Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 1

Will You Tolerate This?

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on BBC

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  • Robin Hood, the wailing version, or: "how to destroy a good story by forcing "messages" down the throat of the viewer"

    The story of Robin I have to say, I've stopped watching after the dismissive voice of "I hear dying men [in war] cry for their mothers"
    the almost soviet manner that this show shoves its "message" onto the viewer ("show me an argument...") does proves, to me, that its creator does not think much of his viewers.

    The original story was plenty good enough. the rebellion against tyranny was clear enough. the modern need to spell out loud , to infest a "message" into everything, demeans the viewer, just another way to make the viewer sink even deeper into his couch. DON'T THINK! WATCH AND CONSUME!!

    Not for me, this confection.
  • A good pilot.


    Robin Hood, the classic tale of a thief who opposed the nobles. I questioned how it would have fared out in a television format, but the first episode delivered. It started out a bit shaky; that scene with Robin battling the cloth maker because he was making out with his daughter really felt like it was floating around. Didn't serve a purpose later on in the episode. It probably will later on in the show, but not here in the first episode. And the daughter, full blown with make-up, didn't feel like a great portrayal of a medieval times woman.

    When he reached Nottingham, the events felt at first forced and a bit too dramatic. Though as it went on and the events started to involve politics and the Sheriff, things were kicking into gear. Did a great job of introducing the setting and characters that are going to play a prominent role in this television series.

  • It seems that there will be action in the next episodes...I like that.

    Robin and Much came back to England after some years and found out that it changed. There was action and a little bit humor in this episode, which is always good. I think that this show has a good potential. I really like Robin Hood's story and the 12th century is very interesting, I hope they'll do well in this show because so far it's pretty interesting, I hope it will be thrilling and yet funny sometimes.

    Usually in TV shows, the first episode isn't that clear and you usually don't understand who are the characters and such. But what I liked in this one is that you can clearly understand whats going on. It's not misterious or something like that...

    I hope I'll like the rest of the episodes :)
  • For somone who grew up in Sherwood Forset, surrounded by the legend of Robin Hood this was a delighful way to bring the 12th century hero into the 21st century.

    I grew up in the centre of Sherwood forest and thus was surrounded by the legend of Robin Hood and his Merry men. Learning that a new, modern, Robin Hood was to come out I greatly looked forward to it. it didnt let me down.

    The plot lines were clear, precise and and well written. The characters were rounded and well played, and the setts and locations were beautifully designed and used. The onscreen chemistry bettween maid marian (Lucy Grifiths) and Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong) was just what was needed for the main couple. Much the miller's son, was involved after being ignored for a long time in the tales. Allan A Dale, Little John, Will Scarlet are all given the weight in the story they deserve.

    The largest fault i can find with the series is the forest used for sherwood forest. However only someone who grew up in Sherwood can tell that the forest used is nothing like sherwood at all. The surroundings of nottingham castle are a little better but still wrong wrong for that particular part of england. All in all i am greatly looking orwards to the rest of the series, to see how Robin goes on against the sherrif.
  • Robin arrives back home to find England changed a great deal and not for the better. Eventually Robin has to retreat to the forest as an outlaw because of saving the lives of peseants from his village.

    I really enjoyed the first episode as it was a good indicator of what was to come. I like the new "marian" without the maid and the more idependent and srong willed version really updates it from the slightly more withering types that have come before. I also think that Jonas Armstrong (robin hood) is very good as he portrays a Robin Hood with flaws which shows a wholer person a more real person. Keith Allen is amazing as the sheriff with his funny but dark interpratation of then main nemisis to robin hood.
    Overall i really enjoyed this episode and I think this is the start of something good
  • It seemed too explainatory... but I commend the actors on this episode.

    An excellent episode, but the whole episode was pretty much explaining what had happened before this. While it was interesting, I wanted to see some action, and not see Robin taunting the Sheriff the whole time. On a lighter note, the actors did very good for a first episode. Keith Allan played his role as the Sheriff brilliantly, and Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne made me shiver everytime he made a sour remark. Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood was played very well. The scene with Sarah and the scene at the end particulary entranced me. Lucy Griffiths as Lady Marian annoyed me in her role, but she played it very good(Although mostly everyone has a love/hate relationship with her). And finally some smaller characters, Sam Troughton as Much never ceased to make me laugh, Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett makes me want to be quiet and think all day, and Joe Armstrong as Alan A Dale had my laughing at his face as they escaped on the horses. All in all, a very good episode.
  • interesting...

