Robin Hood

Season 2 Episode 13

We Are Robin Hood

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 29, 2007 on BBC

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  • The Sheriff carries his plot to murder the king to the holy land.

    Another exciting episode from this series. The sheriff arrives in the holy land, scheming to coax the king out of his camp and murder him. Robin and his gang follow, racing to warn the king of the sheriff's plan. The sheriff tricks the king into believing that Robin is the threat, and the outlaws find themselves strung up in the desert and left to die. There are some heroic choices made here, one of which leads to a heartrending sacrifice on the part of a major character. The sets are realistic, the action sequences are staged very well, and the acting is as good as ever. It seems out of character that, after Gisborne and the Sheriff stage two very pivotal attacks, not a single one of the outlaws--who all rush into the scene--retaliates in any way. It also seems incredible that the King himself is not on his way back to England at the end. Those are minor distractions, however. This is a very enjoyable episode.
  • The season finale of one of the best shows on BBCA goes out with one of their best episodes of the season.

    This episode finds Robin and his merry men, and woman, running off to the Holy Land to save the king from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his plot to kill the king. The episode had excellent build up, suspense and some action which did a remarkable job of keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat to find out what would happen next. Taking a cue from Torchwood, the series finale leaves the viewer with a sense of uncertainty. What will happen with their fallen friend and members of the group who have decided to stay back in the Holy Land? We have to wait until season 3. One thing that I do know…no matter what, if there is a 3rd season I know it will be a good one and I'll be sure to watch every episode. Consider me hooked.
  • It's a good way to die.

    I don't know whether to cheer or cry right now, they've saved the king of England but at what cost? I cannot begin to question what were going to do next season, there is no Robin without Marian and there is no England without Robin. Congrats to Will and Djaq (it's about time), glad to see someone walking away from this adventure not completely broken hearted. I waited until the very last second, thinking she would breathe again, I waited in vain. I knew someone would die tonight but I thought it would be Allan or someone dispensable but not Marian, not her.
  • A great episode full of changes that leaves you wondering what will happen in Series 3. *WARNING: SPOILERS*

    I think that this episode is one of the best so far. It's very emotional and full of surprises. "We Are Robin Hood" seems almost like a series finale, but I've read that the show is coming back. That makes me wonder how the changes will be handled. Marian's death, Guy going past the point of no return, the Sheriff's plan exposed, Alan back with the group despite his betrayals, and Djaq and Will gone: what more could they have changed? As a way of concluding the storylines that have come so far, this episode was great. I just hope that that greatness can continue with such drastic changes. It will be interesting to see the new dynamic between Guy and Robin, what happens to the Sheriff, whether we will see Djaq and Will again, and how Alan gets along with the (now significantly smaller) group after his betrayal, especially with Much. Now that Robin's group has lost Marian, Djaq, and Will, and might not completely trust Alan, I wonder if they will be gaining any new members. Friar Tuck, perhaps...?

    I will always love this series but i hated how the season 2 season fanalie ended... i mean who is robin hood with out lady marion??? ever since i was a little kid, i have watched various versions of robin hood and i have always known who they are together... it will be weird not to see marion in the different storylines... i am glad that robin and marion were married before she died, but what would happen if she could some how come back??? oh how i wish she would... how will robin cope with the love of his life's death??? and how will he deal with the man that killed her???
  • One of the best Robin Hood Episodes I have ever seen!!

    This was the finale of Series 2 of Robin Hood and they sure left on a cliffhanger. They combined A good Day to Die and this episode together to produce 1 and a 1/2 Hours of Robin Hood. Many things happen in this episode from Allan coming back to the outlaws and the outlaws getting tied up in the Holy Land by King Richard. As ever each character plays a special part in the episode. This is the First episode we see King Richard. It also brings back a familiar face Carter the man who was sent to kill Robin by the Sheriff. The best bit of the episode is also the worst. The Death of Lady Marion. Guy of Gisboure kills her to get the King. Robin marries Marion while she dies. Another relationship also comes together. Will and Djaq. They finally tell each other how they feel. When they are in the Holy Land they decide to stay with one of Djaq's Family members and get married. There is already a lot of speculation of what is going to happen in Series 3. Will Marion come back?Will Djaq and Will come back? Will there be any new characters? and if Marion does not rise from he dead again how will Robin cope? Overall this was a fantastic Finale mainly due to the fact it has left you wanting more of Robin Hood and his gang.
  • In the world of season finales, there are two types of endings ... cliffhangers that let you dream of what might be next, and earth shattering endings that just leave you wondering why. 'We Are Robin Hood' managed to do both.

