with her father though, which made up for the weird tai-chi scenes.
    But in general, Keith Allens Sheriff of Nottingham and Lucy Griffiths’ Lady Marian were the most impressive of the episode.
    Lets start with the Sheriff - hes never been funnier. Classic lines “underneath the haughty theres a little bit of naughty” and skipping down the corridor to Thomas A Becket. Classic Keith Allen and classic Sheriff. Amazing - keep the entertainment level up!
    Secondly theres Marian - Lucy Griffiths, a relative newcomer, has definitely made her impact on the role. She impresses me and the scenes between her father and her were very touching. Impressive work and she should keep this up!
    Funny episode really - a bit of Robin and Marian tension and the nice snog between the abbess and Robin. Good episode - build it up from here!
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