    I must admit that when I saw previews for this show, I did not think that it would be very good. However, it was much better than expected. This was a pretty good as pilot epsiodes go with amusing characters and an interesting plot. The actors all fit very well with the characters they are meant to play and the plot was very clear. There were no random problems or fighting which is always a good thing for a new TV program. True, at the times when there were fight scenes they ended up being a little cheesy but what else can you expect from television? This pilot epsiode kept me interested and that all that really matters for the start of a series.
  • Cute, flashy fun

    It took a while for me to figure out if this show was serious or a spoof. I see now that it is supposed to be a fun, dramatic anachronistic account of the legend of Robin Hood. The first episode was good; it has definitely drawn me into the show. I thought the Sheriff was a little overdone, trying to mix a sinister nature with a goofy one. But I like Robin a lot, and I enjoyed his archery skills. Much (sp?) is funny. The only part I didn't like was when Robin addressed the lords about the Crusade. I thought it was preachy. I know they are not trying to make this an historical epic, but no English lord would have spoken against the Crusades as "Pope Gregory's war". An unnecessary war, a costly war, yes, but Robin's speech was a little too modern for my taste. I greatly enjoyed the gallows scene.
  • Robin comes to save the day!

    There is a new sheriff in town, Mariam is all grown up and the people are being hanged for the silliest little crimes. WHen he comes home and finds out that there is a new lord taking care of his land and he sends him away. But when he finds out that there are 3 of his people in jail to be hanged for robbing a store to get a sack of flower. Then Robin is forced to execute them. Does Robin have what it takes to save his people from the trecherous sheriff who thinks he can control the people.
  • Amusing and silly, in a good way.

    The first few minutes of the episode show that this show isn't meant to be taken seriously. Whoever is doing the advertising for the show might want to take notice of that. I started watching it with the belief that it would be a serious drama. I imagine some people would be disappointed to realize it wasn't.

    The Good...

    The episode does a fairly good job at introducing its characters. Some shows with multiple characters had trouble with this. Of course, it helps that people know about many of the characters beforehand. I cared about the characters.

    The plot was understandable and entertaining.

    Marian keeping a little weapon in her hair and being able to use it. Sure, it's been done before, but I still enjoyed it. It shows a bit more about her character.

    The Bad...

    I was annoyed towards the end when Robin is rescuing those who are hanging. He's taking time to make his point with words between each shot while the men (and two boys) are hanging. I know it helps make his point and adds a bit of drama, but his skill as an archer would have been more impressive if he didn't take pauses between each shot.

    Robin throwing his sword to save Much. It seemed too easy given the dramatics for it.
  • Adventurous, Fun, Exciting

    I am so happy about this show, I think it's very adventurous which of course you expect from Robin Hood, and I think the writers did a fantastic job in introducing the main characters. The plotline is fun and shows the dangerous as well as humorous side of the characters. I love that there's a playfulness as well as a seriousness about the show. Of course we know that we're in for an exciting ride, the character of Robin Hood is a classic, and known for fun, thrills, and daring. I look forward to watching how this show plays out and what happens to this wonderful band of outlaws!!!!
  • Robin and Much return to Locksley to discover a new sherrif in town who abuses his power and deals out unjustified punishment for petty crimes. In an act open of defiance, Robin frees four prisoners and is forced into exile.

    This episode basically introduces all the main characters of the show and develops who they are and how they react to things. I think the characters are highly believable and can be easily related to and embraced by all. People who dislike this episode need to understand that the first few episodes will probably develop the plot and characters mostly and need to be patient with what is already, in my opinion, a good show. The actors were cast perfectly and all play their roles well. This show has a light-hearted feel to it, which greatly adds to the uniqueness of the show. I highly recommend that people tune in to watch this reenactment of a timless classic
  • A new take on the Robin Hood legend.

    Whilst no one can argue that this is no masterpiece theatre, there is better to come from this new version of the Robin Hood legacy.

    Some of the characters (or acting) is a little strained but, having seen future episodes, this does improve as the show progresses. If you saw the first episode and were disappointed please watch the next episode - it will be worth it.
  • This episode is an introduction to how Robin, Earl of Locksley becomes a savior for the poor.

    The episode starts out with Robin's recent arrival from the crusades. He and his newly freed man-servant, Much, save a man from having a finger cut off for poaching in the kings forest. He and his former slave scare the soldiers away by making them believe that Robin has men hidden in the trees. The soldiers realize they have been fooled and they chase after Robin and Much. They give the soldiers the slip and stop by a man digging a ditch. Much was hungry and the two agree to do the mans digging for a meal. Robin ends up making out with the mans daughter and Robin and Much must run again. They arrive in Locksley and everyone acts strangely afraid. Guy of Gisbourne has been watching the village. Robin saves some kids from being punished for theft. But another theft the kids make cannot be defended by Robin.

