Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 1

Will You Tolerate This?

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on BBC

Episode Recap

Nottinghamshire, England: 1192

Robin and Much are nearing their home of Locksley when they encounter a young man being punished for his crimes. The loss of a hand or even a finger, being a far cry from the punishment associated with the crime of hunting a deer, Robin sees the act as a great injustice. With a little trickery, he and Much fool the Sheriff's men into believing they are surrounded and they release the man, only for Much to accidentally give them away.
Escaping, and with the promise of food, Robin and Much help a farmer dig a ditch, but the pair find themselves on the run once more after he catches Robin with his daughter.
Returning to Locksley, they are greeted with fear and mistrust, and discover that in Robin's absence, Sir Guy of Gisborne has governed his lands. Many villagers including the Scarlett family have suffered terribly.
When Sir Guy of Gisborne has three men taken away for stealing, including Will and Luke Scarlett, Robin seeks advice from the old Sheriff Sir Edward, and is glad to find that his childhood sweetheart Marian remains unmarried, though she is less than forthcoming, and her father refuses to help.
Robin confronts the new Sheriff at a meeting, to which he invites himself, and slights him with disrespect before the gathering. He visits the captives in the dungeons, where Allan-A-Dale, the young man he helped outside of Locksley, tries to get himself saved with the others, only to wind up sharing their fate. Hanging.
Robin's pleas for mercy fall on the Sheriff's deaf ears. Frustrated and defiant, Robin launches a daring rescue, saving the prisoners and becoming an outlaw in the process. He survives with the discreet help of Marian. Robin, Much, Will and Allan flee to Sherwood Forest. While they are pondering what the future holds in store for them, another band of outlaws creeps up behind them…