Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 3

Who Shot the Sheriff?

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 21, 2006 on BBC
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The Sheriff's bailiff is murdered and rumours point to Robin being the culprit. However, he believes it to be a do-gooder known as the Nightwatchman. Robin and the Sheriff form an unholy alliance to find the true identity of the murderer.

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Dorian Thomas

Dorian Thomas

Lucky Matthew

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Kwame Kwei-Armah

Kwame Kwei-Armah

De Fourtnoy (Master-at-Arms)

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Sam Hazeldine

Sam Hazeldine


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    • Robin: (As john Little rips of the wood on the door of the mill) I hereby declare this mill open for business.

    • Robin: (Robin gives Kate a sack of gold) Take this, its for you and Owen in memory of your son.

    • Robin: Owen.
      Owen: You were using us, you and the Sheriff
      Robin: I am not.
      Owen: Fighting your own personal battle, using us as pawns.

    • Robin: (Robin and the boys walk into Nettlestone and bring the villagers food) I am no killer, I bring food to show my goodwill. I am your friend, my men are tired and hungry this is the last of our food.

    • Much: Today if there are no dogs, I would like to sleep.
      Robin: I have a better idea.
      Alan-A-Dale: Another one?
      Roy: Well if its as good as saving the sheriff's life, then I'm with cheese boy.

    • Robin: (Robin takes the sheriff's sack of gold) This is for me saving your life.

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: (Robin sneaks into the Sheriff's room and wakes him up) Why can it never be a beautiful women?

    • Robin: John I need you to take over I have to go to the castle, enough is enough we stop running now.
      Will: You're not going to give yourself in again?
      Robin: Not this time.

    • Robin: Owen I swear I could never hurt Matthew.
      Kate: Matthew, don't you say his name, don't you put those words in your mouth.
      Robin: I swear I never killed Matthew.

    • Robin: I'm fighting for you, the sheriff hangs people for stealing bed, he cuts out their tongues, he divides us.

    • Much: He's saying you killed Joderic.
      Robin: Of course he is.
      Much: Yes but he's making us look like criminals.
      Roy: You know we are criminals.

    • Robin: Every time somebody breaks bread in Nettlestone they will thank you.
      Joderic: Sure.
      Robin: Do me a favour, tell them you have not seen me, tell them this was your own scheme.
      Joderic: Why?
      Robin: My friends think I am vain.

    • Much: Let's go, what are you waiting for?
      Robin: Nothing.
      Much: Oh please.
      Robin: What?
      Much: You want to see the look on her face don't you, see the gratitude.

    • Robin: (Of the villagers who've reviled him) I walked away from my home… for them. I gave myself up to the Sheriff, for them.
      Allan-a-Dale: You gave Joderic money for them.
      Roy: I never really did understand that.

    • Robin: (Robin gives the sheriff a tag) This is for you, for future reference anybody wearing one of those is with me.
      Sheriff of Nottingham:: Robin, does it go with my dress?

    • Marian: (about Robin) He has to have the glory, doesn't he?
      Much: Glory? No. I think he just wants to be loved.

    • Robin: Can I ask you a question? Why do they call you the Night Watchman when you come out in the day?
      Marian: I don't normally. You know I can't be seen. And I did not choose the name.
      Robin: Anyway, you do not need to do it anymore. Day or night.
      Marian: Now you're here, you mean?
      Robin: Yes.
      Marian: My father had me taught to fight. He wanted me to have choices in the world. And I choose to help the poor. You are not about to stop me doing that.
      Robin: But does your father know what you're doing?
      Marian: He thinks I enjoy embroidery.

    • Guy of Gisborne: I just came to inform you that I am to be the new master-at-arms.
      De Fourtnoy: I don't believe you. I'd need to hear that from the Sheriff himself.
      Guy of Gisborne: That will not be possible, I'm afraid.
      De Fourtnoy: I have been a loyal servant. I have…
      Guy of Gisborne: What?
      De Fourtnoy: I've even killed for him.
      Guy of Gisborne: Yeah, the Sheriff thought you might say that. Which is why I am to be the new master-at-arms
      (Guy of Gisborne pulls out a dagger and stabs De Fourtnoy in the back, killing him)

    • Robin: Lacey had no reason to kill stable-boys and washerwomen. But you did. It suited you to have people think I was the killer.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Interesting idea. I wish I'd thought of it.
      Robin: You did. Admit it.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: How can I admit? You swore that you would kill me if I ever did such a thing.
      Robin: (pulls a dagger on the Sheriff) I meant it.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: And that's why no-one will ever know.