    Robin appeals several time to not have the kids punished. But it is of no use and they were hanged. But before they could die by the noose Robin shoots an arrow through the ropes hanging the convicted teens.

    After Robins escape to the Sherwood forest, Little John announces that they are trespassing.
  • A worse re-interpretation than enterprise!

    I have to say I was trying not to look forward to this too much so that I would give it a chance. However this was sooo bad I will not be watching any more episodes as 1 hour of my life is too much to waste on this clap trap. The acting is atrocious. Borat would have made a more convincing Robin. He just looks too young. In trying to make it ‘hip’ and modern the Beeb has succeeded in making it look like it was shot in the 1990’s which actually gives it a much more dated and clichéd feel that I thought possible. The ticker tape at the bottom of the screen announcing locations makes me think of the x-files and the like.

    While I was willing to forgive crazy bowmanship from Robin the final scene where he throws his sword and knocks out two of the sheriffs men holding his sidekick high on the ramparts was the final nail in the coffin.

    At least with the likes of Enterprise I was willing to give it a few episodes and even go back after a while to see if it got any better but never again for this new Robin Hood. The only reason it gets a two is that there surely must be worse out there than this, somewhere, there has to be.

    In comparison Torchwood looks like it might be ok, even if it is based in Cardiff (no offence meant against the Welsh but even you have to admit it is a little odd).
  • What happened? - A pleasantly humorous tv show gone to pot! What a shame that the quality has dropped so early into the series.

    I don't know if it will recover. It was Disjointed, obvious & full of more cliches than a pomegranate is full of pips. I very much enjoyed the first couple of episodes and could happily overlook its complete lack historical accuracy, because it was funny & adventurous - but between episode 2 & 3 did the writer suddenly suffer a brain injury? It wasn't funny just absurd - Robin running away opens a door and ends up in bed with Maid Marian, and when did she become a super hero? To sum up this episode, it has caused a severe possibly fatal injury to this series - the series will end quickly if the quality is not improved.
  • No we wont tolerate this rubbish Robin hood With modern hair styles A cast of non actors and childrens tv plots

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear

    Robin has the carisma of a dead parrot this legendary man of the people barely has a personality.
    The actor playing him(i dont think i`ll bother learning his name we wont be seeing him again)is a truly appauling actor.
    His merry men are also suitable bland,the only bright spot is keith allen as the sheriff a dark sadistic man who really doesnt give a f*ck
    If watched as a comedy Robin hood works quite well.
    Anyone who ever seen garth mergengi knows how good, bad tv can be.
    Avoid unless drunk or retarded
  • The beginning of a new series!

    The start to this new Robin Hood series was not as briliant as I expected it to be however it did tick all the boxes in that it has the promises of romance, conflict and adventure.

    This epoisode set the tone between Robin and the rest of the characters on the show, clearly there is some past history that we are yeet to learn about.

    With the roots of the series planted and the common knowledge of the legend of Robin Hood it will be interesting to see what interpretation and extras this series will add.

    I look forward to watching this series develop and I hope that the next episode proves to be a bit more of an adrenaline rush.
  • Surprisingly good!!

    I started watching this show with no expectations, so it didn't let me down. It offers the perfect balance of humour, drama and action, and doesn't demand a lot of concentration to follow.
    I actually found it quite exciting and funny and it will certainly make Saturday nights in bearable. After a very good first episode, Robin Hood could certainly become one of my favourite shows.
  • Will You Tolerate This? Just about, yes.

    I'm sorry. I couldn't resist a smartarse answer to an episode title that is practically screaming for one. In this opening episode, Robin and his bumbling manservant Much return to England and to Robin’s village of Locksley after an absence of years fighting in the Crusades. But the Locksley Robin returns to is not the place he remembered. A climate of fear, harsh taxation and even harsher punishment for minor infractions is presided over by Guy of Gisborne and the new Sheriff of Nottingham. When Robin is asked to preside over the hanging of four of his own peasants, he decides enough is enough and makes a stand against the Sheriff. This episode is enjoyable enough- mostly exposition and setting up character- but whilst it’s perfectly adequate, it’s certainly nothing special. Such damning by faint praise is probably going to be the lot of this show.

    Firstly, the good stuff. Jonas Armstrong has been quite correctly cast as Robin; he gave a good, strong performance. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome devil (with very piercing, quite lovely eyes). So, even if the script’s not up to a lot, there’s still some quite delicious eye-candy on display. Shallow, shallow, yes, I know. But for the straight guys (and any lesbians in the audience), there’s also the rather alluring form of Lucy Griffiths as Marian. And gone is the cliché of helpless female; Marian kicks some ass here and that's entirely welcome. She too is strong, wonderful in all her scenes and even gets to save Robin’s life by throwing a sharp hairpin at an attacking soldier. Other performances of note are Richard Armitage (strong and brooding as Guy of Gisborne, with shades of Sean Bean); Sean Murray as Dan Scarlett (father of Will and friend to Robin, who explains the new regime to an angry Robin), and Harry Lloyd, who plays Will Scarlett- he impressed in the few scenes he had.

