Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 6

The Taxman Cometh

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 11, 2006 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: (to Gisborne, about the Abbess) They call themselves Father Abbot and Mother Superior, they call themselves by parents' names so that we don't notice them getting fat at our expense. They are parasites dressed as pious.
      (he and Gisborne enter the Abbess' chamber)
      Abbess: There are worse things to dress up as than pious, my lord.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Ah, that remark was not meant for you.
      Abbess: I think it was.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes, yes it was. For people like you. What can I say? I'm not sorry.
      Abbess: Then I cannot grant you forgiveness.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Where you come from, that must be a devastating thing to withhold.