Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 1

Will You Tolerate This?

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on BBC

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  • It seems that there will be action in the next episodes...I like that.

    Robin and Much came back to England after some years and found out that it changed. There was action and a little bit humor in this episode, which is always good. I think that this show has a good potential. I really like Robin Hood's story and the 12th century is very interesting, I hope they'll do well in this show because so far it's pretty interesting, I hope it will be thrilling and yet funny sometimes.

    Usually in TV shows, the first episode isn't that clear and you usually don't understand who are the characters and such. But what I liked in this one is that you can clearly understand whats going on. It's not misterious or something like that...

    I hope I'll like the rest of the episodes :)