    - Warning - Spoilers

    In this episode, Robin returns to the Holy Land, Jack returns to her roots, Marion tries to convince Guy to kill the Sherrif, the Sherrif convinces the king to kill Robin and then tries to kill Marion himself, Carter (remember him?) saves the day, only to NOT kill the Sherrif, NOT have the king return to England, AND Marion dies. Where in legend does the beautiful Maid Marion actually die. I realize that they probably want to have another season, but why sacrifice the integrity of the legend - why does Marion have to die? Also, if King Richard now knows about everything that the Sherrif is doing, the Black Knights, etc. Why does he still feel the need to stay in the Holy Land? What purpose does this serve? The Sheriff may not have killed him this time, but what is to stop him from trying again? Overall, this show had some very pivotal plot twists and I am really looking forward to seeing how they manage to complete the storylines from here - and without Marion and Will Scarlett who are crucial characters in the legend itself. I'm all for creative liscencing, but there are lines. This episode crossed a number of them.
  • We are Robin Hood but there aren't many of us left!

    Suspend your disbelief - it's the only way to watch this series - and the season 2 finale works very well. Threads are drawn together and then spun apart again, so there are quite a few cliffhangers to take into series 3. It's difficult to go into any detail without giving spoilers, but some of the open questions are: Did they really get married? Who really died? Is there any way back for Guy? Who will make it home? Who are the outlaws now?

    The only flaw in this episode was not enough Sheriff time. He has so many of the best lines.
  • Wow! What a way to end the season! It had everything we have come to love about Robin Hood all rolled up into one. Robin's long awaited return to the Holy land finally came and what a return it was along with the death of one of our most loved characters.

    There were so many things that made this episode special! All the way through I was on the edge of my seat. (Not literally, but hey!) The writers really went to full mile with this one didn't they? We saw the return of Alan a Dale (It's about bloody time,) the long awaited get together of Will and Djaq and we finally meet King Richard. But there's one thing that I'm sure everyone will remember this episode for, the death of Robin's beloved Lady Marian.

    We have seen Marian 'die' once before it the finale of season one, but there's no going back on this one. I could feel the emotion as guy drove blade in anger through Marian's body. She fell against him, shock still in her eyes, where he let her fall bitterly to the ground. Disgraced by himself Guy fled as Robin came running to see the love of his life lying helplessly upon the ground, blade and all. What a tear jerking scene? Yes I cried! As the two marry in the little time Marian has left, I have a feeling Robin will take her words to heart. "Keep on fighting." I don't think this battle is over yet and I don't think Marian will ever be forgotten!

    I'm certain that this episode has seen the start of a new relationship between guy and Robin. I don't think there can be any going back for Guy now, and Robin will want his revenge. Although there has always been loathing between the two, Robin's main goal had always been justice and peace but I think all that is about to change. Guy has a lot more to hate Robin for (His forbidden love with Marian) And, man, does Robin have a lot to hate Guy for!

    The ending of series two does however leave us with many questions. What will become of Will and Djaq? Where does this leave the Sheriff and his Black Knights? But most of all what can we expects from Robin in series three? With the Sheriff's plot exposed and left in pieces, will Robin get his lands and title back? It's hard to think of a reason why he wouldn't. However I for one sure hope that the writers can. I think being and outlaw is what makes Robin of Locksley Robin Hood, and if they take that away I'm sure the show will lose a huge amount of its appeal. Don't get me wrong I would love to see Robin and the King finally battle the Black Knights, but could things ever really be the same without the cheeky, rule-breaking, outlaw we have all come to love? I guess next series we'll be finding out!