Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 1

Will You Tolerate This?

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode Guy of Gisborne tells Robin he has seen him fight before, when Robin asks where he replies "I don't recall". Gisborne deliberately lies to Robin as we discover in the episode "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" it was actually him who stabbed Robin at the Holy Wars, but Gisborne does not want to reveal to Robin that he has tried to assasinate the king.

  • Quotes

    • Marian: My father seems to think he should see you. Come tonight after midnight. Our house is watched, take care not to be seen.
      Robin: Don't worry, I can look after myself.
      Marian: Do you think I care about you? I care about my father. Do you think you can slight these people in public and get away with it. You are an utter fool.

    • (Much yelling at the Sheriff's guards as they leave, after being fooled.)
      Much: We have won, and they should be ashamed! Shame on you! Come back here again and my master and I shall see that you leave with more than just your Tails between your legs!
      Head Guard: My master and I? There are only two of them!
      Much: (Wide-eyed) I shouldn't have said that.

    • (Much and Robin have been rebuffed by Edward and Marian)
      Robin: Interesting.
      Much: Interesting? That was unbelievable! They used to treat us like...well, like sons.
      Robin: She is still unmarried.

    • Robin: (Speaking with Allan-A-Dale in the dungeon) Your lies today may be your undoing, I cannot save the others and now I fear you may share the same fate.

    • Robin: Good morning everyone, Sheriff, well carry on.
      Sheriff of Nottingham:Locksley Welcome back, I trust Lord Gisbon has managed your estates to your satisfaction.
      Robin: I believe he may have managed them to your satisfaction.

    • Guy of Gisborne: Do not pretend that you do not love war, I've seen you fight.
      Robin: When?
      Guy of Gisborne: I don't recall.
      Robin: I have changed.

    • Luke Scarlett: Is it true you can hit a man from a mile away, Pop said one day I'll be able to do that.
      Robin: Well let's hope you'll never have to shoot a man Luke.
      Luke Scarlett: That's what dad says.

    • Roy: (Robin and the boys sit by the camp fire, when all of a sudden they are surrounded by archers) Excuse me, this is our forest.

    • Robin: (After Robin shoots 5 arrows which just misses the hand of a guard) It seems I missed your hand, let him go before my aim improves.

    • (after escaping the hanging, Robin and company hide in Sherwood Forest)
      Allan-A-Dale: This is your lodge now, my friend. Sherwood Lodge.
      Much: I'm not your friend.

    • Robin: (having taken a bow and arrows from one of the Sheriff's knights) People of Nottingham! (shoots an arrow through one of the ropes, saving one man) These men have committed no crime worth more than a spell in the stocks. (shoots an arrow through another one of the ropes, saving another) Will you tolerate this injustice? I, for one, will not! (shoots two arrows through the remaining ropes, saving the other two men)

    • (Jeffrey tries to stop Will, Luke, Benedict and Allan from hanging by posing as a clergyman)
      Jeffrey: On behalf of Anthony, our bishop, I claim benefit of clergy for these men. They cannot hang.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: These are not holy men; these men cannot plead the cloth. Get on with it.
      Jeffrey: I came last night to administer their Last Rites
      Sheriff of Nottingham: So?
      Jeffrey: And each one came to God through me, repenting their sins and asking to take the cloth. I felt duty-bound to consult the bishop and he, in turn, conferred status of novice onto each man.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: Shut up.
      Jeffrey: (reading from a parchment) 'I, Anthony, Very Reverend vicar apostolic, hereby confer…'
      Sheriff of Nottingham: SHUT UP! Is this possible?
      Cleric: They could not have become novices overnight.
      Jeffrey: They are become postulants! Novice novices, if you like. And so are under protection of the church.
      Sheriff of Nottingham: 'Novice novices'? How novel. Well, hang them (points to the scaffold) and arrest him (points to Jeffrey).

    • Robin: How did this monster become Sheriff?
      Sir Edward: I did not watch my back. Prince John gives out the Shires in his brother's absence. My bid was not accepted.
      Robin: What can be done?
      Sir Edward: I can do nothing. I am watched and I must think of my daughter. When I do speak out, no-one listens. Robin, it is down to you, my friend.
      Much: What can we do?
      Sir Edward: Play Nottingham's game. Speak to the lords. Slowly, you can turn them. But do not make the mistake I and others have made, and make your dissent public. Consolidate your position quietly.
      Robin: I do not have time! Tomorrow, I am to order the hanging of four of my own peasants.
      Sir Edward: It will be the long game, I'm afraid.
      Robin: Will and Luke Scarlett cannot wait. Benedict Giddens. Allan-A-Dale.
      Marian: You must let them die, it is a test. Fail it and there will be consequences.
      Robin: Perhaps.
      Marian: Definitely! This is not a game…
      (Sir Edward raises a hand and Marian stops speaking)
      Sir Edward: My daughter speaks when she should not, but she is right. You have no choice, Robin. Bide your temper. Bide your time, until you can act decisively. Or kiss your lands, if not your life - goodbye.