    • Robin: Why did you kill them, Joe?
      Joe Lacey: My Ruth, she worked all her life in the castle. When she lay dying, where was the Sheriff? Did he come and visit? Did he send food? No, he sent Joderic because we hadn't paid our taxes. He put us out and she died like a dog on the street. And now, so will he.
      Robin: You kill that Sheriff, Prince John will send another one. And the people of that village will be tortured because the Sheriff died there.
      Joe Lacey: It's just me then. What, am I the only man in Nottingham who can say what he likes, do what he likes?

    • Guy of Gisborne: My fellow Englishmen, your Sheriff and I bring you a gift. That gift is the reminder that we are free and we should walk free. Today, your Sheriff and I show no fear. Today, we defy Robin Hood. Today, we walk among you to show you that life goes on. We will not hide or cower in the face of outlaws; we will not change our lives to suit their campaigns of terror. We hold our heads high. Laws exist to protect us. If we allow Robin Hood to flout these laws, if we support him when he undermines basic justice, the taking of flour or bread, then where will we stop? We give him the right to ignore another law and another and, finally, to condone the taking of a human life. But that too is a law made to protect us.

    • Much: You just want everyone to love you.
      Robin: No! I do not want to be branded a killer. It is different.
      Much: You want to be loved! But I tell you something, it's not fair. I love you but no-one gives me any food. Yet people who do not love you are fed.
      Robin: Oh, Much.
      Much: The world is wrong. We're feeding people who do not love us and saving a man who wants us dead. I've changed my mind. I no longer love you. Now can I eat?

    • Marian: Does anything touch you, Robin?
      Robin: What does that mean?
      Marian: It means you wander around as if nothing could hurt you. As if arrows would bounce off you. I do not think I have ever seen you hurt.
      Robin: Oh, I have been hurt.
      Marian: Tell me. Hmm? See? You think it is strong not to feel. But if you cannot admit you feel, how can you understand when others feel? How can you be a whole man?
      Robin: I feel when innocent people are shot down. I feel when my men are hunted like animals. I feel when good people turn against me.
      Marian: I was talking about you to someone today, a good man, someone who still remembers you from the old days. And, you know, there are still people who love you.

    • Marian: I think the killer is De Fourtnoy, the master-at-arms.
      Robin: Because?
      Marian: Well, he was right there when the maid was killed. And think about it, a murderer on the loose merely consolidates his position. This situation is in his interests.
      Robin: Well, I intend to change this situation.
      Marian: You think just because you want to change things, you can?
      Robin: It's hard to change the things you do not want to change.

    • Robin: It seemed to me that someone wants you dead.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, God. What's new? Welcome to my world.
      Robin: I came to your room unseen. If the killer is half as good as me, he will do the same.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: And your point is?
      Robin: I can catch him for you.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Two questions. How? And why?
      Robin: Ride through Nettlestone Village. Parade yourself. Make sure everybody knows you're there. That will draw out the killer and my men will shoot him.
      Sheriff of Nottingham What about my men?
      Robin: Mine are invisible.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Supposing I agree… why?
      Robin: Innocent people are being killed. I cannot allow that.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, come along, Robin. That's just pillow talk, isn't it? You can be honest with me. That's not the real reason, is it? Do you want to know what the real reason is? Nobody loves you anymore. They've turned against you, the common serfs. And really those are the people that love you the most. And that's what you can't allow to happen.

    • Joe Lacey: You're trying to prove it couldn't be him. You still love him.
      Marian: No. Who?
      Joe Lacey: Tell him. Not that you ever see him, but tell him. Good people do still love him.

    • Joe Lacey: I'll say anything, I will. I'm from the days when you could. Nowadays, we hold our tongues, those of us lucky enough to still have them. Say one thing when we mean another.

