Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 11

Treasure of the Nation

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 15, 2007 on BBC

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  • Really makes you want to see the next episodes...

    I loved this episode. Particularly the story about the Queen mother. That was totally unexpected and really added depth to the story, especially as she was a perfectly ordinary woman and yet had a brilliantly regal air, I thought she was portrayed very well. The fact that she took a fancy to Little John simply added humour, which is what makes this series of Robin Hood so good. I thought that Le Grande and Little John's rivalry, which then turned to a grudging friendship, was done very well, and suited both of their characters. It was nice to have a focus on some of the other chracters.
    The Night Watchman being found out was done at exactly the right time, and I thought that Gisbourne's reaction was very well acted. Marian's life was saved by Gisbourne and Allan, which could lead to interesting consequences.

    Next week also looks to be very good, as they finally get somewhere in their fight to save England, all the hinting towards Djaq having a relationship with one of the outlaws is eventually focused on, and the King at last makes an entrance!
  • Very good set-up for the following episodes

    This episode was very sweet, and also marks a turning point in the plot. I enjoyed the queen-mother story arc. Eleanor was portrayed very well, as the real Eleanor was also a strong woman. It was also nice to finally make some headway in the fight for England. I was getting tired of failed messages to the king. I also enjoyed the Night watchman arc. Finally, Gisborne has realized the obvious! I'm getting tired, though, of Marian playing with Gisborne's feelings for her. She keeps making him do things because he loves her, but she has no intention of returning that love. I am glad that Allan might be given a chance to redeem himself next week. And we finally get to meet the king!
  • Great episode to watch this week!

    I loved it! It was an amazing episode and the whole Marian-Guy-Allan was very cute!!! :)
    Cheers for Allan and Guy. I only hope that Marian does not have actual feelings for Guy. She needs to end up with Robin at the end of this series.
    The treasure of the nation was quite a treasure hunt for Robin and the outlaws. Pretty interesting plot and the whole "big bear" phrase was quite hilarious. Nice romantic scenes between Robin and Marian are shown. Much's antics are expected. I feel that Djaq is being given much more dialogues and I am happy about that.

    Overall - Excellent episode!
  • Very Oiginal, and very not like any of the other Robin Hood Installments.Almost like rOBIN hOOD version of National Treasure

    Ok, This Episode was very unique in the sense that the writers went off on a different tangent than they had for any of their other episodes, im assuming this is to keep the viewers attention and it worked!!! While the story was not as good, it was still very impressive.
    Once again, was very good at giving some focus to other characters, especially allan, Little John and Djaq, and introduced some good friends of Robins, which was a nicechage for show, even if my favorite of these newbies was killed off.
    The Whole Marian-Robin-Guy triange was played off nicely in this epi, as it played very well around The whole Marian-Guy vendetta whichwas pleasing and nai-biting at the same time, and it also paved the way for a maybe/hopefullyreturn from allan into Robins Gang!!!