    Now, for the not so good stuff. Much irritated the hell out of me – but I can’t decide if it’s the writing for that character or Sam Troughton’s performance? Probably a little of both. I had the same problem with Allan A Dale; he could be a successful character if Joe Armstrong could just tone his performance down. Speaking of that, Keith Allen’s a bit too pantomime villain at times as the Sheriff– you can’t really take him too seriously, and facile scenes such as him crushing a bird between his hands won’t help to make him more of a threat. Some of the stunt work was a bit too over-the-top (especially the swordfight between Robin and Sarah’s father). The music’s too intrusive and the way of introducing each new location with a shooting arrow sound-effect is very irritating. Several bits of direction and a few effects don’t fit in either, but I do realise that it’s the first episode so they may still be trying to find the right tone. Let’s just hope they don’t take too long to do it.

    It passed the time pleasantly enough. There were some good bits, there were some bad bits. There's not a lot left to say. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give it is that I will be watching the second episode next week.
  • Good but nothing special...

    I didn't really know what to expect from Robin Hood except for it to be of a fairly good quality, considering it was filling the slot of the highly popular Doctor Who. After eventually watching the episode I should have really known that they would have gone for a light hearted family orientated action kind of thing as it is on Saturday night prime time TV. Considering this show is for the whole family, I guess it has succeeded as it keeps you entertained throughout, combining comedy and action plus having underlying morals (do the right thing, give to the poor etc etc), but the episode didn't leave on much of a cliff hanger that left you wanting more. I didn't think the acting was anything special but it wasn't distracting either so on the whole it was a fairly good first episode that set the foundations for the rest of the series. If I was judging the series purely on this episode then I wouldn't be getting over excited but I'm going to give it a chance and hope that the next couple of episodes will hook me. The problem I can see with this series is that most people know the story of Robin Hood and they'll need to keep it exciting to get the viewers and I don't know whether we'll get this...I hope it proves me wrong.
  • Can you spell huge disappointment? I spell it Robin Hood

    What the hell did i just watch? oh thats right one of the worst 45 minutes of television in the last 30 years. The story was average at best but what really let it down was the acting. Not one convinced me in their roles. The bloke who played Sir Guy was maybe the WORST actor i have ever ever seen. He was the best out of all the people who auditioned was he? man, the others must have been really really bad. If the BBC think they can have a Doctor Who size success with this then they are going to be hugely disappointed. As for the thieves who stole the tapes? well they should be knighted for services to humanity for trying to prevent anyone having to watch this.
  • A saturday tea-time pantomime.

    I was expecting more from this show, but it is quite jolly entertainment something along the lines of a modernised Errol Flynn adaptation, lots of swash and buckle in store I reckon.

    Robin's adoption of the Saracen Bow (and sword) was a bit of a disappointment. Hope it breaks soon so he gets a proper English longbow, shouldn't be messing with all this foreign stuff.

    There are few subtleties in the plot. Robin is a cheeky hoodie, the Sherrif is a very bad man (squishes songbirds for fun), there are many buxom wenches. There is a cheap shot at modern-day politics with the concept that the distant War in the Holy Land is cripling the local populace with high taxes, and the Sherrif comments that we must "stand shoulder to shoulder with Pope Gregory". Sounds just a bit familiar, but too simplistic to really reflect the politics of the time.

    There could have been much more done to get historical accuracy in the sets and costumes. As it is it seems a little camped-up for the cameras, rather than grittily realistic.
  • Not the best ever pilot

    There were considerble high expectations around this series and I for one am not really convinced. Having seen various versions over the years I wonder why we needed another one. But for a first episode it was okay, some of the camera effects were over the top and frankly annoying and the considerable volume of characters introduced spolit it.

    The basis for a long complex story have been set here but for a pilot episode it is often better to have a resonably well contained tale rather than a tale with consequences. That said its not fair to judge just yet. I was cynical about the revival of Doctor Who but I really got into it especially with David Tennat. Jonas Armstrong makes a good Robin, he seems slightly out of place in all that he did in the first episode, too noble for everyday life, but too common for a life in the court. The comedy felt mistimed and some of the possible long term plots seem ham-fisted with too many characters introduced in a first episode. I understand the cast of old Robin Hood versions were considerable but the episode plot had so many meanderings with so many sub-characters it made it difficult to identify the key players.

    A not great start, but too early to pass judgement.