    • Marian: Forgive me. All these killings, they are attributed to Robin Hood - but what proof is there? There were no witnesses. How could he have moved about the castle unchallenged by your guards? And you yourself must have been there moments before the maid was killed.
      De Fourtnoy: That I cannot recall.
      Marian: And from one point of view, the killing have been useful, no? Given you the chance to shine?

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: Have you put it about that he's killed at least twice?
      De Fourtnoy: Yes, my lord.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Good. (pause) Do you think… two deaths are enough? Hmm...To get them to really turn against him, the rabble? If we're going to blame Hood, well let's do it properly. What do you think? I think maybe… a few more deaths. Be interesting, you know, pretty deaths. Not just boys, but… pretty deaths.

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: Tell Gisborne to double the dogs.
      De Fourtnoy: But, my lord, I thought you said it could not be Hood?
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Two words - mud sticks. Hood's already been blamed for one death, let's blame him for two. Let Gisborne have his hunt. Meanwhile, you find out who's really behind this.

    • Robin: I need you to look in the castle.
      Marian: I need you to not tell me what to do.
      Robin: Please! I must clear my name.
      Marian: What about catching the killer? Is that not more important than your name?
      Robin: If people do not trust me, then what good can I do?

    • Marian: You really do think everything is about you, don't you?
      Robin: Only when it is about me!
      Marian: You have given him a stick to beat you with. You killed an innocent clerk and now, here he is, making the most of it!
      Robin: I did not do it!
      Marian: Are you sure?
      Robin: It was the so-called non-violent Night Watchman.
      Marian: No.
      Robin: I saw him. I was there.
      Marian: It was not the Night Watchman.
      Robin: How do you know?
      Marian: I know.

    • De Fourtnoy: (discussing the killing of the bailiff, believed to be done by Robin) There is a political advantage to be had here.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Robin Hood has given us the high ground. We should keep it. My thoughts exactly.
      De Fourtnoy: We could have the town criers announce what's taken place, make sure everybody knows an innocent was killed.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Good. We are going to win hearts and minds.
      Guy of Gisborne: My lord, I still believe actions rather than words. If I had the resources, I could deal with them. I could hunt them down.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Very well. We shall do both and may the best man win.

    • Robin: Who is it?
      Will: The Night Watchman.
      Robin: I've never heard of him.
      Will: The Night Watchman? Been around for years. Maybe you were off on the Crusade. He's a good man. He's talked about in all the villages. He's been seen in Nottingham, even at the Castle. Always at night.
      Roy: Leaves medicine and stuff. Food. Sheriff's men are ordered to shoot him on sight, but he'd never harm a fly.

    • Joderic: Two things are certain in life; death and taxes.
      Robin: But when the death is caused by the taxes, something is rotten.

    • (after crawling out from under the covers of Marian's bed)
      Robin: So this is you with your hair down.

    • Sheriff: Did she see you?
      De Fourtney: She's guessing, my lord, she's a girl.

    • Sheriff: (to Matthew) New boy how are you finding you new job? (laughs) Oh don't worry, you know you're a lucky boy, while you Dad's mill is shut you could be running through the forest chased by hounds...(just then an arrow sails through the window hitting "lucky" Matthew square in the back)

    • Joe Lacey: I shot the sheriff!
      Sheriff: No you shot the deputy!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Joderic: (to Robin) Two things are certain in life; death and taxes.

      Ben Franklin once said "Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." after fighting against the unfair exemption from taxation of weathly American Landowners much like the nobles in Robin Hood.

      It is also the name of a documentary film Death & Taxes is a 1993 documentary film about Gordon Kahl, a tax protester (who protested unfair taxation much like Robin Hood) who was killed in a shootout with local law enforcement officials in Arkansas in 1983.

    • The episode title "Who Shot the Sheriff" alludes to the 1973 Bob Marley song "I Shot the Sheriff".
      The song starts: "I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot no deputy". This is confirmed when it turns out in the episode that the master-at-arms turned assassin has again failed to kill the Sheriff but has indeed shot his "Deputy".