Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 08, 2007 on BBC

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  • One of the best episodes! Drama, adventure, romance, comedy, it's got everything. Especially recommended for Guy of Gisborne and Guy/Marian fans!

    This is one of the best episodes of "Robin Hood." The Sheriff sleepwalks into the woods and upon waking up decides to use his situation to infiltrate the outlaw camp and steal back the Pact of Nottingham. Meanwhile, Prince John's agent Jasper arrives and, not finding the Sheriff there, decides that he's been killed -- which means the Prince's army will raze the town and kill everyone inside. On Marian's advice, Guy decides to enlist Robin's help to find the Sheriff while also trying to talk Jasper out of destroying the city. He learns that as a member of the Black Knights (the supporters of Prince John), he can get a pass out of the city along with his family -- which means he can get Marian out if he marries her. When Marian refuses to leave, Gisborne chooses to come back and fight at her side. Meanwhile, the Sheriff has some very comical adventures back in the woods before Robin Hood returns him to Nottingham at the last minute. There's a great mix of comedy and suspense. Guy shows true nobility and we see what he could have been without the Sheriff's malignant influence. We also see a nicely shaded portrayal of Allan-a-Dale. Great performances from all involved -- especially Richard Armitage as Guy and Keith Allen as the Sheriff.
  • The Sheriff hatches a plan.

    So, this episode really doesn't make a lot of sense. I really don't understand what the Sheriff was doing, was he sleep walking or was he just taking a break and wasn't it a little too convenient that on the one day he decides to take a foray into the woods that Prince John's army decides to storm Nottingham. And was it really all about a construction contract and a slight power play. On top of that all the outlaws were being annoying. Will's character really needs to be developed more because there are a lot of inconsistencies with him. Alan is also beginning to become very annoying. Little John's outburst seemed to be very sudden, they aren't very good at building up to plot points in this show. I thought Djac acted as a good intermediary, but Marian and Guy continued to be unreasonable in their own ways. The Sheriff was the best part of this episode, but it was just very average.
  • Excellent!

    I really liked this episode for two reasons. First, I was so happy to see Will and Allan interacting again. They were always my favorite pairing. I know Allan has this thing about self-preservation, but I think he will eventually be redeemed. And Will's fancy hatchet handling always makes me swoon. I also really, really enjoyed what happened with Guy's character. His feelings for Marian are no longer based on his own vanity - he genuinely cares for her. Alas, she is destined for Robin, so I think Guy will have to be killed off before she marries Robin, so as to spare the audience from being too torn between the two. And I liked Djaq's story about the man and the goats at the end.
    And as for the teaser for next week's episode: this king (or queen?) better not be fake this time!