    • Robin: What is your crime?
      Will Scarlett: Living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Living under an evil Sheriff. Where do our taxes go? They go to Nottingham. To the Sheriff. To his birds.

    • Robin: Marian, wait. Now is not the time, I know, I must say, you are, more than ever… your eyes… and even when you look at me in anger, I feel you. I believe you can still, even after all this time, you can see into my soul. (goes to kiss her)
      Marian: (puts a finger to his lips) Five years and you're still peddling the same old drivel. Does it ever work?
      Robin: You'd be surprised.

    • Marian: (to Robin) Are you really as naïve as you seem? You think you can pick fights with these people and get away with it? You think you can slight them in public? You're a fool.

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: A man who can provide for his family is a comfortable man, a lazy man, doesn't want to work. What we need are hungry men. Our noble friend seems to forget that hungry men are virtuous.

    • Sheriff of Nottingham: You, of all people, should know that the King needs funds to fight our Holy War.
      Robin: Is it our Holy War, or is it Pope Gregory's?
      Sheriff of Nottingham: We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Rome.

    • Guy of Gisborne: How was the Holy Land?
      Robin: Bloodthirsty.
      Guy of Gisborne: I understand the King is winning, thanks be to God.
      Robin: He's killing more people.
      Guy of Gisborne: Is that not winning?
      Robin: Show me an argument ever settled with bloodshed and then I'll call it winning.

    • Guy of Gisborne: Welcome back, Locksley. Now, I have kept your lands for you. I have managed your estates to the best of my ability, under the guidance of the Sheriff. And I would appreciate more respect in front of the populace.
      Robin: How many years have you been here?
      Guy of Gisborne: Three years, four winters.
      Robin: And yet you still do not have the respect of the populace.

    • Robin: Sir Guy of Gisborne, my name is Robin, Earl of Huntingdon and lord of this manor. Your services here are no longer required.

    • Much: (to Dan Scarlett) We are home unscathed. Well, scathed. Very scathed but happy, and hungry. Mostly hungry.

    • Much: I can feel a song coming on.
      Robin: No! No song! Absolutely no song!
      Much: It'd be a cheery song.
      Robin: And it would be a tragedy too. A tragedy for you to have survived the Turk and made it to within a few miles of Locksley, only to be killed by your own master.
      Much: You know it is lucky I do not readily take offence. A smaller man would be offended. A smaller man would be wounded.
      Robin: And a cleverer man would sing fewer songs.

    • Robin: The last time I looked, the law punished poaching with a tanning or a spell in the stocks.
      Chief Sheriff's Man: The law is under threat and must be severe if it is to be respected.
      Robin: If the law wants respect, shouldn't the punishment fit the crime?
      Chief Sheriff's Man: I do not make the law. I do not decide.
      Robin: But you enforce it.

    • (Allan-A-Dale is caught by the Sheriff's men as he tries to poach a deer)
      Chief Sheriff's Man: You know the law.
      Allan-A-Dale: I know the law's an ass.
      Chief Sheriff's Man: The price for one of the king's deer is your right hand. Let's go.
      Allan-A-Dale: No, please, have mercy… my wife… my wife expects a child. We have no food. She must eat or we'll lose the baby.
      Chief Sheriff's Man: Then when she has the baby, you will say you must steal because you have another mouth to feed.

    • Much: War is for... for men. You would be upset, little one.
      Serving Girl: Yeah? I heard that dying men cry for their mums. (Much puts a handful of petals into his mouth) That's for the bath.
      Much: What?
      Serving Girl: Rose petals.
      Much: I knew that!

  • Notes

    • This episode first aired in Australia on Sunday April 15th, 2007 on ABC.

    • This is the first episode of the entire Robin Hood series.

    • This episode first aired in the United States on Saturday March 3, 2007.

    • 8.2 million people watched the first episode of the new BBC series Robin Hood on October 7, 2006.

    • Coining the phrase "Hollyoaks in tights", Will You Tolerate This? did not receive a good reception from newspapers.

    • In August 2006, master tapes of the series were stolen from Tiger Aspect's Budapest site. One rumour suggested that the tapes were in fact only copies and another that the thieves had demanded $1.9 million for their safe return. The BBC did not comment on these rumours. They were recovered in September 2006 and some mystery still surrounds the theft.

  • Allusions

    • This episode is set in 1192, at the end of the Third Crusade (1189-1192), which was sanctioned by Pope Gregory VIII (why Robin refers to it as 'Pope Gregory's' war). During this campaign, King Richard I of England - also known as Richard the Lionheart - fought against the infidel hordes. As Richard was absent from the country, he had appointed the Bishop of Ely as his justiciar (or regent).

      Richard's brother Prince John - mentioned by Sir Edward as the man who 'gives out the Shires'- allegedly attempted to overthrow the Bishop and seize power for himself. However, when Richard returned from the crusades in 1194, after being captured and imprisoned, he forgave his brother and named him heir to the throne.