Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 13

We Are Robin Hood

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 29, 2007 on BBC
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Robin and the Outlaws, The Sheriff, Gisborne and Marian are now in the Holy Land. Robin warns the King of the impending threat to his life, but The Sheriff's cunning has prevailed; instead of a heroes' welcome, Robin and the Outlaws are treated as traitors... Marian makes a final attempt to redeem Gisborne – if he kills The Sheriff, he will have everything he wants, including her. Will fear of The Sheriff or the smell of power win the battle for Gisborne's soul? The battle for England is on. Will Robin be released in time to save the King's life? Will Marian escape from the clutches of The Sheriff? High stakes and ultimate tragedy ensue...moreless

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  • The Sheriff carries his plot to murder the king to the holy land.

    Another exciting episode from this series. The sheriff arrives in the holy land, scheming to coax the king out of his camp and murder him. Robin and his gang follow, racing to warn the king of the sheriff's plan. The sheriff tricks the king into believing that Robin is the threat, and the outlaws find themselves strung up in the desert and left to die. There are some heroic choices made here, one of which leads to a heartrending sacrifice on the part of a major character. The sets are realistic, the action sequences are staged very well, and the acting is as good as ever. It seems out of character that, after Gisborne and the Sheriff stage two very pivotal attacks, not a single one of the outlaws--who all rush into the scene--retaliates in any way. It also seems incredible that the King himself is not on his way back to England at the end. Those are minor distractions, however. This is a very enjoyable episode.moreless
  • The season finale of one of the best shows on BBCA goes out with one of their best episodes of the season.

    This episode finds Robin and his merry men, and woman, running off to the Holy Land to save the king from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his plot to kill the king. The episode had excellent build up, suspense and some action which did a remarkable job of keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat to find out what would happen next. Taking a cue from Torchwood, the series finale leaves the viewer with a sense of uncertainty. What will happen with their fallen friend and members of the group who have decided to stay back in the Holy Land? We have to wait until season 3. One thing that I do know…no matter what, if there is a 3rd season I know it will be a good one and I'll be sure to watch every episode. Consider me hooked.moreless
  • It's a good way to die.

    I don't know whether to cheer or cry right now, they've saved the king of England but at what cost? I cannot begin to question what were going to do next season, there is no Robin without Marian and there is no England without Robin. Congrats to Will and Djaq (it's about time), glad to see someone walking away from this adventure not completely broken hearted. I waited until the very last second, thinking she would breathe again, I waited in vain. I knew someone would die tonight but I thought it would be Allan or someone dispensable but not Marian, not her.moreless
  • A great episode full of changes that leaves you wondering what will happen in Series 3. *WARNING: SPOILERS*


    I think that this episode is one of the best so far. It's very emotional and full of surprises. "We Are Robin Hood" seems almost like a series finale, but I've read that the show is coming back. That makes me wonder how the changes will be handled. Marian's death, Guy going past the point of no return, the Sheriff's plan exposed, Alan back with the group despite his betrayals, and Djaq and Will gone: what more could they have changed? As a way of concluding the storylines that have come so far, this episode was great. I just hope that that greatness can continue with such drastic changes. It will be interesting to see the new dynamic between Guy and Robin, what happens to the Sheriff, whether we will see Djaq and Will again, and how Alan gets along with the (now significantly smaller) group after his betrayal, especially with Much. Now that Robin's group has lost Marian, Djaq, and Will, and might not completely trust Alan, I wonder if they will be gaining any new members. Friar Tuck, perhaps...?moreless

    I will always love this series but i hated how the season 2 season fanalie ended... i mean who is robin hood with out lady marion??? ever since i was a little kid, i have watched various versions of robin hood and i have always known who they are together... it will be weird not to see marion in the different storylines... i am glad that robin and marion were married before she died, but what would happen if she could some how come back??? oh how i wish she would... how will robin cope with the love of his life's death??? and how will he deal with the man that killed her???moreless

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    • Sheriff: That is the trouble with foreign travel! You run into the same people that you see at home.

    • Robin: I Robin, take you Marian to my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward. For better or for worse. For richer or for poorer. In sickness or in health. To love and to cherish, till death do us part.
      Marian: I Marian, take you Robin, my beautiful, beautiful lord of Locksley, to be my wedded husband. I promise to love you and to cherish you on earth, and especially in heaven. For now and forever, till death do us part. Kiss me.
      (Robin goes to kiss Marian)
      Marian: No, give me the ring first. Make an honest woman of me Robin.
      (Robin gives her the ring)
      Marian: You may kiss the bride.
      (They kiss)
      Marian: I love you, my husband.
      Robin: I love you my wife.

    • Sheriff:(As Robin and the gang are left to die in the desert) I'd love to stay, but I don't tan well.

    • Robin: Right lads. Work to do: save Marian, save the king, save England.

    • Djaq: God is smiling on us!
      Will: Or Allah!
      Much: Whichever God it is, I love Him!
      Allan: It's the Sheriff.
      Much: There is no God.

    • Allan: Look, I've told you a thousand times: I'm sorry boys! I'm back now, I'm one of the lads, let's just -
      Much: (interrupting)Now hands up who hasn't betrayed the group.
      All raise their hands, except Allan
      Allan: Oh this one again. How clever.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Although both this and A Good Day To Die were broadcast back-to-back (with no opening credits for this episode), this episode begins as the Sheriff lands in Acre.